Friday, January 29, 2010

Chapter 37

Maz's POV

I decided to change out of my pyjamas and then call Emily.

*Ring ring*
Maz: Hey, Emily, why does your voice suddenly sound deep?
??: Emily? Haha, Maz this is Jake.
Maz: Oh shit! Sorry *laughing*
Jake: *Laughing* Haha it's okay.
Maz: Where's Emily?
Jake: She's taking a shower.
Maz: Far out, first Joe, then Nick, now Emily. What is this take a shower day? Haha well I was wondering if you two would like to come over to our room for dinner tonight.
Jake: Not tonight. Sorry. I'm taking her somewhere special.
Maz: Oooooh, like a romantic dinner to a gorgeous french restaurant.
Jake: Are you pshycic?
Maz: Mayyyyyybe, or maybe I just heard you making reservations last night and forgot about them this morning.

Jake: You didn't tell Emily did you?
Maz: For you to be whispering to the phone, I was guessing it was going to be a surprise so no.
Jake: Thanks. Well, I better get going. Make sure I know what I'm wearing for tonight.
Maz: Okely dokely. Bye.
Jake: Bye.

*A few hours later*

Jake had taken Emily out to dinner in a gorgeous black Limo. And I had ordered some Italian food. I decided to go get Joe who was still in his room.


I walked out of my room and stood at Joe's door. I knocked. No Answer. I knocked again. Still no answer. I turned the handle. Surprisingly the door was unlocked. I slowly opened the door and took a couple of steps in.

Maz: Hello?
Joe: Who is it?

I could hear his voice coming from the bedroom. I walked over to Joe's bedroom. I could see him, sitting on his bed. I walked in.

Maz: Hey, it's me.

He looked up in panic. I didn't know why, until I noticed a syringe. No. No way. Joe wasn't that type of person.

Maz: Joe, what is that.
Joe: Nothing.
Maz: Joe, what are you hiding.
Joe: Nothing.

I walked closer to him. And sat on the bed. I grabbed the syringe.

Maz: Joe, please, tell me you haven't.
Joe: I don't remember how it happend. It was a sudden thing. And then it was addictive. I'm so sorry.
Maz: Joe, we need to get help.
Joe: You cannot tell anyone.
Maz: Joe, bu-
Joe: Please, please. Don't.

He started sobbing. I pulled him into a hug.

Maz: Okay, I won't tell anyone. But please prmise me tonight and tomorrow you wont take any, if you have the urge, come straight to my room. Okay?
Joe: Okay.
Maz: Okay, now lets get you something to eat. Food's arrived.
Joe: Thankyou.

We walked out of his room and into mine and Nick's. I told Joe to splash some water on his face so it didn't look like he was crying.

Nick: Heyyyyyyy. You guys hungry?
Joe: Uh, yeah.
Maz: Yeahh.
Nick:What's wrong?
Maz: Nothing, just thinking about stuff.
Nick: What sorta...stuff?
Maz: I keep thinking I left something on at home. Like a switch or something.
Nick: Don't worry, Kevin and I had checked everything before we left.
Maz: Oh, awesome.

I smiled faintly. I was still in shock. Joe. And drugs. How could I not tell Nick? But Joe said don't. Far out. I still don't get how he got into it in the first place.

We sat down and started eating pizza and spaghetti bolognaise. I had lost my appetite in just a matter of seconds. Nick seemed like he was the only one eating all his food. Joe just seemed to stare at his pizza as if it we're going to eat him. Maybe thats a side effect. In the end I just forced it all down.

Nick: Wow, that was delish!
Maz: Yeah, it taste great.
Joe: Yeah.
Nick: Joe, what's wrong?

I could sense panic in him