Friday, October 30, 2009

Chapter 19 Part 2

Maz's POV

After a lovely sleep and breakfast we decided that we were going to spend the day out of the house, driving. I walked into my room and closed the door. I opened my draws to see what I should wear. I know, black shorts, red t-shirt, and my sandals. Awesome. I took off my clothes and threw them onto the bed. Should I keep my singlet on? Nah, I'll get too hot. I take my singlet off leaving me in my knickers (lol i love that word) and bra. I took a quick peek in the mirror. I had finally grown taller since year 9. YAY! I was just about to pick up my shirt to put it on when I heard a loud BANG. I quickly turned around to find my door had flung open thanks to the open window. And yes the curtains are closed so no-one outside can see me changing. Oh, My, God. I think I've just died.

Nick's POV

As I was putting my last shoe on I hear d a loud BANG. I turned around and saw that Maz's door had flung open. I could see Maz. She was only wearing he underwear and bra. I looked at her for a good 10 seconds then quickly looked away. Shit, I think I've just embarassed her. She ran up to her door and shut it. She didn't look too bad actually. She actually looked better like than. Nick, Stop, you shouldn't be thinking of her like that. SNAP OUT OF IT.

Maz's POV

Holy Shit. I think Nick saw me. What do I mean I think. He DID. Ok Maz just breathe. It's ok. It's ok. Just finish getting ready. I put on my clothes and calmly walked out my room. And practically bolted into the kitchen to avoid Nick. Joe and Kevin we're now in their rooms getting ready. I saw Nick coming down the hallway. There's no escape. I get out all the things to make food for the trip. Nick came into the kitchen and we prepared everything. In silence. I looked at the clock. It was 11pm. One hour till we leave. I think I'll go outside. Nahh. I'll just sit on the couch. I walk into the lounge room and sit down. Nick comes after me and sits.

Nick: Hi.
Maz: About before, uh, I, uh, didnt, mean, for that to happen, and I uh hope it, uh didnt make you feel awkward.
Nick: Ha. No. It's ok. don't worry about it. You don't look too bad.
Maz: Aww thanks. But seriously I'm really sorry.
Nick: Haha, its fine. Our secret.

After a half hour we were all ready and packed everything into Kevns car. I took 3 blankets. Why? No idea. I always take things I don't need with me or in this case, us. We all got into Kevins car and started driving up to some parks. We drove for an hour and a half and stopped at a beautiful park. It was deserted. No one ever came here. We got out of the car, grabbed all the things and walked around to find a nice place to sit. I trailed off from the guys a little and walked through a crying tree, you know the ones with the really long brances that curve over? It was like a curtain to another world. It was more beautiful than the one on the other side. I poked my head through the branches.

Maz:Hey guys, Come through here!
JB: Coming.

The guys walked through. Judging from their expressions they liked the area I found.

Kevin:You guys set up here. I'll bring the car closer.

We started unfolding one of the blankets and setting out all the food and drinks. The place I found was gorgeous. A sparkling lake, exotic flowers, big trees and gorgeous little birds. I looked at my watch, it was 1:30pm. No wonder the lake is sparkiling so much, its early afternoon and the sun is hitting it directly.

After about a minute Kevin had come closer with the car and we were all sitting down eating our sandwiches.

Kevin:Wow, who made the sandwiches?
Nick: Maz and Me.
Joe: They're awesome. Yo you guys should totally open up a sandwich bar.
Nick: Yeah sure, why not?
Maz:*laughs* I'm glad you like them.

We finshed eating at around 2pm. I got up and ran over to a tree. I climbed up a little and stopped at a strong branch that I could sit on. The guys came running after me and did the same. We all sat and admired the gogeous view of the lake and flowers.

Maz:Wow, what a lovely..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chapter 19 Part 1

Nick's POV

I had the sunlight hitting my face. I slowly opened my eyes to find all four of us sleeping on the couch with the Rush Hour theme music going on. I looked down onto my chest to see Maz's head on there. She looks adorable. I could see her big brown eyes slowly opening and looking up at me.

Nick:*Whsipering*Good morning.
Maz:*Jumps off quickly and also whispering* I'm so sorry. And good morning.
Nick:*Laughs quietly* You wanna eat breakfast with me?
Maz: Yeah that would be awesome.

We slowly crept off the couch trying not to nudge or touch my brothers. We tip toed to the kitchen. I got out two bowls, the milk and some cheerios. I put some of each in the bowls and handed one to Maz with a spoon. We sat at the bench and started eating.

Maz:So what are we going to do today?
Nick: Your turn to pick.
Maz: Well Emily's going to spend the day with Sarah. So I was thinking maybe I could just spend the day with you guys.
Nick: Sounds good.
Maz: Yeah.

We continued chewing and swallowing. Fun. I looked at my blackberry, no interviews or gigs scheduled. Awesome. We'll go for a drive. A long one. For the whole day. and come back at night.

Nick:We should go for an all day drive. We'll leave at about 12pm and come back at 10pm. Hows that sound?
Maz:I like it. I'll make us sandwiches and take some drinks in a picnic basket and we can just stop at places and look and just relax. It'll be awesome.
Nick:Yeah. *Smiles*
Nick:Your always so enthusiastic.
Maz:Thats Maz for ya.
Nick:I think the other 2 have woken up.

I stood up from my chair and looked through the door. Yep, they were up and walking our way. I sat back down and finished my last couple spoonfuls of cheerios. So did Maz.

Maz:Hey, good morning.
Joe & Kevin: Morning.
Maz: Have a good sleep?
Joe:Yeah. I think.
Kevin:I did. I never knew the couch was so comfortable.
Maz:I know. Its fantastic.

The guys made their own cheerios and sat at the table with us.

Joe:Figured out what we're doing today?
Maz:Well, Nick and I thought that maybe we could go for an all day drive and like stop at parks and other places and I could make sandwiches and snacks and put them in a picnic basket and yeah.
Kevin: Sounds awesome.
Nick:Yeah. So you guys in?
Joe & Kevin: Yeah.
Nick: Awesome, we'll leave at 12, so we all have 3 hours to get ready. And we can take your car Kevin coz its big.
Kevin: Cool.
Maz:Uhh ok. I'm going to start getting ready.
Nick:Same here.

Maz and I walked out of the kitchen, down the hallway and into our rooms. She walked into her room and closed the door. I left mine open to get some air in. If I open my window all the bugs will get in and I don't want that to happen again. I open my draws and look for something to wear. Casual. not fancy. We're going to a park. How about, Jeans, T-shirt, Sneakers/Converse. Perfect. I take out a blue t-shirt that I haven't worn in ages. It still looks good on me. I quickly take off my pants and slip on my jeans. I sit down and put on my shoes. Ok, I'm ready.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chapter 18

Maz's POV

Maz:Hey Nick, can I ask you something?
Nick: Sure, go ahead.
Maz: If I asked you, right now, would you date me?
Nick: Uh, I don't know. I guess we need to give it a bit of time, let the month finish, we've only known each other for two weeks.

My heart started beating faster. I would wait a million years if I had to, to date him. I knew I liked him. Not like a fan, like more than a friend. I guess I'll just have to wait. I can't rush anything. I leaned in and gave him a hug. We pulled out and looked at each other.
Nick: For what?
Maz: Being a great guy.
Nick: It's ok.
Maz: There's not many guys like you and your brothers out there anymore. There's only a couple I know.
Nick: Really? Well I'll never change. Especially for you, I won't.
I gave him another hug and I got up and sat at my window sill with the window open. I could feel the warm summer breeze brush past me. Nick walked over to the keyboard, turned it on, and started playing. I could hear him singing.

Nick: Dear god, I hate to be a bother but I gotta say,
This world is getting crazier with every day,
I hope you hear me out now as I stop and pray,
Dear god people take your words and try to twist them round,
I know you can't be happy with what's going down,
I'm searching for some answers but they can't be found, Can you help me out, Dear god.

He just stopped. I turned and looked at him.

Maz: That was amazing.
Nick: I haven't played that in ages.
Maz: It still sounds good.
Nick: Thanks. So you wanna go watcha movie inside?
Maz: Yeah, sure.

I hopped off the window sill and walked out the door with Nick into the living room. Kevin and Joe were sitting there thumb wrestling. They looked a bit better now. I jumped onto the couch next to them and so did Nick.

Joe:I WIN!
Joe: No i'm not!
Maz: Guys, Guys! *laughs* Do you want to watch a movie?
Kevin: Yeah sure. We have our whole collection in that cupboard. *points to a massive cupboard*

I walked over and opened the two doors. HOLY MOLLY! No joke, there were atleast 1000 dvd's.

Maz:Uhhh, so what genre?
Joe:Horror or Comedy? or Hormedy?
Maz: Uhh I don't know, what do you guys want?
Joe: Comedy.
Maz:Comedy it is.

I pulled out a movie, Rush Hour 4. Now thats a good action comedy. I walked over to the dvd player and put it in. We pressed play and started watching the movie. I brought out some popcorn during the openig credits and we all huddled together and watched the movie. Half way through the movie i looked at the clock. It was already 11pm. Time sure does fly when your having fun. In this case our fun was laughing hysterically at Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. After about half an hour I started dozing off. I was sleeping on the comfiest pillow. The only problem was that Joe, who was asleep, had somehow thought my foot was his teddy bear. I didn't mind. But gosh I have to admit I was sleeping on The comfiest pillow. I couldn't be bothered getting up and going into my room. Either did any of the other guys. So we just slept there.

Chapter 17

Maz's POV

We walked into the house, there was a note on the table. Nick picked it up and read it out loud.

Dear Boys and Marianna,
Myself, your father and Frankie have left on an urgent trip to see your grandfather as we have been told is very ill. We have left you some money which will cater you for atleast 2 weeks. Please take care of each other, we'll notify you as soon as we get some news.
Love Mom and Dad.

I looked at the guys. Their eyes started filling with a few tears. I went up to them and pulled them into a group hug.

Maz:Hey, hey, don't worry. It'll be ok.
Nick: I hope.
Joe: We just haven't seen him in a while.
Kevin: Yeah.

We got out of the hug.

Emily: I'm so sorry, I have to go now.
Joe: It's ok. We'll see you later. Bye.

She walked out the door and caught a cab back to her hotel.

Maz: Hey, do you want me to make you guys something to eat?
Kevin: It's ok, you don't have to.
Maz: no seriously, you guys are wrecked. I'll make yu guys something to eat and then we'll sit down and watch some movies or do whatever you guys want to.
Kevin: Sounds like a good idea.
Nick: You know, you really don't have to do all this.
Maz: I know, but I'm your friend, I do things to make people feel the slightest bit better.
Nick: Thanks.
Maz: It's ok.

The guys walked into the dining room and set up and when they finsihed they sat in the living room. I cooked some spaghetti bolognaise and made a quick salad.

Maz: Hey guys, the food is ready!
Joe: Awesome.

We all sat down and ate, talking in between, and drinking. It was peaceful. When we all finished I brought out the muffins I had made earlier. They actually tasted really good. After everything was eaten, we all packed up and went into our rooms for a bit. I sat on my bed, looking through a book. I suddenly heard a knock on my door. It was Nick.

Maz: Hey, come in.
Nick: Thanks. Can I talk to you?
Maz: Yeah sure. Whats happenin'?
Nick: I just wanted to thank you, for everything, the dinner, the dessert.
Maz:Hey, it's fine. Anytime.
Nick: About the time at the restaurant, outside, I'm really sorry.
Maz: It's ok. It didn't mean anything. You know that.
Nick: Wanna know a secret?
Maz: Yeah?
Nick: It kinda did. I felt something. Like a spark.
Maz: I, uhh, did too.

We looked at each other, the same way we did when he first heard me playing. That was my perfect moment. I didn't ever want it to stop. I got up and close my door. And then sat back down.

Maz:Hey Nick.
Maz:Can I ask you something?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Chapter 16

Maz's POV
As we walked down we saw a magazine with me, Emily and the guys all on the front cover. The caption read "JB's NEW GIRLFRIENDS?!". Me and Em looked at each other and hid all the magazines with other ones, but we took one copy and ran back the other way to where the guys were. They were signing autographs for like 50 people.

Maz: Pssssst! Guys, come here for a sec.
Joe: Wait a sec!
Emily: Guys, please it's important!
Joe: Ok, we're coming.

They broke out of the crowd. That's when we saw Big Rob.

Joe:What's up?
Maz: *Shows them front cover* This.
Joe: Ohhh. Yeah. We forgot to mention that might happen a little bit.
Emily: What? The paparazzi shots?
Nick:Yeah. Don't worry about it. No one is going to attack you.
Maz: Let's just hope that no one does.

Me and Em walked back to where the cd's were. Amazingly enough there were the 3 main JB Cd's. We picked up a couple of them and looked at them. They were different to the ones that we had back in Oz. I put them back and suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around. It was Sarah.

Maz:*high pitched* Heeeeyyyyy!
Sarah: Hiiiiiiii, how are you?
Maz: I'm good you?
Sarah: Yeah I'm good too. Hey Em how are you?
Emily: I'm good. We haven't had a good conversation in ages.
Sarah: I know its been like 2 years. What are you guys up to?
Maz: We're just here with the boys. You?
Sarah: Just shopping for a couple of things.
Maz: Hey, do you want to go out for a coffee?
Sarah: Yeah sure. What time?
Maz: *looks at Em* Uhh how about this Saturday at 2pm?
Emily: Yeah that sounds good.
Sarah: Yeah that would be awesome. Well I have to go now. See ya's on Saturday.
Maz: I'll text you the details tomorrow morning.
Sarah: Awesome. See ya!
Maz and Emily: Bye!
Sarah walked off deeper into the shop. We had missed her so much.

Maz: Ok, I'm suddenly really bored. Lets go get the guys and leave.
Emily: Sounds like a good idea.

We ran down looking for the guys, that was until we heard Burnin' Up playing in the store.

Maz:*Stops* Emily, EM! *grabs Emily's arm*
Emily: What?
Maz: Listen!

We froze, looking like complete idiots, and then started dancing while belting out Burnin' Up.
We got the weirdest looks from people. but we didn't care. Then after a while of dancing we found the guys.

Maz: You ready to go? We're bored.
Joe: Yeah sure. *turn to Kevin and Nick* Hey guys! Let's go!

We walked out and jumped into the car. That was fun. We drove back home and walked into the house. There was a note on the table...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chapter 15

Maz's POV

I was just about to walk back into my room when I felt someone grab my hand, and yank me backwards. It was Nick. He pulled me into his room, sat me on his bed and locked the door shut. Ok then. Just a little scared right now.

Maz:Uhhh are you ok?
Nick: Yeah, I'm sorry. I just need to talk to you.
Maz: Abbooooout?
Nick: Stuff.
Maz:Ok. Go ahead.
Nick: Well, uhhh, about today.
Maz:Uhhh yeah?
Nick: Did you like your surprise?
Maz: Who, Emily? Yeah, it was like the best thing, but I've only been here for two days and you guys have done so much for me
Nick: Yeah, we figured you'd like it.
Maz: Is that all you wanted to say?
Nick:Uh, yeah.
Maz: *giggles* I thought you were going to talk about something more serious.
Nick: Ahaha yeah, sorry. I was a bit frantic I guess.
Maz: Well, I'm going to take a nap, wake me when your parents come.
Nick: Sure. I'll wake you later.

I walk out of his room and into mine. I fall back on the comfiest bed in the world and doze off. I had a strong feeling that's not what he wanted to talk about.

Nick's POV
Gosh, I can get so nervous around girls at times. I should've just told her what I really wanted. That I had actually felt sparks. But she'll think I'm to quick. I still think that I'm going too quick. I'll just wait a while to see what happens.

Narrators POV
A week had past. Marianna and Emily spent half of it together catching up on everything that had happend and the other half with the Jonas family but maily with the 3 eldest boys. Kevin had become a brother figure for her, Joe was her now, new close friend, and Nick, well he was definately getting to know her better, and she was getting to know him. Emily met the guy of her dreams Jake.T.Austin and the girls were surprised to find one of their old friends Sarah recording a new song with Taylor Swift for her new album. In just a week so much had happend, yet there was so much time to go.

Maz's POV
Maz:Ok, today can we please go to WalMart?
Joe: Please don't tell me you flew half was around the world here just to go to WalMart?
Emily: C'mon it's only about a five minute drive.
Nick: Hey, well I kinda need to go. I need to buy more food.
Maz: Plleeeeeeeaaaassseee.
Joe: I'll go if Kevin's going as well.
Kevin: I'll take you guys if you want.
Maz: Joe, if you come I'll buy you some OPB and apples.
Joe: Deal. But don't go crazy.
Maz & Emily: *hi-5* Yes!

We all grab our stuff and walk out the door.

Denise: Ok. Get me some pasta.
Joe: Ok. See ya!
Denise: Bye!

We all jump in the car and drive off. Me and Emily sat in the back with Joe listening to her iPod, which came fully equiped with all the JoBro songs. And Nick and Kevin were in the front seats. I quickly turned to Em and whispered into her ear. We nodded at each other and looked at the boys.

Emily: *using cute voice* Sooo, guys, can you do us a favour?
Kevin: Yeah sure.
Maz:*also using cute voice* Could you pretty please with a cherry on top sing us some songs?
Joe: Liiike?
Maz:Liiikke, S.O.S?
Nick: Sure. When we get home.
Emily & Maz: Awwwwwww
Nick:We promise you when we get back home.
Maz: Fine.

We got to WalMart and walked inside. WOW, this was like supermarket, sanity and everything in the one store. Awesome. We split up, Me and Em turned right and the guys turned left. We were walking down to find...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Chapter 14

Emmy's POV

Well, mum and dad actually agreed to let me stay in America. Yay! Maz was very very excited to see me. I missed her hugs so much. I remember when we were at school, every morning she would run up to me and give me the first hug. Good times.

Maz: So where are you staying?
Emily: There's an awesome hotel just about a block away.
Maz: That's awesome.
Emily: Yeah I know right.
Maz: Uh, guys, me and Em are just going to go into my room.
Joe: Awesome.

She lead me to her room. Wow. It had everything we could ever want in a bedroom.

Maz: I knew you'd like it.
Emily: Oh My God.
I ran for this electic guitar that looked amazing.

Emily: Maz, you have the best room ever!
Maz: You can have that guitar.
Emily: Are you serious?
Maz: Yeah, the guys are giving a couple away and thats on of them.
Emily: Why?
Maz: I dunno.
Emily: Ok then...
Maz: Watch this.

She pressed some random control button and some cupboard doors opened to a fridge.
My mouth dropped open.
Maz: I know right, I had the same expression.
Emily: Does it have Fanta in there?
Maz: Yeeeeees.

She opened the fridge and chucked me one. I put the guitar down and we sat on her bed.

Maz: Best holiday ever. I can't believe I'm living with our dream guys.
Emily: I know, right. So anything new?
Maz: Well, not really. I've only been here two days but uhh.
Emily: Tell meeeee...
Maz: Promise you won't tell anyone?

I gave her the "I'm-your-best-friend-thats-known-you-for-years-and-wouldnt-tell-anyone-and-i-never-have look. Yes, it's a very long look but hey it's worth it.

Maz: Well, last night me and the family of "Jonai" went out for dinner at their favourite restaurant.
Emily: That erminds me, where's Frankie?
Maz: Some friends house for a project.
Emily: He's so cute. Anyways back to your story.
Maz: Yeah and we ate and everything and I saw this swing outside so I went to it. And Nick came aswell. And Kevin was like, I'll come out later, and all and Yeah and I sat on the swing and Nick pushed me, and then I got off, and being the hugable person that I am.
Emily: Maz, you have Fanta in your hair.
Maz:Ahahhaha. *licks it off*
Emily: Maaaaaaz, eeeewww.
Maz: Meh anyways, let me finish the story. And I asked him for a hug, and he hugged me, and it was like full moon and stars and yeah and i was explaining how i was sorry about something that happened at the park and then, he kissed me.
Emily: Oh my god, thats so cute.
Maz: But this morning he was like oh, it was nothing, just in the moment. I was like, that sucks. Not directly to him but yeah.
Emily: Nawwww, don't worry.
Maz:I'm not, he's a superstar and I'm just average. I understand.
Emily: Yeah I guess. Shit, I have to go, or else they're going to shut my room with the keys in there.
Maz: awwww do you have to?
Emily: Yes, yes I do.
Maz: Well ok. I'll talk to you tonight.
Emily: Yeah, Love you.
We kiss each other on the cheek, and I leave.
Emily: Seeya Guys.

Maz's POV
I was just about to walk back into my room when I felt someone grab my hand.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chapter 13

Maz's POV

We all sat there, bored as hell, watching some random tv show.

Joe: You guys wanna do something, we have like 2 hours before our parens get back.
Maz: Yes, if we can. PLEASE!

Joe: *laughs* ok, what do you want to do?
Maz: You guys pick.
Kevin: Alright, uhh, you wanna go shopping?
Maz: Yeah sure.
Kevin: Awesome, Nick we're taking your car.
Nick: We always take my car.

Nick groaned and chucked his keys at Kevin. We all got our money and everything and jumped into the car. I find it so weird some random chicks haven't attacked them yet. I guess they're just known around here.

We drove to what these americans call "The Mall" and started walking around and looking through windows and going into shops. After about a half hour each of the guys had bought themselves a pair of shoes. me...nothing. That was until I saw this gorgeous crimson red and gold dress. I instantly fell in love with it.

Maz:I have to try on that dress.
Joe: Go ahead. We'll just have a look around.

I ran into the store and grabbed the dress. I got into one of the change rooms, took of the shorts and top I was wearing and put on the dress. I turned around and looked in the mirror. I loved it. I swear just to make it fair for everone else they didnt put a sign above it saying, MAZ BUY THIS DRESS.

Maz: Hey guys, you out there?
Kevin: Yeah, are you ok?
Maz: I just want you guys to tell me what you think of the dress.
Kevin: Alright, we're waiting.

I opened the door and slowly walked out. Nick looked as if I were the best guitar and record deal ever. His eyes widened. Joe smiled, widely, and Kevin walked towards me and gave me a hug.

Kevin:It looks great on you
Maz: Serious? Yay!
Joe: You should totally buy it. Who knows you might need it.
Nick: Uh, yeah, uh, its, good.
Maz: *giggles* thanks guys.

I change back into my normal clothes and take the dress and pay for it. Ok, so now, I have a really nice dress. Crimson red, with a golden bow around the middle. Perfect for my style.

After a while we saw the time and decided to drive back. We got back, and I looked at the wall clock. Half an hour left. I could hear the guys whispering in the background. Meh anyways, I can call Emily.

Maz: Hey gorgeous. Hooooow, are your holidays?
Emily:Really good. Mum and Dad have already gone back, I'm going back in about a month and a bit.
Maz: They finally let you? That's awesome.
Emily: Yeah, well, I'm not actually in London anymore.
Maz: Oh, where are you?
Emily: Turn around.
Maz: Huh?

I turned around.

Emily: Ahahaha. Hey.
Maz: *Talking into phone* Oh My God, You're here!
Emily: You know you can close your phone.
Maz: Oh, yeah, hehe *closes phone*, how did you get here?
Emily: Ther's something called a plane.
Maz: Nuh duh. But-how?
Nick: We saw your youtube videos of your songs.
Emily: And they got my number off your phone, and flew me over here.
Maz: Are you serious? You guys are the best!
I walked to emily and gave her the biggest hug ever. I missed her so much.

Wow, so much has happened in just two days.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chapter 12

Maz's POV

I woke up to the sound of a siren. Great.
I sit up and look outside my window, and think about last's night's kiss.
It was amazing. I saw the fireworks, I felt the spark that everyone says you see and get when you have that first magical kiss. When you have that moment.

But I just can't believe he did or in other words, we, kissed.
It was amazing.
But on the first day? How is it going to be for the other two months that I'm here? Won't it be awkward?
Eh, stuff that, I just had the perfect first kiss.

I fall back onto my bed. I look at my watch, it's 9 am. Everyone else is still sleeping. That was until I heard footsteps. I shot back up and saw Kevin walking down the hallway.

Maz: *Whisper yelling* Keeevin.
Kevin: *Also whisper yelling* Hey Maz, have a good sleep?
Maz: Yeah. Come into my room.
Kevin: Ok.

Kevin walks into my room. I pat an area next to me for him to sit on my bed. He walked over and sat.

Kevin:So did you enjoy last night?
Maz: Yeah it was great.
Kevin: I just want you to know that I saw what happend last night. You know with Nick, outside.
Maz: Oh my god, you saw that?
Kevin: Don't worry I won't tell anyone. Nick knows that I know.
Maz: Oh good. I just, i don't know, wanted it to happen, but I didn't oh god. Kevin, promise me one thing?
Kevin: Sure.
Maz: I know we hardly know each other, but I seriously feel like your a brother figure to me. Please be the older brother I never had.
*I just hugged him*
Kevin: Uh, sure. Hey look at me. Don't worry, it won't be awkward. But I can see the connection you two have.
Maz: Thankyou. Hey, how bout we go eat some breakfast?
Kevin: Good idea.

We crept out of my room into my kitchen. I opened up the fridge, took out 3 eggs,the milk and bacon. I put them on the bench and walked over to the cupboard and opened it. Then I took out the salt, pepper, cinamon,oil and the maple syrup.

I put some oil into a pan and after a while of cooking, frying, stirring and setting out, I made breakfast for the household. When I finished, I just saw Kevin, standing there, staring at me.

Kevin:Wow. You really like to cook breakfast.
Maz: *laughs* Yeah i hope you guys like French toast topped with maple syrup and 3 rashed of crispy bacon.
Nick: Wow, what's that smell?
Denise & Paul: It smells like bacon.
Joe: Mmmmm, Bacon.
Maz: Breakfast is served.
Denise: Oh goodness, Marianna you made all this?
Maz: Yeah, i guess I just really like making breakfast.
Denise: Oh, but that's our job. You really didn't have to do all this.
Maz: Hey, just a thankyou treat for a great night last night.
Denise: It's a pleasure. Well we might aswell sit down and eat before it gets cold.

We all sat down and had what was the best breakfast I've had since getting off that plane.
After a while of eating, we had finished our food and each gone to our own little areas.

Denise: We're just going out to get a couple of things and to pick up Frankie we'll be back in a few hours.
Paul: Make that 3 hours.
Joe: Ok, see ya soon.

I look at the wall clock. It's 12pm, in 3 hours so I have till 3pm to do whatever. I walk down the hallway to Nick's room. He's sitting there playing his acoustic guitar. Man, I wish I could play like him. I'm just about to turn into his room when I hear my phone buzzing. I pick up.

Emily: Hey, how are you gorgeous?
Maz: Oh my god, hi, i'm great you?
I heard the phone cutting out. Gah NO!
Then the phone cut out.
GAAAAAAARRRRAHHHHHHH at the reception here. I'll call her later.

I turn to Nick's room, and knock.

Nick:Come in.
Maz: Hey, can we talk?
Nick: Uh yeah sure. Sit down. If this is about last night I'm so sorry, I don't knowwhat came over me.
Maz: It's ok. It's fine. I thought you might feel awkward, and I don't want the rest of my stay here to be, you know with the whole, yeah, that uh happend.
Nick: Uh, I'm not that awkward. It wasn't really anything right?
Maz: Oh, uh no, uh I guess it was just the right moment.
Nick: Uh yeah, umm. So yeah.
Maz: Well I uh better go call my friend Emily who uh anyways I'll talk to you some other time.
Nick: Uh, yeah sure.

I walk out of his room. Kinda dissapointed. I should have never thought it was something. That he had a teensy bit of feelings for me. He even said, it was nothing, just in the moment. Oh Maz, you stupid girl. Thinking you had a chance with a major superstar.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chapter 11

Nick's POV

We're on the way to my favourite restaurant. We have it booked out for ourselves. Marianna looks good. But it's still her eyes that are standing out the most. I'm just going to say it, yes I have actually started developing feelings for her. I keep thinking about the time at the park earlier today. I keep wondering what would've happend if her friend hadn't called. But anyway, this day seems like its taking forever to end.

After 15 minutes of driving we finally reach the restaurant. It looks amazing. Lit candles, the red curtains covering the windows, white and red roses covering the tables.

We all sit down at the table, and a waitor comes and gives us our menus. I'm sitting next to Marianna and Joe.

Maz's POV

We arrived at the restaurant. I'm sitting next to Nick and Kevin. I seriously want to kick Nick. For fun. But I'm not going to. Coz that's mean. And stupid. Anyways, what to eat?
Hooray, they have fetuccini!

Waitor: Are you ready to order?
Denise: Yes, umm, can I please get the lasagne with a side of the salad.
Paul: Uhh, the T-Bone steak and vegetables.
Kevin: Can I please get the spaghetti bolognese.
Joe: Make that two.
Nick: I'll have the fetuccini.
Maz: Make that two aswell.
Waitor: Any drinks with that?
Denise: We'll get two glasses of the house wine.
Kevin: I'll just have a coke.
Joe: Lemonade.
Nick: Coke.
Maz: Lemon Lime Bitter please.
Joe: Yeah I'll have one of those instead.
Waitor: Awesome is that all?
Paul: Yes, Thankyou.

Joe: So Marianna...
Maz: You guys can call me Maz if you want.
Joe:Ahaha ok, Maz, how do you like the house?
Maz: It's amazing. I love my bedroom, so much.
Joe: Glad you like it. Oh, Nick make sure you don't have anymore golf balls lying around in your room. We don't want any accidents again. *Winks at Nick*
Nick kicks Joe under the table.
Joe: OW!
Denise: Guys stop.

I could tell Nick looked at me after he kicked Joe and remembered what happened earlier today.
I did too.

The waitor came out with our drinks and gave them to us.
Soon after so did the meals.
We sat there eating. Quietly.
I looked outside the window and there was a swing attached to a tree.
After I finished eating I asked if I could go outside and get some air.
Denise: Sure.
Nick: I'll go too.
Kevin: I'll come out later.
Nick and Maz: Awesome.

We walked out the back door and went to where the swings were.
I sat at the swing, and Nick started pushing me.

Maz: Wanna know a secret?
Nick: Yeah.
Maz: I like waffles.

We laugh.
Nick: You wanna know a secret?
Maz: Yeees.
Nick: I like waffles too.

We laugh, again.
Maz: The stars are gorgeous tonight. And the moon is full.
We both just gazed at the sky.
I got off the swing. And turned to Nick.
Maz: Can I have a hug?
Nick: Sure.
I walked closer to Nick and hugged him.
I can ask the weirdest things.

Nick's POV
We went outside, she got on the swing, I pushed her, and then after that we gazed at the sky and know we're hugging. She let go.

Maz: I'm sorry if that was awkward, if that seemed to fan like.
Nick: It's ok. I guess it's good to have a hug every once in a while.
Maz: Yeah. Uhhh about what happened at the park today, I'm sorry. I hope it wasn't weird or anything. I mean, you know, the whole leaning in thing and the.

I don't know why but I just grabbed her and kissed her. Right then, and there. As she was explaining. What was I thinking, I hardly know her, but it feels like forever, in just a day, I know everything about her.
We just stood there, kissing.
I could see the fireworks. I felt that spark.

Kevin's POV

I just finished my meal, and walked outside to where Maz and Nick were.
As I turned around, I saw them kissing.
I quickly hid behind a tree and watched them.
Oh my god.
They just kissed.
I knew it. I knew they liked each other. But Nick isn't that type to kiss on the first day of meeting a girl. He usually developes feelings and then does something.
They stopped kissing, and I could just make out what they were saying.

Maz: Uhh, umm, I better get inside, i-i-it's uhh g-getting cold.
Nick: Uh yeah.

She ran inside.
I came out from behind the tree and walked towards Nick.

Kevin: That was quite a kiss.
Nick: You saw that?
Kevin: Sure did. What were you thinking?
Nick: I don't know it was in the moment. I know I usually don't do it but I don't know I felt something.
Kevin: It's going to make it so awkward for her now.
Nick: I know. Please, don't tell anyone. Especially not Joe. Please.
Kevin: I won't, lets just go inside.
Nick: Thankyou.

We walked back in.

Paul: I think it's time to leave, it's nearly 11:30.
Denise: Yeah.
We all got up and walked out side to the car. Dad paid, and we left.
We got home.

Maz: I'm uhh really tired. I might go to bed now. Thankyou so much for today.
Denise: No problem darling. It's our pleasure. Goodnight.
Maz: Goodnight everyone.
Paul, Joe, Kevin: Goodnight.

Wow. What a night.

Chapter 10

Joe's POV
Joe:Well, well, well, what's going on here?
Marianna imediantly gets off Nick.
Maz: Nothing, I, uh slipped...
Nick:ahh, uuhhhm, on the golfball, and I tried to catch her
Maz:And he lost his balance and fell backwards and I tried to help him up
Nick:But i uhh accidentally pulled her back with me.
Joe: Sureee.
Maz: We're not lying.
Joe: I know, I can see the golf ball.
Nick: Oh good.
Joe:Well are you two ready?
Maz:I'm done, I was just helping Nick pick out a shirt. You look good Joe.
Joe: Thanks, so do you.

I can see Nick is building feelings for her. slowly. She is building the same feelings for him. You can tell. Well I can. They would look good together. She seems like a nice girl.

I walk off into the lounge singing Australia.

Joe:Where's Frankie?
Kevin:He's staying at his friends house for the night.
Joe: Awesome, he won't annoy us. Remember last time...Pasta, pasta, pasta get me the pasta!
Kevin:Ahaha yeah.
Joe: Between you and me I think Marianna and Nick are starting to like each other.
Kevin: Yeah, I think so too. He goes a bit soft around her. It's very funny to watch.

I can hear mum yelling some thing.
Denise:Okay guys time to go!
Paul:We'll be in the car. Kevin lock up.
Kevin: Ok we're coming.

We all walk out, Marianna came out with Nick. There is definately some thing thats going to go on between them I can feel it.
We all get in the car, Kevin locks up and gets in aswell.
Me and Kev are in the middle and Marianna and Nick are in the back.
We have the whole restaurant booked out. Awesome.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Chapter 9

Maz's POV

Just lying on my bed and thinking about the afternoon at the park makes me smile. I think this will be my favourite place to stay.
I look at my watch, it's 6pm. Dinner in an hour. Better get ready.

I walk to Denise's room. I knock on the door.
Denise:Come in.
Maz:Hi, Umm, just wondering where we're going for dinner.
Denise: It's a gorgeous Italian restaurant we love.
Maz: Would it be ok if I wore...
Denise: Wear whatever you feel like wearing. We want to give you freedom, not enclose and make your choices.
Maz: Thankyou.

I look over to her vanity. She has a gorgeous silver and diamond necklace.

Maz: That's an amazing necklace. Who got it for you?
Denise: Oh, this was a gift from Nick. We went out to the mall, he was 13, and we walked past the jewlers and he saw the necklace. He went into the store and actually bought it. I thought he was pranking me but he actually bought it. He said, a gift for being an awesome mom. I started getting teary and yeah. But I don't have anything that goes with it.
Maz: Well its really nice. I, uh better get going to get ready.
Denise: Sure darling.

I walked out of the room. Nick has really good taste in jewelry. Anyways, what should I wear? Summer, errr, dress? nahh.

Maz:Hey Joe. What do yuo think I should wear?
Joe: Uhhh, what do you want to wear?
Maz: Do you think jeans would be ok? Or is it too hot?
Joe:Jeans are good. I dont know why, but it gets cold in there.
Maz:Awesome, thanks.
I gave Joe a thankyou hug. gahh I love living with these guys.

Ok. I've made up my mind. It's going to be, jeans and my favourite black blouse/shirt/top/whatever you wanna call it. but its reaaaalllly nice. And my red sequined converses that my aunty got for me before I left. And im gunna wear my crimson red drop earrings and matching necklace. Awesome. I'm dressed and now for hair and make-up. meh, just eyeliner and mascara. and hair, as usual, curly, tied up high with a red and gold head band. Awesome. I'm ready.

I'm just about to turn to my mirror in my room, when I see him. Shirt. Less. I can't not look. His room's across from mine. I. Love. My. Room.
Ok. look in the other direction and just make sure you look ok. Now grab your bag, put your phone and wallet and iPod in and don't look in his room's direction.
Ok. Maybe juuust a peek. No. Maz, respect them. Gosh, he won't know.
I take a quick peek at him. Wow. He's so good looking. SHIT HE SAW ME. I quickly turn around.

Nick's POV
Nick: Do you want me to close my door?
Maz: uuuhhh, err, yeah, i don't know. Your house. *stuttering*
Nick: I'm sorry.
I knew she was looking at me. But I knew she didn't want to disrespect me.

Nick: Are you finished?
Maz: Yeah, why?
Nick: Come over here and help me.
She walks over to my room. She looks really good. It's her eyes that always seem to stand out. She's got amazing eyes.
Nick: So, um, which shirt should I wear?
Maz: The Blue and grey one. It suits you really well.
Nick: Awesome, thanks.

She passes me the shirt. Crap the golfball is right infront of her foot. she steps on it and falls forward. I catch her yet i lose my balance and fall with my back onto my bed and her on top of me.

Joe's POV
Joe: Well, well, well, what's going on here?...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Chapter 8

Nick's POV

Joe and Kevin left to get some food, and Marianna challenged me to a race.

Maz: First one to the slide wins. GO!
We just ran, as fast as we could,to the slide. I had put my arm out to block her ffrom coming past, we were laughing like crazy while we were running. I finally reached the slide, just two seconds before she did.
Nick: I win!
Maz:*laughs* Yes,yes you did. *silence* That's coz you cheated! ha!
Nick: *laughing* How did I cheat?
Maz: You held me back!
Nick: Yeah right.
Maz:*laughs* Yeahhh, you di--

She didnt finish off her sentence. We looked up at each other, in the eyes. She has really nice eyes.

Nick:You have really pretty eyes.
Maz:So do you.
We smiled at each other, but didnt pull away from each others gaze.
I felt a spark, just looking into her eyes. Wow.

Maz's POV

We just stood there, staring into each others eyes. It was definately a moment. One that I will never forget.
Suddenly we just looked away,I swear if we looked anymore we would have hypnotized each other.

Nick:So, uh...
Maz:You wanna climb that tree over there?
Nick: Sure

I cannot believe I just said that. Climb a tree?!?
Well we started climbing this massive tree, I tried to not look down, after all I'm afraid of heights. We got to the top, and we could see half of the park. The view was gorgeous.

Nick: Wow, I've never really done this before, but the view is...*snap* Ahhhhhh
Maz: Oh my god, Nick are yo--*snap* ahhhh

Nick's branch had snapped and he fell down flat on the ground. Then my branch snapped. Fell right on top of him.

We started laughing like crazy.
We didn't even realise that I was on top of him, we were laughing so much.
Then we stopped, and looked at each other again. Man, I have got to stop looking at his eyes.

I got off him

Maz:Well, that was fun.
Nick:It was.

We looked at each other again. We leaned in, and just as something was about to happen
*Buzzz, Buzzz, buzzz* My phone decided to ring.
Maz:I am so sorry, I'll be right back.

I picked up.
Emily:Heyyy, how are you?
Maz:I'm happy and good and yeah you?
Emily: Very bored, mum and dad have gone out to get some things and I'm sitting in my room doing nothing. Why happy and good?
Maz:Guess who my exchange parents are...
Maz:Denise and Paul Jonas!
Emily: WHAT?!? You're living with Nick, Joe and Kevin???
Maz:aaaand Frankie.
Emily:*Screaming* Oh my god. Shit, mums back. I'll call you some other time. Love you
Maz:Love you too gorgeous.

It was Emily, my best friend, my sister. Well not exactly my sister, we've known each other for like 4 years now and we've become sisters for each other. Gosh I miss her.

Nick:Who was it?
Maz:My best friend Emily. She loves you guys so much.

Joe and Kevin had just arrived with all the food. We sat and ate. Joe looked at his watch.

Joe:Wow, its 5:30, we better get going home. We're going out at around 7.
Nick:To where?
Joe:I don;t know yet.Mom said we are
Nick:Ok, lets go.

We got into the car and drove back to the house.
Wow, that was a lovely afternoon.

Chapter 7

Maz's POV

Well we finally finished lunch. Hooray.

Nick:Hey, are you ready?
Maz: Yeah
Nick: Awesome, Me and the guys are waiting outside for you
Maz: Ok, I'll be quick

I quickly put on some eyeliner and mascara only onto my bottom lashes. Weird, i know but, hey thats me. I grab by bag that mum had bought me before I left for my trip and walked outside.

Maz: Aren't your parents coming?
Kevin: Nah, they have to take Frankie to his friends house for some project.
Maz: Oh ok. So it's just the four of us?
Kevin: Yep
Maz: ok
Kevin: Are you ok? You look like as if we're kidnappers.
Maz: Oh Sorry, it's just...well...its kinda amazing that I get to spend 2 months with my favourite band.
Kevin: Yeah,I get what you mean
*We laugh*

Kevin: Ok, everyone in the car!
Joe: Whose car are we taking?
Kevin: Nicks
Nick: Why mine?
Kevin: Because it's a nice car. ok?
Nick: Ok, ok we'll take mine.

We all got into Nicks car, Kevin was in the drivers seat, Nick was in the front, next to him, and Joe and I sat in the back together, which was good, because now we could talk and introduce ourselves properly.
Kevin starts driving out of the drive way and onto the road.

Joe: So Marianna, where you from?
Maz: I'm from Australia
I was so tempted to sing that
Joe: Awesome. And how old are you?
Maz:I'm 15.
Joe: Cool
Maz: So where are we going?
Nick: Our favourite park.
Maz: That sounds good.

The sun was shining. It was Summer.Best.Summer.Ever.

After driving for about 15 minutes we got to the park. It was gorgeous, full of flowers and there was a play ground. That brings back memories from home.
We got out of the car and ran into the park. It was empty. Just the four of us.

Maz: Where is everyone?
Nick: It's Summer, everyones away on holidays. We stay home, because its the only place we're always missing.
Maz: Awww. But don't you have a tour?
Nick: Not this Summer.
Maz: Oh ok.

We all chased after each other around the whole park, it was so fun. I hopped onto the swing and Nick decided to push me. My heart just melted then and there. Suddenly Kevins voice rung in my ears.

Kevin: Joe and I are going to get something to eat, you guys want anything?
Nick: Yeah, just a hotdog
Maz: Get me anything. Surprise me.
Kevin:Ok, We'll be back soon.

Joe and Kevin got in the car and drove off.

Maz: Now it's just me and you.
Nick: Yep.
Maz: First one to the slide wins. GO!

We sped past the swings, the sea-saw and ran straight to the slide. Nick had only bet me by a smidge.

Nick: I win!
Maz:*laughs* Yes,yes you did. *silence* That's coz you cheated! ha!
Nick: *laughing* How did I cheat?
Maz: You held me back!
Nick: Yeah right.
Maz:*laughs* Yeahhh, you di--

I was just about to finish, but we suddenly locked eyes. Like the exact same way we did this morning. Wow. He has the most amazing eyes. It's one to see them on a poster and another in real life. I could have just died.

Nick:You have really pretty eyes.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Chapter 6

Maz's POV

We finally reached the dining room.

It had a big table and a chandellier.
A table set for 6.
Nothing exciting.
But I did like the plates.
Weird, I know.

We all sat down, the order went
Nick,Joe, Frankie, Me,Kevin,Denise and Paul.
My first "lunch" with the Jonas'.

Paul: Marianna, how do you like your room?
Maz: It's awesome. thankyou so much for having me.
Densie: It's a pleasure to have you.

Denise walks in with spaghetti bolognaise. YUM! Finally normal food. I can't stand that mush that they gave me on the aeroplane. bleh. Anyway, it looks and smells amazing.

Denise sits down and serves everyone.

Maz:Can you please pass me the parmesan Joe?
Joe: Yeah sure. WAIT A MINUTE! Who are you?
Paul: Joe, relax, this is Marianna. She's an exchange student from Australia.
Joe: Oh, hi.
*We all laugh*

We all begin to eat. This pasta is amazing! Yes,I find it weird too that I'm thinking of the pasta rather than screaming that I'm eating with the Jonas Brothers and their family.

Maz: Denise,this pasta is amaing.
Denise: Thankyou. I'm glad you like it.

Paul: So Marianna, what are we going to do today?
Maz: Oh, anything, anything is fine by me.
Paul: There must be something you must want to do.
Maz: Oh ok. Ummm just showing me around the place would be fine for today, and maybe tonight we could go to wherever you guys want to show me.
Denise: That sounds good. Once we finish, we'll pack up and go for a walk and drive.
Maz: Awesome.

I kinda felt bad. The others didn't say anything and continued eating, and I didn't even introduce myself properly to Joe.

Chapter 5

Maz's POV

After moving all my things from Nick's room into mine, I took some time to look at the guitars in my room. I could never play guitar,but I always wanted to. I envy those who can, especially my best friend Emily, who was in England at the moment on a family holiday.

I walked over to the keyboard and sat at the stool. It was a nice keyboard. I turned it on and started playing "Black Keys". It obviously wasn't as good as Nick would have played it, but it was good enough.
I started singing it softly aswell.

It was amzing. Never had I felt so relaxed playing this song. It was so weird, but beautiful. I played the whole song and then, just stopped.

That was fun.

Just as I was about to get up I heard a voice.

Nick's POV

That Marianna girl seems nice. Anyway I might aswell check if she's left anything in my room.

I'm just about to turn into my room when I hear someone singing. It's coming from across the hall. I turn back to find Marianna playing "Black Keys" on the keyboard. I walk over and listen quietly.
She's got a nice voice.

I walk over to her slowly.

Maz's POV

Nick: Hey, that was really good.
Maz: *I jump* You have to stop scaring me like that...
*We laugh*
But thanks.
Nick: I'm guessing you're a singer?
Maz: I'd like to be.
Nick: Awesome.
Maz: yeah.

There was an awkward silence. We looked around the room and then straight in the eyes. You could say I was hypnotized by his eyes, I couldn't pull away, but I managed to.
Then a voice broke the silence.

Paul: Everyone! Lunch time.
Nick: We better go.
Maz: Uh yeah. Let's go.

It was weird, we didn't talk at all while we were walking to the dining room, but it was like we wern't meant to.

Chapter 4

Nick's POV

I came back from doing some clother shopping with Joe. We didn't buy much. Jeans, a pair of shoes and a shirt.
Kevin was at home watching some Kung Fu show and Frankie was with mom and dad at the grocery store.

I decided to put my clothes in my room when I saw some random girl lying on my bed. I went closer to make sure she wasn't some crazy phsycotic fan. I hovered over her to see what she looked like.

Maz's POV

After sleeping for about an hour,I felt something hovering over me. I open my eyes. There's someone looking at me as if I'm some sort of alien.

Nick: AHHHHH!!!
Maz: Ahhhhh!
Nick: Ahhhhh!
Maz: Oh my god it's you!
Nick: Huh?

I rub my eyes to make sure I'm not dreaming.

Maz: I'm so sorry about that. You're Nick are'nt you?
Nick: Uh, yeah. Who are you?
Maz: Oh,I'm Marianna. I'm an exchange student from Australia.
Nick: Oh yeah, my parents mentioned you a couple of times. Just one quick question, why are you sleeping on my bed?
Maz: This is your room? I am really sorry.

Nick helps me get up off the bed, after all, I'm still in shock.

Nick: It's ok. Your room is on the other side of the hallway.

I look across the hall to where my room is. It's so much bigger compared to Nick's room. It's amazing, full of guitars and music memorabilia. There's posters everywhere, there was even a drumkit, and a microphone. Now this was my dream bedroom.

I looked out the window. The sun was shining. I pull back the curtains to let more sun in. Today is going to be awesome.