Friday, October 2, 2009

Chapter 5

Maz's POV

After moving all my things from Nick's room into mine, I took some time to look at the guitars in my room. I could never play guitar,but I always wanted to. I envy those who can, especially my best friend Emily, who was in England at the moment on a family holiday.

I walked over to the keyboard and sat at the stool. It was a nice keyboard. I turned it on and started playing "Black Keys". It obviously wasn't as good as Nick would have played it, but it was good enough.
I started singing it softly aswell.

It was amzing. Never had I felt so relaxed playing this song. It was so weird, but beautiful. I played the whole song and then, just stopped.

That was fun.

Just as I was about to get up I heard a voice.

Nick's POV

That Marianna girl seems nice. Anyway I might aswell check if she's left anything in my room.

I'm just about to turn into my room when I hear someone singing. It's coming from across the hall. I turn back to find Marianna playing "Black Keys" on the keyboard. I walk over and listen quietly.
She's got a nice voice.

I walk over to her slowly.

Maz's POV

Nick: Hey, that was really good.
Maz: *I jump* You have to stop scaring me like that...
*We laugh*
But thanks.
Nick: I'm guessing you're a singer?
Maz: I'd like to be.
Nick: Awesome.
Maz: yeah.

There was an awkward silence. We looked around the room and then straight in the eyes. You could say I was hypnotized by his eyes, I couldn't pull away, but I managed to.
Then a voice broke the silence.

Paul: Everyone! Lunch time.
Nick: We better go.
Maz: Uh yeah. Let's go.

It was weird, we didn't talk at all while we were walking to the dining room, but it was like we wern't meant to.


  1. tehe.... and what a great singer u r too =] no jokes =]

  2. i loooove this story xD
    i haven't talked to you in agessss lol.
    btw, its emma from myspace :P
    can't wait for the next chapter.