Friday, October 9, 2009

Chapter 8

Nick's POV

Joe and Kevin left to get some food, and Marianna challenged me to a race.

Maz: First one to the slide wins. GO!
We just ran, as fast as we could,to the slide. I had put my arm out to block her ffrom coming past, we were laughing like crazy while we were running. I finally reached the slide, just two seconds before she did.
Nick: I win!
Maz:*laughs* Yes,yes you did. *silence* That's coz you cheated! ha!
Nick: *laughing* How did I cheat?
Maz: You held me back!
Nick: Yeah right.
Maz:*laughs* Yeahhh, you di--

She didnt finish off her sentence. We looked up at each other, in the eyes. She has really nice eyes.

Nick:You have really pretty eyes.
Maz:So do you.
We smiled at each other, but didnt pull away from each others gaze.
I felt a spark, just looking into her eyes. Wow.

Maz's POV

We just stood there, staring into each others eyes. It was definately a moment. One that I will never forget.
Suddenly we just looked away,I swear if we looked anymore we would have hypnotized each other.

Nick:So, uh...
Maz:You wanna climb that tree over there?
Nick: Sure

I cannot believe I just said that. Climb a tree?!?
Well we started climbing this massive tree, I tried to not look down, after all I'm afraid of heights. We got to the top, and we could see half of the park. The view was gorgeous.

Nick: Wow, I've never really done this before, but the view is...*snap* Ahhhhhh
Maz: Oh my god, Nick are yo--*snap* ahhhh

Nick's branch had snapped and he fell down flat on the ground. Then my branch snapped. Fell right on top of him.

We started laughing like crazy.
We didn't even realise that I was on top of him, we were laughing so much.
Then we stopped, and looked at each other again. Man, I have got to stop looking at his eyes.

I got off him

Maz:Well, that was fun.
Nick:It was.

We looked at each other again. We leaned in, and just as something was about to happen
*Buzzz, Buzzz, buzzz* My phone decided to ring.
Maz:I am so sorry, I'll be right back.

I picked up.
Emily:Heyyy, how are you?
Maz:I'm happy and good and yeah you?
Emily: Very bored, mum and dad have gone out to get some things and I'm sitting in my room doing nothing. Why happy and good?
Maz:Guess who my exchange parents are...
Maz:Denise and Paul Jonas!
Emily: WHAT?!? You're living with Nick, Joe and Kevin???
Maz:aaaand Frankie.
Emily:*Screaming* Oh my god. Shit, mums back. I'll call you some other time. Love you
Maz:Love you too gorgeous.

It was Emily, my best friend, my sister. Well not exactly my sister, we've known each other for like 4 years now and we've become sisters for each other. Gosh I miss her.

Nick:Who was it?
Maz:My best friend Emily. She loves you guys so much.

Joe and Kevin had just arrived with all the food. We sat and ate. Joe looked at his watch.

Joe:Wow, its 5:30, we better get going home. We're going out at around 7.
Nick:To where?
Joe:I don;t know yet.Mom said we are
Nick:Ok, lets go.

We got into the car and drove back to the house.
Wow, that was a lovely afternoon.