Friday, October 30, 2009

Chapter 19 Part 2

Maz's POV

After a lovely sleep and breakfast we decided that we were going to spend the day out of the house, driving. I walked into my room and closed the door. I opened my draws to see what I should wear. I know, black shorts, red t-shirt, and my sandals. Awesome. I took off my clothes and threw them onto the bed. Should I keep my singlet on? Nah, I'll get too hot. I take my singlet off leaving me in my knickers (lol i love that word) and bra. I took a quick peek in the mirror. I had finally grown taller since year 9. YAY! I was just about to pick up my shirt to put it on when I heard a loud BANG. I quickly turned around to find my door had flung open thanks to the open window. And yes the curtains are closed so no-one outside can see me changing. Oh, My, God. I think I've just died.

Nick's POV

As I was putting my last shoe on I hear d a loud BANG. I turned around and saw that Maz's door had flung open. I could see Maz. She was only wearing he underwear and bra. I looked at her for a good 10 seconds then quickly looked away. Shit, I think I've just embarassed her. She ran up to her door and shut it. She didn't look too bad actually. She actually looked better like than. Nick, Stop, you shouldn't be thinking of her like that. SNAP OUT OF IT.

Maz's POV

Holy Shit. I think Nick saw me. What do I mean I think. He DID. Ok Maz just breathe. It's ok. It's ok. Just finish getting ready. I put on my clothes and calmly walked out my room. And practically bolted into the kitchen to avoid Nick. Joe and Kevin we're now in their rooms getting ready. I saw Nick coming down the hallway. There's no escape. I get out all the things to make food for the trip. Nick came into the kitchen and we prepared everything. In silence. I looked at the clock. It was 11pm. One hour till we leave. I think I'll go outside. Nahh. I'll just sit on the couch. I walk into the lounge room and sit down. Nick comes after me and sits.

Nick: Hi.
Maz: About before, uh, I, uh, didnt, mean, for that to happen, and I uh hope it, uh didnt make you feel awkward.
Nick: Ha. No. It's ok. don't worry about it. You don't look too bad.
Maz: Aww thanks. But seriously I'm really sorry.
Nick: Haha, its fine. Our secret.

After a half hour we were all ready and packed everything into Kevns car. I took 3 blankets. Why? No idea. I always take things I don't need with me or in this case, us. We all got into Kevins car and started driving up to some parks. We drove for an hour and a half and stopped at a beautiful park. It was deserted. No one ever came here. We got out of the car, grabbed all the things and walked around to find a nice place to sit. I trailed off from the guys a little and walked through a crying tree, you know the ones with the really long brances that curve over? It was like a curtain to another world. It was more beautiful than the one on the other side. I poked my head through the branches.

Maz:Hey guys, Come through here!
JB: Coming.

The guys walked through. Judging from their expressions they liked the area I found.

Kevin:You guys set up here. I'll bring the car closer.

We started unfolding one of the blankets and setting out all the food and drinks. The place I found was gorgeous. A sparkling lake, exotic flowers, big trees and gorgeous little birds. I looked at my watch, it was 1:30pm. No wonder the lake is sparkiling so much, its early afternoon and the sun is hitting it directly.

After about a minute Kevin had come closer with the car and we were all sitting down eating our sandwiches.

Kevin:Wow, who made the sandwiches?
Nick: Maz and Me.
Joe: They're awesome. Yo you guys should totally open up a sandwich bar.
Nick: Yeah sure, why not?
Maz:*laughs* I'm glad you like them.

We finshed eating at around 2pm. I got up and ran over to a tree. I climbed up a little and stopped at a strong branch that I could sit on. The guys came running after me and did the same. We all sat and admired the gogeous view of the lake and flowers.

Maz:Wow, what a lovely..


  1. haha... open a sandwhich shop... i would buy from there everyday... and i have a feeling that the branch just snapped =] then, ur gunna fall on top on Nick and live happily ever after... na jk =] but i still think u'll land on top of him if it was the branch snapping =]

  2. ooh can't wait for the next one xD

    BAHAHA knickers :P

    love itttttt.

  3. i bet that the branch broke on they are falling down..

    thats not good. :(