Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chapter 20

Maz's POV


The branch snapped and we all fell on top of each other. It was Joe, then Nick, then Kevin, then me. We all just laid there in silence, then started bursting out in laughter. We all tried getting up but its kinda hard to keep your balance when youre laughing hysterically, so every time we stood up we'd fall back down, which didn't help because it only made us laugh even harder. After a while of laughing we finally gained full non laughing-ness and stood up and got into a big group hug.

Maz:That was fun.
Nick:Totally, we should do that again.
Joe: Yeah but I don't want to be the one at the bottom again.
Kevin: Well Maz was the lucky one, we all broke her fall a bit.
Maz: Thanks guys.

We walked back over to the rug. Well just Joe and Myself. As we sat down we heard a splash. We turned around to find Nick had pushed Kevin into the water. Thats when I got up slowly and crept up behind Nick and pushed him in. I could hear Joe coming behind me so I was prepared. He grabbed me by the arms and I grabbed his. Wow, he's got muscle. Anyway focusing on getting him into the water. It was just me and Joe battling it out, in the end we forced each other in at the same time. Thank god I had bought extra rugs. We swan around a bit splashing each other and laughing. We were lucky the sun was hitting the water or else we would have been freezing. I love these guys so much. They're like my family. Except Nick. I get a different vibe from him. But a good one. After a while I decided to step out. I was absolutely soaked. Dripping with water I walked over to Kevins car, opened the boot, and took out the extra two rugs.

Maz:Guys, I bought a couple more rugs we could use to help dry us up.
Joe: Awesome, we're coming out now.

The boys stepped out of the water. OH MY GOD. They looked so hot. I swear if it was in slow motion it would have been the sexiest thing in the world. MAZ! Snap out of it. I walked over to them and handed Kevin a Rug and Joe one. I packed all the stuff into the boot so Nick could use the last one. I handed the last one to Nick. Nick looked at me. I was shaking and my lips were blue. I walked over to where the sun was. It was warming me up. Nick walked over to me, while Joe and Kevin were finishing off their sandwiches.

Nick:Hey, you look like a snow man.
Maz: So I'm round and white, with a pointy carrot nose? *laughs*
Nick: *laughs* No, coz your blue and shaking.
Maz:I'll be ok.

He came closer and wrapped his arms while still holding the rug around me. My heart started beating faster. I was getting warmer already. My lips went from blue to a light shade of red. I closed my eyes and smiled. Was this a message or was he just being nice? I don't know. I eventually broke off before Joe or Kevin could see us.

I walked back over to the guys and packed everything that was left over into the car. I opened the door and sat and closed my eyes. Joe opened the door and sat next to me.

Joe:Hey, What's up?
Maz: Nothing just relaxing.
Joe: I want to talk to you when we get home.
Maz: Is everything ok?
Joe:Yeah everything is fine.
I looked at my watch it was 3pm already. I got back out of the car and walked over to Kevin.

Maz:We should get going soon.
Kevin: Yeah, good idea. Guys, lets go!
Nick:Alright, I'm on my way.
Maz:Joe's already in the car. He said he wanted to talk to me when we got home.
Maz: Do you know anything about this?
Kevin:No. If I did I would have warned you.
Maz:Ok, I just hope everything is ok.
Kevin: Yeah, same here.

We all got into the car, and drove back home. In the end we didn't spend the whole day out of the house. We got home after a while. We walked in still dripping with water. We all went into our bedrooms which each had their own bathrooms. I could hear the showers going off. I jumped in my one aswell and had one. As i came out I made sure that this time the door was securely locked. I heard a knock on my door.

Joe:Can I come in?
Maz: i'm kinda fully undressed so I'll put some clothes on and meet you in the music room.
Joe: Awesome, meet you there.


  1. oh my gosh... aww, Kevin got pushed in =[ i wonder what Joe wants to talk about... =l thats such a cute chapter =]

  2. aw cuute chapter :)
    bahahahahaha u all got pushed in! xD
    ooh i wonder what he wants to talk about.. :P

  3. Nick: Hey, you look like a snowman
    Maz: so im round and white, with a pointy carrot nose?

    ahaha love it :P