Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chapter 29

Maz's POV

I was going to call Joe.
I slowly dial his number. I press the green phone button. I put the phone to my ear and try focussing on what I'm going to say.

Maz: Hey.
Joe: Are you crying?
Maz: Just a little. I'll explain later. Can you pick me up?
Joe: From where?
Maz: It's about an hours drive from your place. Uhhh, there's like a tulip farm.
Joe: I know where that is. I'll come and get you.
Maz: Take the bus or something.
Joe: Wait, how did you get there in the first place?
Maz: I'll explain everything later.
Joe: Okay, I'll see you soon.

I hung up. I took a look at the car. There were a couple of scratches on the bumper. Nick will get over it. A couple of weeks. To do what? Get to know me. Well he'll get to know a complete different side of me.

Joe's POV
I got in my car and dropped everything at home. I couldn't see Nick anywhere. i ran to the bus stop and waited for the bus to where Maz was waiting. Why was she crying? The bus arrived after 10 minutes and drove an hour and stopped. I walked off the bus and saw Maz and Nick's car near the tulip farm. I ran up to her. She was sitting next to the car.

Joe: Hey, are you ok?
Maz: No.
Joe: Where's Nick?
Maz: I don't know. Why?
Joe: Coz you kinda have his car.
Joe: Wait, don't tell me you actually drove his car?!
Maz: Yeahhh, I did.
Joe: Maz.
Maz: Joe. I'm sorry, it was out of anger.

I walk over closer and sit next to her.

Joe: Why what happend?
Maz: Well, they guys had dropped me off at home after lunch.
Joe: Yes, and...
Maz: I was going to ask Nick something. And I went to his room and knocked on the door *uneven speaking* a-and he wa-a-s lying on his bed with..
Joe: *Hugs Maz* With who?
Maz: With Miley.

She sheds a few tears then stops. She got up.

Maz: But I'm not going to worry. I'm too strong to be hurt.
Joe: Her. Again. Can't she just get over it?
Maz: Huh?
Joe: Don't worry. He probably didn't mean it. She probably got on him before he could do anything.
Maz: Yeah, I guess. I feel so bad now.
Joe: He'll understand.
Maz: I scratched his car. Badly.
Joe: We make heaps of money. I'm pretty sure we can get it fixed.
Maz: Yeah I guess.

We got up and got into the car. I drove.

Maz: Thankyou so much. I hope I didn't cause too much trouble.
Joe: Nah, you didn't. you might wanna call Nick. He's probably looking for you.
Maz: Yeah. Good idea.
She calls Nick.


  1. haha. like the way it ends. she calls nick. tehe :) im glad ur over ur writers block (hopefully) good chapter :)

  2. mazzles dont cry :(

    and ive never herd of a tulip farm before :P