Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chapter 23

Maz's POV

We lay back on the seats. Nick opens the sun roof. And here we are, lying next to each other holding hands gazing at the stars. I looked at my watch. 11:20. We should be heading home soon considering it took us an hour to get here. But just a couple more minutes.

*2 minutes later*

Maz:Hey, we should get going. It's getting reeeeeaally late and it'll take us an hour to get home.
Nick: Yeah, we should.

We pulled our seats back up and put our seatbelts on. Nick did a U turn and drove us back home. We got out of the car and walked up the steps.

Maz:I got no keys.
Nick: Woah, are you ok?

I noticed when I get overly tired I start falling and dropping asleep. Yes, I'm very weird. I know. Nick scooped me up in his arms and carried me into my bedroom and lay me on my bed. I smiled dreamily and imediately fell asleep.

Nick's POV

I just got home from what was the greatest night ever.
Iwalked out of her room after carrying her to her bed. Suddenly Kevin popped out of his room which was a bit further down the hallway. He had noticed me coming out of Maz's room.

Kevin: Hey, Where'd you guys go for so long?
Nick: I'll tell you tomorrow while she's out with Em and Sarah. It'll be easier.
Kevin: Awesome. Goodnight.
Nick: Night.

I walked over to Joe's room as Kevin walked back into his. Joe was almost about to fall off his bed. I walked in and pushed him. He turned in and looked as if he were about to attack something. I walked out of his room and into mine. I fell back onto my bed and fell asleep.

Maz's POV

I crack open my eyes. The sun is shining directly onto my bed. I slowly get up and look at the time. 9:00am. I'm going to see Sarah today. Just remembered that. I better get ready. I'm seeing her soon. I put on some shorts and a T-shirt and a pair of my fave sandals. I creep out of my room and check on Nick. Awww he looks adorable.

I walk down the hallway into the kitchen, and make some breakfast.

*Two and a half hours later*

They boys had finally decided to wake up about a half hour ago. they must have been really tired. I made them a quick breakfast. The doorbell rang.

Maz:Kevin, can you get that for me?

Kevin's POV

The doorbell rang just as I was just about to have my last bite of my cheerios.

Maz: Kavin, can you get that for me?
Kevin: Sure.

I walked to the door and opened it.

Kevin:Uh, ah, uh, hiii.
Sarah: Uh, hello. How are you?
Kevin: I'm, uh really, good. You?

Wow, she looks even prettier since the last time I saw her.

Sarah:I'm good thanks. Is Maz here?
Kevin: Uh, yeah, she's in here. Come in.
Sarah: I guess she's coming *giggles*
Kevin:*giggles manly* Yeah. Uh, just wondering you want to go, out for a coffee together sometime?
Sarah:*lightly blushes* Yeah, that would be awesome.
Kevin:Well, here's my number, and when ever you want just call me and we'll organise something.
Sarah:Can't wait.
Maz:Oh, hey guys. You ready to go sarah?
Sarah: Yeah, let's go.
Maz:*hugs Kevin* Alright we'll be back around 3-ish.
Kevin:Awesome, have fun.
Joe & Nick: BYYEE.
Kevin: Bye.

They walked out the door and went on their way to pick up Emily. She seems nice. Can't wait 'till she calls.

Nick's POV

I guess I should tell the guys what happend last night.


  1. coz i lost my usb i have to copy and paste all my chapters onto my computer so i dont forget stuff that happened. :(

  2. i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you i Love you =] cute chapter ;)

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