Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chapter 3

Maz's POV

After a 45 minute drive we finally arrived at the Jonas house. On the outside it looked beautiful. Colourful flowers, a picket fence and a rose garden. I couldn't wait to see the inside.

I unloaded everything from the car,and moved it all on the sidewalk.

Denise: Relax with the yelling. Sorry about that Marianna. We're just getting some extra help with your bags.
Maz: Oh it's ok, I can carry it all in myself.
Denise: Don't be silly, the more help, the quicker we'll get you settled in.

As I was getting my stuff, I heard a door open and turned around. Kevin and Frankie walked outside towards me and the Jonas parents.

Paul: Kevin, Frankie, this is Marianna. She's the exchange student your mom and I've been talking about.
Kevin: Hi,pleasure to meet you.
Frankie: Hey!
Maz: Hey guys. How are you?
Kevin: I'm good thanks, yourself?
Maz: Very tired. *giggles*

I struggle to carry my bags inside, and its very obvious. Why did I have to pack so much??!?

Kevin: Let me take some of those for you.
Maz: Thankyou soo much.

We finally get inside the house. Thank god.

Paul: Kevin, we're going to the grocery store. Help Marianna settle in. We'll be back in 15 minutes.
Kevin: Alright dad, bye.
Maz: Bye.
The Jonas parents leave.
Maz: So where's my room?
Kevin: I can see you're a major fan, I'm surprised you haven't squealed or torn off my sleeves.

*We laugh* I knew I shouldn't have put a fricken picture shrine of the Jonas Brothers on my suitcases. I guess it would have been easier to recognise my bags.

Maz: Yeah I'm a major fan.I just don't want you guys to think I'm just another crazy obsessive fan.
Kevin: It's ok, anyway your room is down that hall and the second on your left.
Maz: Thanks a bunch.
Kevin: Do you want me to help you take your things to your room?
Maz: No thanks, I'll be fine.
Kevin: Ok, well call me if you need anything at all.
Maz: Awesome,will do.

I get all me luggage and start walking down the hall. One, two rooms to the right? Or was it left? I think it was right. After all, it had a single bed,a few guitars and some recording equipment. It must have been a spare room they had.

I put all my things in the room, and lied on the bed. Being tired after all the travelling and all, I fell asleep...

Chapter Two

Maz's POV

I came face to face with the man and woman.
Paul: Hi, I'm Paul, and this is my wife Denise. You must be Marianna.
Maz: Uh, yes. Nice to meet you.
Denise: It's nice to meet you too. It's so nice that we have a female exchange student coming into our home.
(Paul and Denise laugh)
Maz: Oh,Why?
Paul: Well we have four boys. you'll meet them once we take you home.
Maz: Awesome

They seemed to have a suprised look on their face, as if they were expecting me to scream and squeal or do something crazy. Or maybe they thought I looked a bit sick because of the flight.

We loaded my things into Paul's car, got in and drove to my new home of two months.
America was amazing. I read almost all the signs as we drove past. It was usually signs telling us when to turn if we wanted to go to Los Angeles or Florida. I was day dreaming when suddenly Denise's voiced pierced through into my imagination.

Denise: So, Marianna, tell us a bit about yourself.
Maz: Well, I'm from Australia. I live in Melbourne. I absolutely LOVE music. I'm part Greek. And yeah.
Paul: Do you like any particular bands or artists?
Maz: Yeah. I love the Jonas Brothers,Michael Jackson, Michael Buble...

Just as I was about to say another band I went silent and it clicked. Denise and Paul are the names of the Jonas Brothers parents. They also said they were glad to have a female in the house because they have four boys. The Jonas Brothers have 3 guys and one little brother.
OH MY GOD! My exchange parents were the parents of Nick,Kevin, Joe and Frankie Jonas.

Denise: Marianna,are you ok?
Maz: Can I please ask you a question?
Denise: Sure, go ahead.
Maz: Your last name wouldn't happen to be Jonas?
Paul: It is.
Maz: Are you the parents of the very famous Jonas Brothers???
Paul: *giggles* Yes we are.
Maz: Can I please roll down my window?
Paul: Go ahead

I roll down my window, and stick my head out. I was going to scream, but didnt want them to think I was just another phsyco maniac fan.
I need some air. I couldn't believe it. I could have sworn I was dreaming. The Jonas Brothers. I'm going to be living with my celebrity crushes. My inspiration. My music. My sanctuary. This can't be real.

Chapter One

Maz's POV

Well I'm Marianna. Maz is what you can call me. I'm just another person in the world who is completely different to others. One reason would be is that im 15 and travelling the world, which includes only one country being an exchange student, without my parents and siblings. My parents trust me enough. I've never been one of those rowdy teenagers that start having a drink at 13, or had fights with people, or hooking up with every guy I meet. But don't get me wrong, I'm still really fun. Unique is what I like to call it.

3 countries down, 6 more to go. I get on my 3am flight to America, my exchange student country. Well not really, my parents thought it would be better if I had a family to stay with while I was there. Mainly because it's a big country and they've heard things about the place. It's a really nice plane. Mum let me pick 3 flights I could go first class with. This was one of them. I gave them my boarding pass and was directed by a flight hostess called "Laura". She would attend to me during the flight. My first class cabin was amazing. After settling in my cabin the pilots voice came over the speaker saying the plane was about to take off. I fastened my seat belt, and got ready for take off. Soon after that,the plane took off. I thought of the family I was staying with. All I got were the names of the adults. Denise and Paul. That rung a bell. I just couldn't put my finger on where I had heard those names.

After a 15hour flight, I finally reached America. I was so excited. All I hoped was that I wasn't stuck with some phsyco or overly protective family.

I went through customs, got my luggage and walked into the area wherre Iwaited to be picked up. After 25 minutes of sitting, eating aeroplane cashews and exchanging money, I heard someone calling out my name. I looked around to find some man with glasses and his wife walking towards me. They must be my exchange parents. I got up off the seat and walked over with all my things.

They looked so familiar, but why?