Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chapter 40

Quick note: Well hello there. been a very very very long time, and I thought I'd start it up again, you know, just to open my mind up a bit. Enjoy children <3>

Joe's POV

Maybe I should get some sleep.

(5 minutes later) *Knock, Knock*

I look at the clock. 12:35am. Great. Tired as hell, and just as I'm falling asleep someone knocking at the door. I get up, out of bed, and walk to the door.

Joe:Who is it?
??: It's me.

I open the door.

Joe: Oh, Maz, sorry. What are you doing here?
Maz: Nick's asleep, and I can't get to sleep because I keep thinking about you, and lying to Nick a-a-and...
Joe: No, no, no, Maz don't cry. Please don't cry. It's all my fault. Here, come in.
Maz: Joe. How? How did it start? And don't tell me you don't know.
Joe: Fine, I'll tell you. Sit down.

Maz's POV
Sitting on Joe's bed, telling me about how it all started.
I stare at him blankly as he tells me the story. A party, and this girl, and unexpectade injection as he wasn't looking, and..he liked it? It was just a blur. It just made no sense.

Joe: And since then I haven't been the same.
Maz: And when you said you were going for that walk you we're..uh..hmm..getting..the...?

Joe: Yes, more of it.
Maz: This has to stop.
Joe: It's easier said than done.
Maz: That's exactly why I'm going to help you.
Joe: It's not going to be easy. people are going to find out. Paparazzi, you name it.
Maz: Joe, if you hadn't continued it, you wouldn't have to worry about it.
Joe: Can I stop the addiction in private?
Maz: Possibly. I have a friend. He deals with people with addictions. He can help you.
Joe: Yeah, that might be good.
Maz: Might?! It will be, but ou have to promise me you'll stop, please?
Joe: I can only try.
Maz: We go back tomorrow, well technically today coz its like 12 am, anyway, once we get back home I'm calling him up, and we're going to start councelling.

Kevin's POV

So Sarah's parents like me.
That's a good thing.
A very good thing.

I'm so glad they let me sleep in the same room as her. Her dad wasn't the keenest about it, but he thought, he might as well.

Urgh, great. Two single beds.

Sarah: You unpacked your stuff for the night?
Kevin: Well I didn't bring much, so yeah. Unlike you, we're staying her for a night, not a week.
Sarah: You never know what could happen.
Kevin: True. And you're a girl so it all works out.
Sarah: Sorry about the single beds.
Kevin: We could always push them together?
Sarah: That is a good idea.

We both walk over to a bed each, and start pushing.

Kevin: Geez, these bed are so heavy.
Sarah: I know right.

Kevin&Sarah: *Heaving, making struggling noises*

Sarah's Dad's POV

Sarah's mother insisted we let them sleep in the same room. As long as nothing happens I'm alright.
Might aswell go upstairs to check on how they've settled.

I walk upstairs, towards their room, to hear heaving and noises...

*kicks open door*

Dad: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU're doing?
Sarah: AHHHH!!! Holy crap dad you scared the shit out of me, what is it?
Dad: Oh, I just came upstairs, to see how you guys we're going, and i heard noises..and..
Sarah: DAD! You didn't think we were having...?
Dad: Well I did hear the noises...
Sarah: DAAADDDD!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU. urgh, go away.

*Walks out halfway, embarrassed*
Sarah: Hey Dad!
Dad: Yes?
Sarah: I love you.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chapter 39

Jake's POV

Jake: I knew you'd like it here.
Emily: *Smiles*

Emily and I finished our dinners. It tasted fantastic. And then I decided, it was time.

Jake: Um, Emily?
Emily: Yes Jake?
Jake: W-well, as you know, we've been going out for quite some time, and we've gone through quite a bit. *pause*

Jake thinking: Idiot, shouldve put something together beforehand, you sound weird now, oh shut up, no you shut up. I sound crazy even thinking....Okay, now focus, on Emily.

Jake: I just want you to know, that you mean the whole world to me, and that, I love you so much. I know we are way too young to get married right now, but I know, that I really want to spend a lot of my life with you.

*brings out a large box*

Jake: Will you take this diamond necklace, as a sign of our everlasting love for each other?
Emily: Oh, uh, Jake, wow. That's just, hmm, wow.
Jake: *takes it out of box and puts it on Emily* I hope you like it.
Emily: It's amazing. But Jake, you seriously, did not have to get me a gorgeous necklace to tell me you love me, I already know you do.
Jake: Just to make sure.
Emily: You never back down do you?

Sarah's POV

Sarah: They like you.
Kevin: You think so?
Sarah: For them to be smiling at me and you the whole time, yes. Trust me, I know when my parents dont like people.
Kevin: Why, what happens?
Sarah: They go outside and dance like maniacs around a camp fire. Thats what they do when they dont like people.
Kevin: *Laughs* I'd like to see that one day.
Sarah: Haha yep, totally.
Kevin: They're really nice.
Sarah: You're funny.
Kevin: Haha yes I am, no but seriously they're incredible. I'm surprised your dad wasn't all like protective over you.
Sarah: You're mistaking him for Maz's dad.
Sarah: Nah, her dad's pretty nice. She gets most her personality from him.
Kevin: Mm, I guess it's better to be protective rather than not giving a shit.
Sarah: *Uncontrolable laughter*
Kevin: What's so funny?
Sarah: *Laugh* You said, *Laugh*, Shit s-s-o *Laughs* Funny *Continues laughing*
Kevin: Haha, seriously. Shit, shit shit shit shit.
Sarah: Ahahahaha Stop it.
Kevin: Haha okay.
Sarah's Mum: C'mon guys we're having Sausages for dinner!
Sarah: Oh, my god. *Uncontrolable laughter*

Joe's POV

I lay here in bed. Staring at the ceiling. What have I done to myself? I've completely ruined myself, that's what I've done. Poor Maz. She's got to keep it to herself, until I stop being a coward and tell Nick. She hates keeping secrets from Nick. Maybe I should get some sleep.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Chapter 38

Nick: Wow, that was delish!
Maz: Yeah, it taste great.
Joe: Yeah.
Nick: Joe, what's wrong?

I could sense panic in him

Joe: Uh, nothing. Just late nights.
Nick: Oh. Well its 8 now so you should go get a lot of sleep. You look wayyy tired.
Joe: Yeah, good idea. I uh, yeah, better go get some sleep.
Maz: The promise.
Joe: Don't worry.
Nick: Promise?
Maz: Its a song that I wanted Joe to get for me.
Nick: Oh, okay, well go get some sleep, and don't worry about the song now.
Joe: Yeah, good idea. I'll see you guys tomorrow morning.
Maz&Nick: Goodnight.

Joe walked out, Nick and I packed up.

Nick: Wow, Joe must really be getting little sleep.
Maz: Yeah.

I hated lying to Nick. And then the guilt started rolling in.

Maz:He's a big boy he can sleep when ever he likes.
Nick: True that. So, uh, Maz..

And when I feel guilty I start to vomit...

Nick:..SHIT! Are you okay?
Maz: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

I rushed to the bathroom and washed my face with icy cold water and came back with a mop. Nick looked for some medicine to give me. I started to mop.

Nick: Give me that, and take these.
Maz: No, Nick, I'm fine seriously.

He grabbed the mop of me.

Maz: Okay, okay.

I swallowed the tablets.

Nick:Go, get some sleep. Or rest. Or just relax in some way.
Maz: No, Nick, I'm fine.
Nick: No you are not. Go lie down.
Maz: Nick, I am Greek. I can handle it.
(a.n I just had to put that in)
Nick: Being Greek, gah okay, just sit down please. It's our last night here and I dont want you to feel sick and unhappy.

Jake's POV

Jake: I'll have the Chicken and pasta.
Emily: And the french roast pork for me please.
Waitor: Any more drinks?
Jake: Could we please get your finest champagne?
Waitor: Ofcourse. Your dinner wont be too long.
Jake:*hands back menu's* Thankyou.
Emily: Naughty, naughty. Champagne for 16 year olds.
Jake: He doesn't know that *winks*
Emily: Haha, nice. You really didn't have to bring me here.
Jake: But I wanted to.
Emily: Okay. Thankyou.
Jake: For what?
Emily: For bringing me here.
Jake: It's nothing, don't worry.

*30 minutes later*

Waitor:Bon Apetite.
Jake&Emily: Thankyou
Emily: Wow, this is amazing.
Jake: More champagne?
Emily: Just a little more please.
Jake: Have a taste of my chicken.
Emily: That's really good.
Jake: I knew you'd like it here.
Emily: *Smiles*

Emily and I finished our dinners. It tasted fantastic. And then I decided, it was time.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Chapter 37

Maz's POV

I decided to change out of my pyjamas and then call Emily.

*Ring ring*
Maz: Hey, Emily, why does your voice suddenly sound deep?
??: Emily? Haha, Maz this is Jake.
Maz: Oh shit! Sorry *laughing*
Jake: *Laughing* Haha it's okay.
Maz: Where's Emily?
Jake: She's taking a shower.
Maz: Far out, first Joe, then Nick, now Emily. What is this take a shower day? Haha well I was wondering if you two would like to come over to our room for dinner tonight.
Jake: Not tonight. Sorry. I'm taking her somewhere special.
Maz: Oooooh, like a romantic dinner to a gorgeous french restaurant.
Jake: Are you pshycic?
Maz: Mayyyyyybe, or maybe I just heard you making reservations last night and forgot about them this morning.

Jake: You didn't tell Emily did you?
Maz: For you to be whispering to the phone, I was guessing it was going to be a surprise so no.
Jake: Thanks. Well, I better get going. Make sure I know what I'm wearing for tonight.
Maz: Okely dokely. Bye.
Jake: Bye.

*A few hours later*

Jake had taken Emily out to dinner in a gorgeous black Limo. And I had ordered some Italian food. I decided to go get Joe who was still in his room.


I walked out of my room and stood at Joe's door. I knocked. No Answer. I knocked again. Still no answer. I turned the handle. Surprisingly the door was unlocked. I slowly opened the door and took a couple of steps in.

Maz: Hello?
Joe: Who is it?

I could hear his voice coming from the bedroom. I walked over to Joe's bedroom. I could see him, sitting on his bed. I walked in.

Maz: Hey, it's me.

He looked up in panic. I didn't know why, until I noticed a syringe. No. No way. Joe wasn't that type of person.

Maz: Joe, what is that.
Joe: Nothing.
Maz: Joe, what are you hiding.
Joe: Nothing.

I walked closer to him. And sat on the bed. I grabbed the syringe.

Maz: Joe, please, tell me you haven't.
Joe: I don't remember how it happend. It was a sudden thing. And then it was addictive. I'm so sorry.
Maz: Joe, we need to get help.
Joe: You cannot tell anyone.
Maz: Joe, bu-
Joe: Please, please. Don't.

He started sobbing. I pulled him into a hug.

Maz: Okay, I won't tell anyone. But please prmise me tonight and tomorrow you wont take any, if you have the urge, come straight to my room. Okay?
Joe: Okay.
Maz: Okay, now lets get you something to eat. Food's arrived.
Joe: Thankyou.

We walked out of his room and into mine and Nick's. I told Joe to splash some water on his face so it didn't look like he was crying.

Nick: Heyyyyyyy. You guys hungry?
Joe: Uh, yeah.
Maz: Yeahh.
Nick:What's wrong?
Maz: Nothing, just thinking about stuff.
Nick: What sorta...stuff?
Maz: I keep thinking I left something on at home. Like a switch or something.
Nick: Don't worry, Kevin and I had checked everything before we left.
Maz: Oh, awesome.

I smiled faintly. I was still in shock. Joe. And drugs. How could I not tell Nick? But Joe said don't. Far out. I still don't get how he got into it in the first place.

We sat down and started eating pizza and spaghetti bolognaise. I had lost my appetite in just a matter of seconds. Nick seemed like he was the only one eating all his food. Joe just seemed to stare at his pizza as if it we're going to eat him. Maybe thats a side effect. In the end I just forced it all down.

Nick: Wow, that was delish!
Maz: Yeah, it taste great.
Joe: Yeah.
Nick: Joe, what's wrong?

I could sense panic in him