Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chapter 40

Quick note: Well hello there. been a very very very long time, and I thought I'd start it up again, you know, just to open my mind up a bit. Enjoy children <3>

Joe's POV

Maybe I should get some sleep.

(5 minutes later) *Knock, Knock*

I look at the clock. 12:35am. Great. Tired as hell, and just as I'm falling asleep someone knocking at the door. I get up, out of bed, and walk to the door.

Joe:Who is it?
??: It's me.

I open the door.

Joe: Oh, Maz, sorry. What are you doing here?
Maz: Nick's asleep, and I can't get to sleep because I keep thinking about you, and lying to Nick a-a-and...
Joe: No, no, no, Maz don't cry. Please don't cry. It's all my fault. Here, come in.
Maz: Joe. How? How did it start? And don't tell me you don't know.
Joe: Fine, I'll tell you. Sit down.

Maz's POV
Sitting on Joe's bed, telling me about how it all started.
I stare at him blankly as he tells me the story. A party, and this girl, and unexpectade injection as he wasn't looking, and..he liked it? It was just a blur. It just made no sense.

Joe: And since then I haven't been the same.
Maz: And when you said you were going for that walk you we're..uh..hmm..getting..the...?

Joe: Yes, more of it.
Maz: This has to stop.
Joe: It's easier said than done.
Maz: That's exactly why I'm going to help you.
Joe: It's not going to be easy. people are going to find out. Paparazzi, you name it.
Maz: Joe, if you hadn't continued it, you wouldn't have to worry about it.
Joe: Can I stop the addiction in private?
Maz: Possibly. I have a friend. He deals with people with addictions. He can help you.
Joe: Yeah, that might be good.
Maz: Might?! It will be, but ou have to promise me you'll stop, please?
Joe: I can only try.
Maz: We go back tomorrow, well technically today coz its like 12 am, anyway, once we get back home I'm calling him up, and we're going to start councelling.

Kevin's POV

So Sarah's parents like me.
That's a good thing.
A very good thing.

I'm so glad they let me sleep in the same room as her. Her dad wasn't the keenest about it, but he thought, he might as well.

Urgh, great. Two single beds.

Sarah: You unpacked your stuff for the night?
Kevin: Well I didn't bring much, so yeah. Unlike you, we're staying her for a night, not a week.
Sarah: You never know what could happen.
Kevin: True. And you're a girl so it all works out.
Sarah: Sorry about the single beds.
Kevin: We could always push them together?
Sarah: That is a good idea.

We both walk over to a bed each, and start pushing.

Kevin: Geez, these bed are so heavy.
Sarah: I know right.

Kevin&Sarah: *Heaving, making struggling noises*

Sarah's Dad's POV

Sarah's mother insisted we let them sleep in the same room. As long as nothing happens I'm alright.
Might aswell go upstairs to check on how they've settled.

I walk upstairs, towards their room, to hear heaving and noises...

*kicks open door*

Dad: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU're doing?
Sarah: AHHHH!!! Holy crap dad you scared the shit out of me, what is it?
Dad: Oh, I just came upstairs, to see how you guys we're going, and i heard noises..and..
Sarah: DAD! You didn't think we were having...?
Dad: Well I did hear the noises...
Sarah: DAAADDDD!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU. urgh, go away.

*Walks out halfway, embarrassed*
Sarah: Hey Dad!
Dad: Yes?
Sarah: I love you.

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