Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chapter 36

Maz's POV
Emily came into our room.

Maz: Hey, where's everyone else?
Emily: Well, Kevin and Sarah are packing.
Maz: Why?
Emily: Because Sarah & Kevin just remembered that they we're meant to go have dinner with Sarah's parents and stay there for the night because they live on the other side of America, and they don't want to dissapoint them.
Nick: Oh, that sucks. Wait, Kevin did mention Sarah and her parents and some dinner.
Maz: Oh yeah, like a week ago.
Emily: Yeah, well that means Jake and I have a massive room for ourselves. Which will be much quieter.
Maz: Uh, I would thnk so, considering 2 out of the 4 people who are in there are leaving.
Emily: Shut up. *laughs*
Maz: Where's Joe?
Emily: I have no idea.
Nick: I'll go check his room.
Maz: Okay.
Emily: He's been very quiet lately
Maz: I know right. And his eyes are always red. He musn't be getting enough sleep.
Emily: Yeah maybe.

Just then Nick came in.

Nick:Joe's not in his room.
Emily: He's probably gone for a walk.
Nick: Yeah, I'll call him just to make sure he's okay.
Maz: Awwww you're such a caring brother.
Nick: Haha, shut up. I'm going to call him now so shhhhh!
Maz: Haha, okay.

Em and I talked quietly as Nick talked on the phone.

Nick:Hey Joe, Where are you?
Joe: Hey, just uh, walking towards the hotel. I had just walked down to the beach for some fress air.
Nick: Okay, just making sure you we're fine. Will you be long?
Joe: Nope, just 2 minute walk and I'll be there.
Nick: Okay, I'll see you soon then.
Joe: Bye
Nick: See ya.
Maz: Is he okay?
Nick: Yeah, as Emily said, he's gone for a walk.
Maz: He won't be long?
Nick: Nah, just a two minute walk from here.
Maz: Awesome.
Emily: Well I'm going to see what Jake's up to. See you two soon.
Maz: Okay love, bye.

Emily Walked out which left me and Nick. I walked over to the balcony.

Maz: Hey, there's Joe.

I pointed to him just as he walked into the entrance.

Maz: Oh, you missed him.
Nick: He'll be coming up so I don't think I have to see him walking in aswell.

Nick walked towards me, and hugged me around the waist.

Maz: I love it when you do that.
Nick: I know you do.

Just as I was abut to give him a kiss on the cheek we heard a knock on our door. Nick and I didn't want to let get go, but eventually after 5000000 knocks we decided it was best to. I walked over to the door as Nick walked into the kitchen.

Maz:Who is it?
??: It's Joe.
I open the door.
Maz: Hey, come in.
Joe: Thanks.
Maz: You don't seem yourself lately. Have you been going to bed really late?
Joe: Uh, yeah.
Maz: Yeah, coz you're eyes seem to be really red as if you havent slept for a while.
Joe: Yeah, Just noises and a really uncomfortable bed.
Maz: Aw, that sucks. You should maybe try Jake's room. Kev and Sarah are leaving to go to sarah's parents' house so there would be a spare bed.
Joe: Nah, I'll be alright. Best to leave Jake and Emily alone.
Maz: Yeah, I guess so. You want to stay for dinner?
Joe: Yeah, sure.
Maz: Awesome, you want me to tell Nick you're here?
Joe: Nah, it's okay. I better change out of these clothes. I've been sweating heaps.
Maz: Haha, well you better have a shower too.
Joe: Haha yeah.
Maz: And have a nap while you're at it.
Joe: Will do.

I hug Joe just before he leaves.

Maz: We'll see you at dinner.
Joe: Awesome.

Joe walked out.

Nick: Joe?
Maz:Yep. I invited him for dinner. Is that okay?
Nick: Yeah. *he smiled sweetly at me, and my heart just melted then and there*
Maz: Why do you do this to me?
Nick: Do what?
Maz: Make me love you so much.
Nick: Because that's my job.
Maz: Haha, true that.
Nick: Well I shall have a shower now and then we can figure out what we're having for dinner.
Maz: Loverrrrly.

He kissed my forehead and walked off into the bathroom. Gosh I love him.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Chapter 35

Nick's POV

One minute, I'm laughing with Maz on the massive bed, the next im kissing her under the sheets. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a big star. That I could hold relationships without needing the whole world to know. But right now, no one but me and Maz knew what we have.

Maz's POV
I slowly cracked my eyes open, the sun was shining through the window. Nick wasn't laying next to me. I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes. I looked at the wall clock. 10am. Loverrrrly. I got up out of bed and washed my face. I walked into the living room. I could see Nick through the window, sitting on the balcony. I knocked on the window. Nick turned around and smiled. I walked into the dining area and picked up the room service menu. I looked at the breakfast list. Nick walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek and then leaned over and looked at the menu.

Maz: What shall we have?
Nick: I don't mind. How about crepes?
Maz: Perfect. Can you please get me the phone?
Nick: Only if you give me a kiss..

I kiss Nick on the lips for atleast 10 full seconds. I pulled away. He smiled big. I giggled. Nick walked into the the lounge and brought back the phone.

Maz: Thank you.

I dialed room service.
??:Hello, this is Justin from room service, how may I help you?
Maz: Hello Justin, can I please order some breakfast?
Justin: Sure, what would you like?

Maz: 2 eggs benedict, 4 slices of toast with butter and jam and vegemite...
Justin: Vegemite sorry?
Maz: Oh wait don't worry about that.
Justin: Okay, anything else?
Maz: Yes please. 1 *whispering* Nick what do you want to drink?
Nick: Mocha latte.
Maz: Awesome. *Normal talking* 1 mocha latte and an iced coffee please.
Justin: Lovely. It'll be at your door in about a half hour.
Maz: Thanks Justin, Bye.
Justin: Goodbye.
Maz: Well, that was fun.
Nick: What in the world is vegemite?
Maz: Oh, this spread that I had back in Australia.
Nick: What's it taste like?
Maz: It's salty.
Nick: Uh huh. Funny kid you are.
Maz: Yes, yes I am.

My phone started to buzz. I hada txt from Emily and the guys.

Hey Maz,
Me, Sarah and the boys, including Joe have gone to a nearby cafe for breakfast. You and Nick were asleep so we didnt want to wake you two up. See you soon. Iflysfm xx

Lol. She still used Iflysfm. That is one thing that will never get old. I txt her back.

Hey I'm up now. txt me before you get here. Iflysfm gorgeous. xx
*message sent*

Lovely. I looked over at Nick, he was looking at the dvd's.

Maz: You wanna watch one?
Nick: Nahh, just looking. What I really want is to eat breakfast with you outside, on the balcony.
Maz: That sounds like fun.

After a while the dorrbell rang and we got out breakfast. It was delish. After eating all the food we sat outside just drinking our coffee's.

Maz: Hey Nick.
Nick: Hey Maz.
Maz: Can we keep it a secret?
Nick: About us?
Maz: Yeah.
Nick: Sure. No problem, I was actually going to ask you the same thing.
Maz: Hooray. Oh wait I'll be right back.
Nick: Maz, where you going?
Maz: To get something.

I just remembered that I bought him a pair of awesome cuff links that he liked for his birthday. I jumped off my seat and ran to my suitcase and brought it out to him.

Nick: What did you get?
Maz: Open it.

He opened the box and looked at the cufflinks. His eyes widened then he looked straight at me.

Nick: Why?
Maz: Coz you liked them, and its your birthday, and I love you.
Nick: But youve done enough for my birthday.

He got up off his seat, unexpectadly sweeped me off my feet and carried me inside.

He literally threw me onto the bed.
Nick: Love you too.
Maz: Ahahaha come here.

He leaned onto the bed and came closer and kissed me on the lips.
Maz: That was fun.
Nick: Sure was.

My phone buzzed in my pocket. Emily was on her way up with everyone else. Nick looked at the txt and nodded. We both knew how to act.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chapter 34

Maz's POV

We walked back in. I went to my walk in wardrobe and took out my pyjamas. Shorts and tank top. Red and purple. My faves. I started to change when I noticed Nick was changing too. Not that I was perving, his walk in wardrobe door was creaked open. That meant that so was mine. As I stood there, not intentionally perving he caught me looking. He smiled, I smiled, we continued changing. I put on my tank top. Literally 2 minutes after I put it on, I took it off. It was way too hot. So I guess I'm sleeping in my shorts and sports bra. Loverrrly. I walked out of my walk-in and wallked back into the bed room. I heard footsteps coming from behind me. It was Nick. I turned around to see him in only his boxers. I could tell I was kinda starring because he laughed. It wasn't coz I didn't like him in his boxer shorts, it was because he looked so hot in them.

Maz: You're sleeping like that?
Nick: I can go change...
Maz: No it's fine, I'm just asking.
Nick: Oh.
Maz: There's only one bed. I can go sleep on the couch.
Nick: I'm 100% sure that during the night, if it was me or you sleeping on that couch, we'd fall off. Just sleep in the bed.
Maz: Fine.

I ran and jumped onto the bed. Nick came running after. I giggled as I slid under sheets. They are so nice and cool. Nick got under aswell. We rested our heads on the fluffy white pillows and pulled the sheets over our heads so we were completely covered.

Maz: This is a really comfy bed.
Nick: I know, right?
Maz: Sorry 'bout starring at you before.
Nick: It's okay. You looked kinda shocked.
Maz: Well, it's not my fault you look so good in boxers.
Nick: Well, sorry for looking so good in boxers.
Maz: Haha, it's fine. You look good in anything you wear.
Nick: Aww thanks. You look good in anything you wear too.
Maz: Thanks. *Smiles* You're amazing. You know that?
Nick: You're beautiful. You know that.

We looked at each other, and leaned in. I could feel his soft lips clash with mine. I felt a rush of electricity go through my body. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. He slid his tongue across my bottom lip. I let him in. Next thing I knew we were full on pashing. He is a really good kisser. I gently placed my hands onto his cheeks and pulled him closer. My whole body came in contact with his. After about a minute I could feel something against my thigh. Oh. God. Is it what I think it is. I didn't worry about that and kept kissing. He stopped kissing my lips and slowly started kissing from my mouth down to my neck, and then my chest. My breathing started becoming un-even. My heart raced. He slowly moved back up to my lips. I took my hands off his cheeks and wrapped them around his back. I could feel his muscles. We were getting hotter.

Nick: (In between kissing) I love you.
Maz: I love you to.

Nick's POV

One minute, I'm laughing with Maz on the massive bed, the next im kissing her under the sheets. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a big star. That I could hold relationships without needing the whole world to know. But right now, no one but me and Maz knew what we have.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Chapter 33

Maz's POV

We remained silent for an extra 10 seconds, looked each other straight in the eyes, and kissed, on the balcony, in front of the sunset. Most, romantic, moment I'm having.

We stood there, kissing for atleast a minute. He picked me up and carried me to our massive bedroom and lay me on the bed. He crawled on top of me and continued kissing. We kissed, for a very long time. It was the most amazing thing ever. We stopped kissing. Nick moved off me, and we both lied next to each other. We turned on our sides so we were facing each other. He brushed my fringe off my face and placed his hand on my cheek. I put my arms around him and pulled him closer. I didn't want to let go. I smiled at him, he smiled back.

Nick: This is officially the best birthday I have ever had.
Maz: This is the most amazing night I have ever had.
Nick: Be mine?
Maz: Yes.

He kissed me once more, and then we got up and walked to the balcony, and finished watching the sunset in each others arms. Just as it hit 9pm we heard a knock on our door.

Maz: Can we not tell anyone yet?
Nick: I was just about to ask you the same thing.

We quickly kissed and opened the door.

Maz: Heyyy.
Sarah: Hello. As you can see, we're back.
Maz: Have fun?
Sarah: Sunset plus couples equals romantic. Yes, it was awesome.
Maz: Ahaha. So you guys wanna come in?
Sarah: Nah, we're going to our room to watch a movie.
Maz: Awesome.
Sarah: You guys coming over?
Maz: Nah, we're going to bed early.
Sarah: Awww, okay. Well we'll see you tomorrow morning. Wait, is Joe in his room sleeping already?
Maz: Amazingly enough yes. I've never seen him this tired ever before.
Sarah: I know. It's weird.
Maz: Well, I better let you go watch the movie with the other 3.
Sarah: Yeah, I'll see you later.
Maz: Awesome. *Hugs Sarah* Bye
Sarah: Bye.

I closed the door and turned around. Nick had a "wow-that-was-a-long-chat-at-the-door" expression on his face.

Maz: Hahaha, whaaat?
Nick: You girls talk to much?
Maz: Why, is that a bad thing?
Nick: Yeeees.
Maz: Oooohhh whyy?
Nick: Coz then we're wasting the time we have together.
Maz: Awww I'm sorry.

I walked up to him and gave him a hug. I looked up at him.

Nick: So what do you wanna do?
Maz: Well, it's nine o'clock. And the stars are out.
Nick: Balcony?
Maz: You just read my mind.
Nick: I'll bring drinks.
Maz: I'll get chocolate.

We walked to the kitchen that had a few of those complimentary things and took them with us outside. I watched Nick as he poured our Diet coke into champagne glasses and giggled.

Nick: *English accent* A drink for the lady?
Maz: *English accent* Yes please. Thank you sir. You're such a gentleman.
Nick: My pleasure Miss.

We started laughing. I cut up the chocolate into squares and put them on a plate. We sat together out on the balcony. Nick put his arm around me as we watched the stars, eating chocolate and drinking Coke from champagne glasses. I could not have asked for a better night.

Maz: The sky is gorgeous tonight. The stars look like diamonds in the sky.
Nick: I know. It's amazing. The last time I saw this many stars was the time when you first came, and we were at the restaurant, and yeah...
Maz: I'm sorry.
Nick: About what?
Maz: Running away from you that night.
Nick: It's not your fault. I would have probably done the same thing if I was you.
Maz: I guess. But it was a nice night.
Nick: Only because you we're there.
Maz: Awww, you're so cheesy.
Nick: I can stop.
Maz: Don't. I like it.

Till 10 we drank, laughed, ate and gazed at the stars.
I started to yawn.

Nick: You're getting tired. We should go to bed.
Maz: I'll sleep on the couch.
Nick: There is no way you're sleeping there.
Maz: Then wher--
I starred at him. I caught on to why he was looking at me in a weird way.
Maz: No way.
Nick: If you're comfortable, then I am.
Maz: I'm comfortable with that.

We walked back in. I went to my walk in wardrobe and took out my pyjamas. Shorts and tank top. Red and purple. My faves. I started to change when I noticed Nick was changing too. Not that I was perving, his walk in wardrobe door was creaked open. That meant that so was mine. As I stood there, not intentionally perving he caught me looking. He smiled, I smiled, we continued changing.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chapter 32

Maz's POV

We got to the hotel. It was amazing. We had people from the hotel come outside and bring our suitcases in. We have the highest floor where all the best rooms are and the best views. Everyone went into their rooms, I went in with Nick. We put our bags down and walked around. There was a massive bedroom. With one king size bed. Oh god. I walked around the room frantically, without trying to make Nick notice me, for another bed. No matter where I looked there was only that one bed. We would have to sleep in the same bed tonight. Weird and awkward much? I decided not to worry about that till the time came. I walked over to the window, we had the most gorgeous view of the beach. I looked at my mobile, it was 5 pm. I walked back to my suitcase and put it in one of the walk in wardrobes. I turned around to see Nick puttin his in the wardrobe opposite to mine. We smiled at each other, both knowing we would have to sleep in the same bed for two nights.

Nick's POV

Maz and I had to share a room...and a bed. One of us could always have slept on the amazingly comfortable red and black sofa but we knew we would roll of the end of it. After putting our suitcases in our wardrobes we walked into the most amazing looking lounge I had ever seen in a hotel. There was a bookshelf filled with dvd's. We scanned over the titles. These people had really good taste in movies.

Maz: We should watch one tonight.
Nick: Yeah, that would be nice.

We walked out of our room to see how the others were going. Joe was really happy with his room. Poor guy was so tired. No idea why. And Kevin and everyone else in that room were settled in well.

Emily: I say we go out for dinner.
Maz: That, is a great idea!
Kevin: Where should we go?
Nick: You guys can pick, I'm not fussed.
Joe: What do you guys feel like eating?
Maz: Either chicken or pasta.
Jake: Yeah same here.
Sarah: There's a nice Italian restaurant about a 10 minute walk from here by the beach.
Joe: How do you know?
Sarah: I lived her for 3 months, until I moved closer to Taylor for business reasons.
Jake: Fair enough.
Maz: Well, we better get going, it's 6pm already.
Emily: Yeah, lets go.

We all hopped into the elevator and walked out of the hotel. We walked across the road, walked for about 5 minutes, got to the beach, walked for another 5 minutes and arrived to the Italian restaurant by the beach.

Maz's POV

After settling in we decided to go to a restaurant by the beach. It was the most gorgeous restaurant I had seen in a long time. We sat outside. It was amazing, we ate great food and heard the crashing of the waves against the seashore which was so relaxing. It got to 8pm. The sun was starting to set. Everyone could easily tell Joe was really tired.

Joe: I think I'll start heading back to the hotel. Anyone coming.
Maz & Nick: I will.

We looked at each other.
Maz: I guess we're going. You guys staying?
Kevin: Yeah, I think we'll watch it set here.
Nick: Well we'll leave you four love birds alone.
Jake: Ahaha ok then, goodnight.
Maz, Joe & Nick: Goodnight.

We raced each other back to the hotel. I obviously came last.

Maz: You guys cheated!!
Joe: No we didn't.
Elevator: Going up.
Nick: How did we cheat?
Maz: *magical creepy voice* You used the force.
Joe: Nick I think we should tell her now.
Nick:Are you sure?
Joe: Yes. Maz, we are from outer space, sent here to take over the world, or atleast an ice cream stand!
*loud laughing*
Elevator: You have reached your floor.

We walked out of the elevator and stopped infront of our room doors.

Maz: Joe, you going to sleep now?
Joe: Yeah, I'm really tired.
Maz: Okey doke, goodnight. *Hug's Joe*
Nick: 'Nite bro
Joe: 'Nite

Nick and I walked into our room and sat on the couch. I then got up and walked outside onto our balcony. The sun was setting. It was gorgeous. Nick joined me about 3 seconds after.

Maz: That's the first time I've ever seen the sunset.
Nick: Really? This is the most amazing one I've ever seen.
Maz: *looks Nick in the eyes* And why is that so?
Nick: Because I'm watching it with you.

We remained silent for an extra 10 seconds, looked each other straight in the eyes, and kissed, on the balcony, in front of the sunset. Most, romantic, moment I'm having.