Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chapter 34

Maz's POV

We walked back in. I went to my walk in wardrobe and took out my pyjamas. Shorts and tank top. Red and purple. My faves. I started to change when I noticed Nick was changing too. Not that I was perving, his walk in wardrobe door was creaked open. That meant that so was mine. As I stood there, not intentionally perving he caught me looking. He smiled, I smiled, we continued changing. I put on my tank top. Literally 2 minutes after I put it on, I took it off. It was way too hot. So I guess I'm sleeping in my shorts and sports bra. Loverrrly. I walked out of my walk-in and wallked back into the bed room. I heard footsteps coming from behind me. It was Nick. I turned around to see him in only his boxers. I could tell I was kinda starring because he laughed. It wasn't coz I didn't like him in his boxer shorts, it was because he looked so hot in them.

Maz: You're sleeping like that?
Nick: I can go change...
Maz: No it's fine, I'm just asking.
Nick: Oh.
Maz: There's only one bed. I can go sleep on the couch.
Nick: I'm 100% sure that during the night, if it was me or you sleeping on that couch, we'd fall off. Just sleep in the bed.
Maz: Fine.

I ran and jumped onto the bed. Nick came running after. I giggled as I slid under sheets. They are so nice and cool. Nick got under aswell. We rested our heads on the fluffy white pillows and pulled the sheets over our heads so we were completely covered.

Maz: This is a really comfy bed.
Nick: I know, right?
Maz: Sorry 'bout starring at you before.
Nick: It's okay. You looked kinda shocked.
Maz: Well, it's not my fault you look so good in boxers.
Nick: Well, sorry for looking so good in boxers.
Maz: Haha, it's fine. You look good in anything you wear.
Nick: Aww thanks. You look good in anything you wear too.
Maz: Thanks. *Smiles* You're amazing. You know that?
Nick: You're beautiful. You know that.

We looked at each other, and leaned in. I could feel his soft lips clash with mine. I felt a rush of electricity go through my body. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. He slid his tongue across my bottom lip. I let him in. Next thing I knew we were full on pashing. He is a really good kisser. I gently placed my hands onto his cheeks and pulled him closer. My whole body came in contact with his. After about a minute I could feel something against my thigh. Oh. God. Is it what I think it is. I didn't worry about that and kept kissing. He stopped kissing my lips and slowly started kissing from my mouth down to my neck, and then my chest. My breathing started becoming un-even. My heart raced. He slowly moved back up to my lips. I took my hands off his cheeks and wrapped them around his back. I could feel his muscles. We were getting hotter.

Nick: (In between kissing) I love you.
Maz: I love you to.

Nick's POV

One minute, I'm laughing with Maz on the massive bed, the next im kissing her under the sheets. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a big star. That I could hold relationships without needing the whole world to know. But right now, no one but me and Maz knew what we have.


  1. aww :) glad you posted tonight :) tehe. this scene would be slightly awkward if you had to share a room. tehe :)

  2. awhh how cuuute :)
    love it.

  3. hahaha something against your thigh...what in the world could that be?