Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chapter 39

Jake's POV

Jake: I knew you'd like it here.
Emily: *Smiles*

Emily and I finished our dinners. It tasted fantastic. And then I decided, it was time.

Jake: Um, Emily?
Emily: Yes Jake?
Jake: W-well, as you know, we've been going out for quite some time, and we've gone through quite a bit. *pause*

Jake thinking: Idiot, shouldve put something together beforehand, you sound weird now, oh shut up, no you shut up. I sound crazy even thinking....Okay, now focus, on Emily.

Jake: I just want you to know, that you mean the whole world to me, and that, I love you so much. I know we are way too young to get married right now, but I know, that I really want to spend a lot of my life with you.

*brings out a large box*

Jake: Will you take this diamond necklace, as a sign of our everlasting love for each other?
Emily: Oh, uh, Jake, wow. That's just, hmm, wow.
Jake: *takes it out of box and puts it on Emily* I hope you like it.
Emily: It's amazing. But Jake, you seriously, did not have to get me a gorgeous necklace to tell me you love me, I already know you do.
Jake: Just to make sure.
Emily: You never back down do you?

Sarah's POV

Sarah: They like you.
Kevin: You think so?
Sarah: For them to be smiling at me and you the whole time, yes. Trust me, I know when my parents dont like people.
Kevin: Why, what happens?
Sarah: They go outside and dance like maniacs around a camp fire. Thats what they do when they dont like people.
Kevin: *Laughs* I'd like to see that one day.
Sarah: Haha yep, totally.
Kevin: They're really nice.
Sarah: You're funny.
Kevin: Haha yes I am, no but seriously they're incredible. I'm surprised your dad wasn't all like protective over you.
Sarah: You're mistaking him for Maz's dad.
Sarah: Nah, her dad's pretty nice. She gets most her personality from him.
Kevin: Mm, I guess it's better to be protective rather than not giving a shit.
Sarah: *Uncontrolable laughter*
Kevin: What's so funny?
Sarah: *Laugh* You said, *Laugh*, Shit s-s-o *Laughs* Funny *Continues laughing*
Kevin: Haha, seriously. Shit, shit shit shit shit.
Sarah: Ahahahaha Stop it.
Kevin: Haha okay.
Sarah's Mum: C'mon guys we're having Sausages for dinner!
Sarah: Oh, my god. *Uncontrolable laughter*

Joe's POV

I lay here in bed. Staring at the ceiling. What have I done to myself? I've completely ruined myself, that's what I've done. Poor Maz. She's got to keep it to herself, until I stop being a coward and tell Nick. She hates keeping secrets from Nick. Maybe I should get some sleep.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Chapter 38

Nick: Wow, that was delish!
Maz: Yeah, it taste great.
Joe: Yeah.
Nick: Joe, what's wrong?

I could sense panic in him

Joe: Uh, nothing. Just late nights.
Nick: Oh. Well its 8 now so you should go get a lot of sleep. You look wayyy tired.
Joe: Yeah, good idea. I uh, yeah, better go get some sleep.
Maz: The promise.
Joe: Don't worry.
Nick: Promise?
Maz: Its a song that I wanted Joe to get for me.
Nick: Oh, okay, well go get some sleep, and don't worry about the song now.
Joe: Yeah, good idea. I'll see you guys tomorrow morning.
Maz&Nick: Goodnight.

Joe walked out, Nick and I packed up.

Nick: Wow, Joe must really be getting little sleep.
Maz: Yeah.

I hated lying to Nick. And then the guilt started rolling in.

Maz:He's a big boy he can sleep when ever he likes.
Nick: True that. So, uh, Maz..

And when I feel guilty I start to vomit...

Nick:..SHIT! Are you okay?
Maz: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

I rushed to the bathroom and washed my face with icy cold water and came back with a mop. Nick looked for some medicine to give me. I started to mop.

Nick: Give me that, and take these.
Maz: No, Nick, I'm fine seriously.

He grabbed the mop of me.

Maz: Okay, okay.

I swallowed the tablets.

Nick:Go, get some sleep. Or rest. Or just relax in some way.
Maz: No, Nick, I'm fine.
Nick: No you are not. Go lie down.
Maz: Nick, I am Greek. I can handle it.
(a.n I just had to put that in)
Nick: Being Greek, gah okay, just sit down please. It's our last night here and I dont want you to feel sick and unhappy.

Jake's POV

Jake: I'll have the Chicken and pasta.
Emily: And the french roast pork for me please.
Waitor: Any more drinks?
Jake: Could we please get your finest champagne?
Waitor: Ofcourse. Your dinner wont be too long.
Jake:*hands back menu's* Thankyou.
Emily: Naughty, naughty. Champagne for 16 year olds.
Jake: He doesn't know that *winks*
Emily: Haha, nice. You really didn't have to bring me here.
Jake: But I wanted to.
Emily: Okay. Thankyou.
Jake: For what?
Emily: For bringing me here.
Jake: It's nothing, don't worry.

*30 minutes later*

Waitor:Bon Apetite.
Jake&Emily: Thankyou
Emily: Wow, this is amazing.
Jake: More champagne?
Emily: Just a little more please.
Jake: Have a taste of my chicken.
Emily: That's really good.
Jake: I knew you'd like it here.
Emily: *Smiles*

Emily and I finished our dinners. It tasted fantastic. And then I decided, it was time.