Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chapter 31

Emily's POV

Emily: Wow.
Jake: Glad you like it. Now we better go before Maz starts getting annoyed.
Emily: Yeah, good idea.

We got into his car and made our way to the house.

Nick's POV
It was my birthday. Joe decided it would be fun to take me to a football stadium and play a bit of sport. Joe booked out the whole stadium for an hour. That must have cost him a heap. So for an hour we just played sport.

Joe's POV
I didn't know how long I could keep Nick away from the house for. I felt my phone buzz. I looked at my phone.

[1 New message from Maz]
Hey, Were ready. you can bring him now.

Finally. We thanked everyone for letting us use the stadium and drove home.

Maz's POV
Emily and Jake finally came and we had set up everything. The house looked amazing. The boys parents called him earlier today to say happy birthday. Tonight was going to be great. We closed all the lights and waited all together with balloons and party poppers. We stood there in the darkness waiting to surprise Nick. Suddenly we heard the door creak open.

Nick: Seriously, Joe, what's going on.

The lights flicked on.

Everyone: Surprise!!
Nick: Oh my god.
Everyone: Happy Birthday!
Nick: Wow, guys, thanks so much.

We all went up to him into a big group hug. We all went into the main dining room, where they usually only used for special occasions. We had done it up so nicely. Balloons, streamers, the whole sha-bang. It looked awesome. We sat down and started eating.

Nick: You really didn't have to do all this.
Kevin: We were only going to do something small, but Maz wanted to do something bigger.
Nick: Awww thanks.
Maz: No problem. Is the food alright?
Joe: Are you kidding? It's amazing!
Maz: Awesome.

We sat there eating for about an hour, and when everyone was finished we cleaned up and got ready to go to laser force and go karting.

Maz:Go put something more casual on.
Nick: Why?
Maz: We're taking you some where.
Nick: Where?
Maz: You'll see when we get there.

We walked down the hall into our rooms and quickly changed. Everyone else was ready. As we we're about to walk out of the house, we heard a car beep from outside. We opened the door and saw a massive Hummer Limo waiting for us outside.

Nick: Wow, Maz, a limo?
Maz: Hey, don't look at me, I didn't know anything about this.

We looked at each other in confussion. then we turned around to see Joe with a big smile spread across his face.

Maz: No way! You didn't!
Joe: Oh, yes I did.
Nick: Wow, Joe, you di--
Joe: Hey, Maz did something so I wanted to aswell.
Nick: Well, we better get in then.
Sarah: It's amazing.

We all walked out of the house and into the Hummer. It was the biggest Limo I had ever been in, and the most gorgeous one.

Emily: This, is, gorgeous!
Jake: Yeah. It must have cost a fortune.
Joe: Not really, and plus we have it booked for the whole day.
Kevin: So we can go anywhere with it for today?
Joe: Yep.
Maz: We should do something after the "place" we go to since we have it for the day.
Kevin: Yeah, good idea.
Nick: Seriously guys, where are you taking me?
Sarah: Places.
Nick: That's helpful.
Sarah: I thought it would be. *laughs*

We drove down to laser force. During the trip we had a few drinks from the mini fridge in the limo and some chips and chocolate that they supplied for us. I could have stayed in the limo the whole time and be happy. But it's Nick's day today, so I'm going to focus on him. We got to Laser force and got out of the car.

Nick: Oh my god, I haven't been here in ages!
Kevin: We know, so I booked out the whole place for us for 3 hours.
Nick: You three have done way too much. You didn't have to.
Kevin: It's your birthday, we wanted to make it awesome this year.
Nick: Thankyou so much. Let's go in. The force awaits.
*Everyone Laughs*
Maz: You're such a nerd. *smiles*
Nick: Totally. *smiles back*

We walked in and started with the go-karts. We all raced 3 times. The first time Sarah won, second time, Nick won and the third Joe won. We got out of the karts and put on our vests for laser force. We all ran around in the dark laughing and shooting at each other. After 3 hours of running around and racing we left and jummped back into the Hummer.

Nick: Wow, I'm tired.
Maz: Good, because, Emily, Jake and Sarah booked out 3 rooms for all of us.
Nick: You're kidding me right?
Maz: Nup, we're going to the most amazing 5 star hotel.
Nick: *walks up to Emily, Jake and Sarah* Thanks you so much. *pulls them into a hug*
Emily: No problem. We have 3 rooms. One room fits four people, one fits one person and the other fits two people.
Maz: Well, You, Jake, Sarah and Kevin could share the biggest one. Then I could have the one on its own and Joe and Nick could share a room.
Joe: Is it okay if I have the single room. I want to go to bed ealier, I'm really tired.
Maz: If you want.
Joe: Thanks.

We got to the hotel.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chapter 30

Maz's POV
Joe found me and picked me up.
We decided I should call Nick.
I dialed his number.
The phone rung a few times.

He sounded frantic.

Maz:Hey, it's me.
Nick: Oh thank god, you're okay.
Maz: Yeah, i'm alright. I'm really sorry for storming out and taking your car.
Nick: No, no don't worry about it. I don't blame you. Wait where are you now?
Maz: Joe's picked me up and he's bringing me and the car home. Oh by the way I kinda scratched your car.
Nick: That doesn't matter to me right now. You do.

I shed a tear.
That was the most amazing thing he's said to me all week.

Maz: Okay. Well we're only about 10 minutes away now. I'll see you soon.
Nick: Awesome. I'll see you later.
Maz: Bye.

I hung up. For the rest of the trip we were silent.
We finally reached home after 10 minutes. I got out of the car and walked to the front door. I opened it and walked in. I saw Nick turn the corner. We stood there. Far apart. Face to face. We stood there, staring at each other silently.

I ran up to Nick and he came closer too. We hugged each other insanely tight. That's when I started crying. How could I have been so stupid to think he would do anything like that to me. I burried my head in his shoulder and sobbed.

Maz: I'm so sorry.
Nick: Hey, hey, shhhhhh. Don't worry. It's not your fault.

~~~2 Weeks Later~~~~~~

Maz's POV

Maz: Oi! Love birds, get off the couch and help me here in the kitchen.

Kevin and Sarah were sitting on the couch, being all smushy lovey dovey. And that wasn't helping get Nick's Birthday dinner ready. They got up off the couch and walked over to me in the kitchen.

Sarah: Sorry, what do you need help with?
Maz: Can you please make the salad?
Sarah: Yeah sure.
Maz: thanks, all the stuff is there by the sink. Oh, and Kevin go get all the balloons and party streamers and stuff that I ordered from the party supplies shop. You know where that is right?
Kevin: Yeah, the one with the giant green caterpillar with the top hat on. That caterpillar is so cute. Wait why does it eve--
Kevin: Oops sorry. I'm going, I'm going!
Maz: Sorry, I just want to make this special for Nick.
Kevin: I know, don't worry, it'll be fantastic.
Maz: Thanks.

Kevin ran out the dorr and went to get the party supplies. But Kevin did have a point, why did the caterpillar even wear the top hat? Hmmm. Strange, strange caterpillar. I snapped out of my caterpillar trance and went back to work. Nick's dinner party had to be amazing. After dinner we're going to take him to some Laser wars and go karting thing, which we all love. Jesus, where is Emily?? Wait wasn't she bringing Jake?

Emily's POV

I had to get the Jonas house to help Maz and everyone with Nick's Party. Jake was taking forever to get ready.

Emily: Jake, Hurry up!
Jake: I'm hurrying.

Just as I was about to nag him again he came out of his room. He looked reeeeaally good.

Emily: Wow.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chapter 29

Maz's POV

I was going to call Joe.
I slowly dial his number. I press the green phone button. I put the phone to my ear and try focussing on what I'm going to say.

Maz: Hey.
Joe: Are you crying?
Maz: Just a little. I'll explain later. Can you pick me up?
Joe: From where?
Maz: It's about an hours drive from your place. Uhhh, there's like a tulip farm.
Joe: I know where that is. I'll come and get you.
Maz: Take the bus or something.
Joe: Wait, how did you get there in the first place?
Maz: I'll explain everything later.
Joe: Okay, I'll see you soon.

I hung up. I took a look at the car. There were a couple of scratches on the bumper. Nick will get over it. A couple of weeks. To do what? Get to know me. Well he'll get to know a complete different side of me.

Joe's POV
I got in my car and dropped everything at home. I couldn't see Nick anywhere. i ran to the bus stop and waited for the bus to where Maz was waiting. Why was she crying? The bus arrived after 10 minutes and drove an hour and stopped. I walked off the bus and saw Maz and Nick's car near the tulip farm. I ran up to her. She was sitting next to the car.

Joe: Hey, are you ok?
Maz: No.
Joe: Where's Nick?
Maz: I don't know. Why?
Joe: Coz you kinda have his car.
Joe: Wait, don't tell me you actually drove his car?!
Maz: Yeahhh, I did.
Joe: Maz.
Maz: Joe. I'm sorry, it was out of anger.

I walk over closer and sit next to her.

Joe: Why what happend?
Maz: Well, they guys had dropped me off at home after lunch.
Joe: Yes, and...
Maz: I was going to ask Nick something. And I went to his room and knocked on the door *uneven speaking* a-and he wa-a-s lying on his bed with..
Joe: *Hugs Maz* With who?
Maz: With Miley.

She sheds a few tears then stops. She got up.

Maz: But I'm not going to worry. I'm too strong to be hurt.
Joe: Her. Again. Can't she just get over it?
Maz: Huh?
Joe: Don't worry. He probably didn't mean it. She probably got on him before he could do anything.
Maz: Yeah, I guess. I feel so bad now.
Joe: He'll understand.
Maz: I scratched his car. Badly.
Joe: We make heaps of money. I'm pretty sure we can get it fixed.
Maz: Yeah I guess.

We got up and got into the car. I drove.

Maz: Thankyou so much. I hope I didn't cause too much trouble.
Joe: Nah, you didn't. you might wanna call Nick. He's probably looking for you.
Maz: Yeah. Good idea.
She calls Nick.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chapter 28

Narrator's POV

Maz had gone Go karting with the guys on the Monday. She stayed there for another week figuring out what she was going to do about the rest of the trip around the world. She decided to stay in America for an extra 4 months. Emily had apologized for accidentally ditching the girls and made up for it by taking them out to dinner (without Jake) and announcing that Jake and herself were now official. Jake also said sorry for making Emily ditch the girls by taking them all out (including the Jonas') for a paintballing session which they all came out looking like a packet of skittles. Everyone had grown closer. Especially Kevin and Sarah, who on their first date, came back drenched. Why? No one knows but them.

Maz's POV

Maz: Thanks for the dinner guys. I'll see you later.

I waved goodbye to Emily, Sarah, Kevin and Jake who were all going out on a double date. They had taken me out to dinner just to make sure I was ok with them leaving me. Joe was at some place doing autograph signing and Nick stayed home because he wasn't feeling to well. As I walked to the front door I noticed a random car parked outside the house. Strange. I opened the door (with the keys the guys cut for me) and announced, "I'm Back!" No reply. It was awfully quiet. I walked into the kitchen and got myself a can of Fanta. I walked into my room and dumped my stuff on the floor. I sat there, and heard some weird ruffling noises. I looked outside but there was no wind to make the trees move or any bird making sound. I walked out of my room into the middle of the hallway. I walked over to Nick's room, quickly knocked and walked in.

Maz: Hey Nick, can...NICK?!
Nick: Maz!

I ran out of his room and grabbed my keys and his keys to his car and my bag with all my stuff in it. I ran outside to his car and drove off in it. I had never driven before. Well I did. I only had my learners. So I knew the basic stuff. I drove off. Down the street as far away from him and the house as possible.

Nick's POV

Maz: Hey Nick, can...NICK?!
Nick: Maz!

She ran out. I heard her grabbing keys and running out of the house. Then I heard a car driving off. Shit. She had taken my car.

Nick: Miley! Get off me!
Miley: What?
Nick: Write a song for your album. Is that all you really wanted to do?
Miley: Who was she anyway?
Nick: A close friend of mine.
Miley: Who has keys to your house?
Nick: Yes.
Miley: Right. And why did she storm out of the house?
Nick: Because she's not like you! Seriously, get out and leave me alone.
Miley: Fine, fine. Geez I'm leaving.

Miley left. Song writing pfft. I knew I should have never trusted her. Where is Maz? Can she even drive? I call a cab and drive around the neighbourhood to find her. I can't find her anywhere.

Maz's POV

Just keep driving. Keep driving. Don't worry about Nick. Everything suddenly went black.

Nick:No, it's my fault. I was the one that said we should be just friends.
Maz:*Hugs Nick* I know I've only been here for about a week and a half but I seriously feel so connected to you in an unbelievably magical way. I just hoped you felt the same.
Nick:And I do. I really do.
Maz:I know.

I qiuckly woke up from the flashback.

Maz: SHIT!

I swevered off the footpath that I was drving on and avoided the light pole that I almost hit. I stopped, in the middle of no where. I got out of the car and looked around. It was the exact same place where Nick and I had our 2nd kiss a couple of weeks ago. Perfect place to be huh Maz? *note the sarcasm*

I sat in the car opened the sunroof and didn't do anything. What can I do right now? Turn back and risk having my life put on the line? No. I was going to call Joe.

Chapter 27

Maz’s POV

My phone was buzzing. Someone was calling. I took my phone out of my pocket and picked up.

Maz: Hello
????: Hi
Maz: Who is this
????: Sorry, I’m Janice from the airline you’re flying with.
Maz: Ok. May I ask why you’re calling?
Janice: Well we have found out that the plane you are flying with in a couple of months has been found to have technical problems which may take a very long time to fix.
Maz: That’s not good. So are my flights cancelled?
Janice: We are sorry to say that they are, but we are refunding all your money back to your account and if you would like us to, we can organise a flight back home or to the other places you’re going to at a time of your choice.
Maz: Oh ok. God, that’s terrible. Can I please have your number and when I feel I can call youback to organise my flights?
Janice: Sure. My number is, 9876 4532.
Maz: Awesome. Thank you. Can I call at any time?
Janice: Whenever you need to book. So yes, any time.
Maz: Thanks for the help. Bye.
Janice: Bye.
Nick: Who was that?
Maz: Some lady from the airline I’m flying with. The aeroplane I’ve been booked to fly on has stuffed up and she said it’ll take ages for them to fix it.
Nick: So they refunded all the money and you’re stuck here till when ever you want to leave?
Maz: Yep. And now it’s going to take me forever to ring up all the hotels I’ve booked and tell them I can’t go.
Nick: That sucks. If you need anything, Joe, Kevin and I are always here for you.
Maz: Thanks. *Smiles and hugs Nick*
Nick: No problem.
Maz: Well I’m going to start calling up all my hotels. I’ll talk to you later.
Nick: Ok.

I walk out of his room. Frustrated as hell. Stupid aeroplane. I sit down and start calling my hotels one by one. I’ve probably got a shit load of money in my account now. I call mum who’s back in Australia. I tell her what happens. I ask her if I can stay in America for a couple months longer. She says yes. Hooray! More time with the guys.

After finally settling everything I walk back into the lounge. The guys are watching a movie. We’ve watched way too many movies. I sit next to Joe. They’re quiet. Why? No idea. Oh wait, it’s their favourite scene. After the scene is finished they finally realise I’m there. It was 8pm.

We are so bored. I go to the kitchen and got out a tub of cookies and cream ice cream. I sit there on the couch eating from the tub with a spoon. The guys looked at me and did the same, except with different flavours. Who would have thought that major music stars sit on the couch at home eating a tub of ice cream. Wait a minute. Something just clicked. The guys’ parents hadn’t called yet. Wait, no, they did, 2 nights ago. The guys found out that their granpa was fine. Just a minor heart attack that was all cleared up now. Their parents decided to go on a vacation to the Bahamas. They thought we were old enough to take care for ourselves. And the guys have a heap of money so it doesn’t phase them. This is all ok by me.

Maz: What are we going to do tomorrow?
Joe: Go Karting.
Maz: Really?
Joe: Yeah, it’ll be fun.
Nick: Yeah, sounds like fun.
Kevin: We’ve got this private one, which is really awesome and where no fans can attack us or anything.
Maz: That’s awesome. I can’t wait.

Chapter 26

Jake's POV

As I turned my head to tell her something, I saw someone staring at us through the window. There was a guy with a camera just about to take a sho of me and Emily. I quickly closed the blinds before he could do anything. I managed to just in time.

Jake: Bad news. A pap was just outside staring at us, about to take a photo. It would be a good idea if you left the hotel.

She walked over and looked out the window. The guy was actually taking a photo of the garden behind him. He was probably looking at the statue that was next to Emily's window. Smart Jake. Real smart.

We then noticed 2 kids running up to him and hugging him. They were probably a family on vacation. Wait, yeah, they were.

Emily: Yeah, maybe not.
Jake: Ahaha, I noticed.
Emily: I think i'll call the girls tomorrow and tell them I'm sorry for forgetting.
Jake: Don't worry, I'm sure they won't mind too much.
Emily: I hope not.

Maz's POV

Sarah and I had reached the cafe. We ordered some cakes and and drink each and talked about everything that had gone on in the past couple or so years. She had recorded and helped Taylor Swift write songs, which sounded pretty amazing. I told her how I got into an agency and done 2 stage shows which paid heaps, which helped pay for the trip. I needed time to relax and explore other places. Australia had just gotten too boring for me. We laughed, we talked, we sung randomly and ate and drunk. What felt like 10 minutes was actually 3 hours. Time really does fly when you're having fun. We decided it as time to go home. Sarah and I split the bill and drove back to the Jonas house where I was living.

Sarah: I'll see you some other time. I can't all this week coming up.
Maz: that sucks. What are you doing?
Sarah: I'm writing and recording more songs with Taylor.
Maz: You guys sound like you're pretty close. Anyways, don't forget to call Kevin. Wait, don't you want to come inside for a bit?
Sarah: Can't. Got Work to go to.
Maz: Oh joy. Well I miss you already. Love you.
Sarah: Love you too.

I got out of the car and walked to the door. She beeped, I waved and she drove off. I took a quick look at my watch. It was 5pm already. I knocked on the door. Joe came and opened it.

Joe: Hey, have fun?
Maz: Yeah, it was awesome.
Joe:That's good.

I walked in. It was quiet. Where is everyone?

Maz:Where's Kevin and Nick?
Joe: They're getting some food from the store.
Joe: By the way, Nick told us what happend last night.
Maz: Oh.

I think I had a blank look on my face coz joe looked concerned.

Joe:I hope you don't mind.
Maz: Nah, It's fine, I'm just thinking.

Suddenly the dorr opened and Kevin and Nick walked through the door. With nothing in their hands.

Joe: Where's the food?
Nick: All the shops were closed.
Joe: that's helpful.
Nick: Hey, Maz, you're back.
Maz: Thankyou for noticing.
Maz: Do you guys want me to cook?
Kevin: Yes please. If it's no trouble.
Maz:Nahh. hat do you guys want?
Kevin: Sandwiches.
Maz: Awesome.

After 10 minutes I had made them all a sandwich each. We ate them. Obviously. After a while of silence Nick asked me to come to his room. I walked over and knocked on his door.

Maz:It's me.
Nick:Awesome come in.
Maz: What's up?
Nick: I just wanted to talk to you about last night.
Maz: Did I do something wrong?
Nick: No. It's just, I don't want to get into a relationship yet. I want to get to know you better. Wait atleast a month before we make the decision.
Maz: Exactly the same thing I was thinking. *smiles8
Nick:Really? That's awesome.
Maz: Yeah.

My phone started buzzing. Someone was calling.

Chapter 25

Maz's POV

We sat on the couch in the lounge after grabbing some chips and started eating the chips as if nothing was happening. After atleadt 10 minutes Sarah and i were whisper arguing if we leave Emily and her lover boy or stay and wait for her to finish. After a while we decided to leave her a note saying "Dear Emily, sorry we came at the wrong time. Please remember that your friends were here waiting for you as you were pashing Jake. You go girl. And don't get preggers or anything. Just not today. We dont need two shockers in the on day. See ya. We love you. Maz and Sez xx" Well sorta like that without the preggers bit. We left her and Jake to continue pashing or whatever it was they were doing and left to a gorgeous cafe that Sarah usually went to with Taylor. We walked out of the hotel and into the car and drove off to the cafe.

Emily's POV

Jake had come over atleast and hour ago. I had met him a few times before, secretly without Maz or anyone knowing. That's how we wanted it to be just so we didn't have paparazzi following us around everywhere if anyone had found out. But right now, after coming up to my room asking me to come to a premier with him, we found ourselves pashing on my bed. Best moment ever. After ten minutes we were kissing, much passionately than before. He had pulled me in closer. He slowly un-buttoned his shirt and took it off. My heart went racing. He started un-doing my shirt and took it off me. We continued kissing. He slowly took off his shorts in between our kissing and threw them to the side. He looked so hot. He slowly took of my denim shorts aswell. He lay me back on my bed and crawled on top of me and continued kissing. My arms wrapped around his neck and I pulled him closer. He reached around my beck and started un-doing my bra strap. I suddenly shot up and pulled out. I knew I wasn't ready for any of this. I liked him and all but we were'nt even in a proper relationship and I wasn't ready.

Jake:I'm so sorry.
Emily: It's ok. It's just we're not even in a relationship and I'm not ready for this either.
Jake: I'm sorry, i guess it was just spur of the moment.
Emily: Don't worry.

We get off the bed and Jake walks over and gives me a hug. I hug him back.

Jake:*says softly* Please be mine?
Emily: *Looks up* Forever and Always.

We kissed each other on the lips and put our clothes back on. We walked out of my room and sat on the couch and watched a movie. As weird as it was I loved being with him.

Jake's POV

After a while of kissing with an amazing girl. Emily, to be exact. We were sitting on her couch watching a movie. I felt so stupid and bad for startling her by almost un-doing her bra strap. Never in my life will I do anything so stupid again. I like her too mnuch to let her go right now, and especially that I've made it official with her I don't wanna stuff up. I think I'll take her out. Paintballing. If she wants she can even bring Maz and Sarah. I think she'll like that.

Jake: Hey, I've got an idea.
Emily: Go ahead.
Jake: I was thinking, to make up for what I did, you, me, Maz, Sarah, and the Jonas' go out paintballing.
Emily: Jake, you don't have to make up for anything. But I think that would be pretty cool. SHIT! OH MY GOD.
Jake: What's wrong?
Emily: I was meant to go out for coffee with Maz and Sarah about and hour ago.

She looked really annoyed. She walked around the room. Reflex action I guess, for annoyance. She quickly turned her head and found a note. Most likely left by the girls. She opened it and read it. She seemed really angry at herself. I walked over to her and hugged her. As I turned my head to tell her something, I saw someone staring at us throuh the window...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chapter 24

Nick's POV

I guess I should tell the guys what happend last night.

I walk into the lounge room where Joe and Kevin are sitting. I jump on the couch and sit with the guys.

Joe: Hey, what’s up?
Nick: I just wanted to talk to you guys about last night
Joe: About how you left unexpectedly and Maz followed you?
Nick: Yeah.
Kevin: Oh yeah, you said you were going to explain what happened.
Joe: Oooooh, why what happened?
Nick: Well, uh, I’ll just tell you from the start.
Kevin: Everything’s ok right?
Nick: Yeah, everything is fine.
Kevin: Oh, ok that’s good.
Nick: Yeah, anyway, well, yeah, you guys know how I left yesterday?
Kevin: Yeah and Maz followed right?
Nick: Yeah, and well we went for a drive and we didn’t speak after an hour, and she asked me if I was ok, and I yes yeah I’m fine, and then I stoped on the side of the road and explained to her how I was annoyed she was going to go out with Joe and stuff and she kissed me.
Joe: She kissed you?!
Nick: Yeah, and I kissed her back, and we opened the sun roof and looked at the stars and she kissed me again and then we came home. And we both realised how much we actually liked each other.
Kevin: HAH! We knew you like her!
Nick: Yeah, I do. But I don’t know, now if I ask her out or just wait?
Joe: Do whatever you feel is right.
Nick: I just think it’s a little early. She’s been here two weeks, and if I ask her out the whole world will find out.
Kevin: Well, just explain that to her, I’m sure she’ll understand.
Nick: Yeah, good idea. I’ll just let a couple more weeks pass, I just want to get to know her better just to be exactly sure.
Joe: That sounds good.
Kevin: She might feel the same way.
Nick: Yeah, I hope.
Joe: You guys kissed, you guys kissed!
Nick: Joe, Shut-up.

I walked out of the lounge and into my room. I changed and walked back into the lounge. The guys had left as well. I turned on the TV and watched a movie.

Sarah's POV

Maz and I are on our way to Em's hotel. We've got our Jonas songs playing and belting out their songs. It's been ages since we've done this. She like my little sister. But in a more mature way now. I've missed being with her and Em on the weekends back in Autralia, trying to find some decent whipped cream that wasn't out of date. Good times. Oh my god. I just remebered. I have Kevin's phone number. A big smile just spread across my face. Maz looked at me and knew something was up.

Maz: What happend?
Sarah: Oh, nothing.
Maz: I've known you for years. I know when something is happening. Especially something good when you're smiling like that.
Sarah: Smiling like what?
Maz: You know. That big smile.
Sarah: Riiiight.
Maz: So what's going on?
Sarah: Kevin. Gave me his phone number.
Maz: *squeals* OH MY GOD. THAT'S ADORABLE.
Sarah: I was afraid you were going to be like that.
Maz: Ahaha sorry. but seriously, awwww. you should totally call him when you get home, and organise something.
Sarah: Yeah, I was going to do that later.
Maz: Aww, you guys would be so cute together.
Sarah: thanks *smiles*

We continue driving and finally reach Emily's hotel.

Maz's POV
We got to Emily's hotel after a while of belting out Jonas songs and talking about a possible date between Kevin and Sarah. We asked for her door number and went up the elevator to floor 8 to find it. Room 21E. We walked down the hall and found it. We knocked and walked in.

Maz: Eeemmmy?

We couldn't see her anywhere. We walked to her room and heard something. We slowly walked over and creaked open the door.
And there was Emily, pashing, Jake.T.Austin, on her bed.
Sarah and Me looked at each other. We slowly crept away, and into the kitchen. We sat on the couch in the lounge after grabbing some chips and started eating the chips as if nothing was happening.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chapter 23

Maz's POV

We lay back on the seats. Nick opens the sun roof. And here we are, lying next to each other holding hands gazing at the stars. I looked at my watch. 11:20. We should be heading home soon considering it took us an hour to get here. But just a couple more minutes.

*2 minutes later*

Maz:Hey, we should get going. It's getting reeeeeaally late and it'll take us an hour to get home.
Nick: Yeah, we should.

We pulled our seats back up and put our seatbelts on. Nick did a U turn and drove us back home. We got out of the car and walked up the steps.

Maz:I got no keys.
Nick: Woah, are you ok?

I noticed when I get overly tired I start falling and dropping asleep. Yes, I'm very weird. I know. Nick scooped me up in his arms and carried me into my bedroom and lay me on my bed. I smiled dreamily and imediately fell asleep.

Nick's POV

I just got home from what was the greatest night ever.
Iwalked out of her room after carrying her to her bed. Suddenly Kevin popped out of his room which was a bit further down the hallway. He had noticed me coming out of Maz's room.

Kevin: Hey, Where'd you guys go for so long?
Nick: I'll tell you tomorrow while she's out with Em and Sarah. It'll be easier.
Kevin: Awesome. Goodnight.
Nick: Night.

I walked over to Joe's room as Kevin walked back into his. Joe was almost about to fall off his bed. I walked in and pushed him. He turned in and looked as if he were about to attack something. I walked out of his room and into mine. I fell back onto my bed and fell asleep.

Maz's POV

I crack open my eyes. The sun is shining directly onto my bed. I slowly get up and look at the time. 9:00am. I'm going to see Sarah today. Just remembered that. I better get ready. I'm seeing her soon. I put on some shorts and a T-shirt and a pair of my fave sandals. I creep out of my room and check on Nick. Awww he looks adorable.

I walk down the hallway into the kitchen, and make some breakfast.

*Two and a half hours later*

They boys had finally decided to wake up about a half hour ago. they must have been really tired. I made them a quick breakfast. The doorbell rang.

Maz:Kevin, can you get that for me?

Kevin's POV

The doorbell rang just as I was just about to have my last bite of my cheerios.

Maz: Kavin, can you get that for me?
Kevin: Sure.

I walked to the door and opened it.

Kevin:Uh, ah, uh, hiii.
Sarah: Uh, hello. How are you?
Kevin: I'm, uh really, good. You?

Wow, she looks even prettier since the last time I saw her.

Sarah:I'm good thanks. Is Maz here?
Kevin: Uh, yeah, she's in here. Come in.
Sarah: I guess she's coming *giggles*
Kevin:*giggles manly* Yeah. Uh, just wondering you want to go, out for a coffee together sometime?
Sarah:*lightly blushes* Yeah, that would be awesome.
Kevin:Well, here's my number, and when ever you want just call me and we'll organise something.
Sarah:Can't wait.
Maz:Oh, hey guys. You ready to go sarah?
Sarah: Yeah, let's go.
Maz:*hugs Kevin* Alright we'll be back around 3-ish.
Kevin:Awesome, have fun.
Joe & Nick: BYYEE.
Kevin: Bye.

They walked out the door and went on their way to pick up Emily. She seems nice. Can't wait 'till she calls.

Nick's POV

I guess I should tell the guys what happend last night.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chapter 22

Maz's POV

I walked out of my room and smiled faintly at Nick, he just looked down and walked into his room. He obviously heard the guys talking about it. It hurts so much to see him like this. But he said it was nothing. He said we were just friends. He can't be mad at me. But I'm mad at myself. I said yes to Joe. I don't feel that way for Joe. He's a great guy and all but I don't know. I just don't see him in that way. But I'll see. I might feel something later on. I continue walking down the hallway and lie on the couch.

Nick's POV
I sit on my bed. Thinking. Fricken hell, I should have never said we were just friends. And since when does Joe like Maz? He hardly showed it. But if Maz actually did like me, she would have said no thanks. Wow, she actually does flirt with me a lot. Some friend she is.

Narrators POV
It was 7pm. The time went by pretty quickly. Maz had fixed dinner for the boys and herself. They sat and ate and at 8:30pm they all sat down on the couch and watched some TV. Nick was upset that Joe and Maz were going to go out on a date together. And Maz was unsure if she should stay with or leave Joe. Joe was happy to be going out on the date, and Kevin, well, his mind wasn't on the situation. his mind was on that girl, Sarah, who he met briefly at Wal-Mart.

Maz's POV
I started getting bored. Watching Phineas and Ferb isn't the greatest thing for teenagers over the age of 15 to watch.

Maz:Hey, I'm going to get some ice cream from the milk bar down the road.You guys want any?
Kevin: Yeah sure. Just get me a chocolate one.
Joe: Can you get me a Rocky road?
Nick: Uhh, anything for me.
Kevin:Just drive Maz down so she won't have to walk to long in this heat. By the time she gets here with them they would have melted in this weather.
Nick:Uh, ok.

Kevin throws Nick his keys. Joe picks up the remote and starts flipping through the channels.
Nick and I left the guys and walked out into the car. We sat and buckled ourselves in and drove of down the road. We were silent. Both knowing what was going on. I wanted to say something but my mind wouldn't let me. Then he broke the silence.

Nick: So, Uh, I hear you're going out on a date with Joe this S.unday.
Maz:Uh yeah. Nothing exciting, just the movies.
Nick:Oh, thats nice.

That's the only conversation we had. We got to the milk bar and walked in. I got all the ice creams, paid for them and walked back to the car. Nick was just sitting there waiting for me. I couldn't do this to him. But why does he look so upset if he said we were just friends? I think I'll just call of the date with Joe. That's what i have to do. I sat back in the car.

Maz: Hey, we can go now.
Nick: Oh, awesome.

We drove back home. I opened the door and tossed the guys their ice creams.

Maz:Hey Joe, can I talk to you for a moment?
Joe: Yeah sure.

We walked off into the kitchen and sat down.

Maz:Uh, Joe. I just uh wanted to ask, can we call off the date? It's not that I don't like you or anything, your an amazing guy, it's just I don't see you in that way. And I'm so sorry.
Joe:Hey, it's fine. I feel the same way. I was just seeing if we would work out. Don't worry about it.
Maz:Really? I just hope you know, you don't feel bad.
Joe:Nah, it's fine.
Maz:*stands up and gives Joe a hug* Thanks for understanding.
Joe: It's ok. *smiles*

We walk back into the lounge. I noticed that Nick was missing.

Maz:Kevin, where's Nick?
Kevin: He said he was going for a drive. He just walked out.

I bolted out the door and jumped into his car just in time. I think I scared him a little. He just went with it and drove off. We didn't talk for a while. After about an hour of driving I broke the silence.

Maz:Are you ok?
Nick:I'm just fine.
Maz: Ok.
Nick: Actually I'm not ok. *stops the car on the side* You're going out on a date with Joe, I told you we're just friends, when I actually really like you, and you were just flirting with me the whole time and....

I just grabbed him, pulled him closer and kissed him passionately. We unclicked our seat belts and moved closer. He wrapped his arms round my waist.
His car had this really cool feature how you can put the front seats down to sorta make a bed. I clicked the button and the seats flung backwards. It was easier to get closer to each other. We pulled each other even closer and just sat there kissing. It was the most amazing moment of my life. No doubt about that. after about 5 minutes we pulled out and looked at each other.

Nick:what about Joe?
Maz:I called it off. We didn't feel the way we should have if we were going to go out on a date.
Nick:Oh, ok.
Maz:I'm so sorry for amking you feel like this.
Nick:No, it's my fault. I was the one that said we should be just friends.
Maz:*Hugs Nick* I know I've only been here for about a week and a half but I seriously feel so connected to you in an unbelievably magical way. I just hoped you felt the same.
Nick:And I do. I really do.
Maz:I know.

I kissed him on the lips again. This was by far the best night ever.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chapter 21

Maz's POV

I quickly got dressed and ran downstairs (I just dicovered that there's a downstairs.) to the music room. Joe was sitting at the piano just playing a random tune. Iwalked in slowly and sat next to him on the piano stool.

Maz: Hey, what's up?
Joe: Hey, Nothing really. I just had a shower before and waited here for you.
Maz: Oh, ok. so what was it that you wanted to tell me?

Joe's POV

I'm sitting here next to Maz. She's so pretty. Should I or should I not? Ok, I'm just going to say it out straight away.

Joe:Ummmm, I was wondering, would you like to, uh, go on a date with me...
Maz: Oh, uh, yeah sure, that would be awesome.
Joe: Awesome. Uh, 7pm sunday, we'll go see any movie you want.
Maz:Sounds fun. *smiles* I'm kinda thirsty. You want me to get you a drink?
Joe: Yeah sure. Anything will do.
Maz: Ok, I'll be back soon.

She accepted. That just made my day.

Maz's POV

Oh my god. Joe asked me out on a date! Why did I say yes? WHY?!? I'm falling for Nick not Joe. I seriously need to think before I speak. But Joe is kinda cute. I never knew he thought of me in that way. He didn't show it much. I can't go back and say, "Oh, hey Joe, I'm going to reject your offer because I love your brother instead. " I guess i'll just have to go on the date and see what happens. One date won't hurt. I hope.

Kevin's POV
I heard Maz walking upstairs. She walked straight into the kitchen looking confussed. I got up off the couch and walked over to her.

Kevin:Hey, are you okay?
Maz: Yeah i'm fine.
Kevin: Oh, okay. What did Joe talk to you about?
Maz: Uhh, ask him. I kinda need to uh, do something.

She ran off, back downstairs and back up and straight into her room and shut the door. Something was definately up. I walked downstairs to the music room where Joe was. He was sitting at the piano drinking a can of Dr.Pepper.

Kevin: Hey, Are you okay?
Joe:Yeah why?
Kevin: Well Maz just out of here after talking to you looking really confussed and running into her room.
Joe: She must be excited or something.
Kevin: And why would that be?
Joe: I, uh, asked her out on a date.
Kevin:You did what?!?
Joe:What? Is that bad?
Kevin: Uh no. But haven't you seen the way Nick and her act around each other?
Joe: Yeah, so? If she didn't want to go to the date with me she would have said no.
Kevin: Yeah, I guess.

Nick's POV

I was just about to walkdownstairs to the music room to try out a tune I wrote when I heard my brothers talking. I hid behind the door and listened.

Joe: I, uh, asked her out on a date.
Kevin:You did what?!?
Joe:What? Is that bad?
Kevin: Uh no. But haven't you seen the way Nick and her act around each other?
Joe: Yeah, so? If she didn't want to go to the date with me she would have said no.
Kevin: Yeah, I guess.

Maz is going out on a date with Joe? She liked Joe the whole time? And didn't show anything? Nothing at all? She was just flirting with me the whole time. wow. How could I have been so stupid to think she might like me.

I walked back up stairs and down the hallway. Just as I was walking down, Maz came out of her room. She smiled at me, I just looked away and walked into my room.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chapter 20

Maz's POV


The branch snapped and we all fell on top of each other. It was Joe, then Nick, then Kevin, then me. We all just laid there in silence, then started bursting out in laughter. We all tried getting up but its kinda hard to keep your balance when youre laughing hysterically, so every time we stood up we'd fall back down, which didn't help because it only made us laugh even harder. After a while of laughing we finally gained full non laughing-ness and stood up and got into a big group hug.

Maz:That was fun.
Nick:Totally, we should do that again.
Joe: Yeah but I don't want to be the one at the bottom again.
Kevin: Well Maz was the lucky one, we all broke her fall a bit.
Maz: Thanks guys.

We walked back over to the rug. Well just Joe and Myself. As we sat down we heard a splash. We turned around to find Nick had pushed Kevin into the water. Thats when I got up slowly and crept up behind Nick and pushed him in. I could hear Joe coming behind me so I was prepared. He grabbed me by the arms and I grabbed his. Wow, he's got muscle. Anyway focusing on getting him into the water. It was just me and Joe battling it out, in the end we forced each other in at the same time. Thank god I had bought extra rugs. We swan around a bit splashing each other and laughing. We were lucky the sun was hitting the water or else we would have been freezing. I love these guys so much. They're like my family. Except Nick. I get a different vibe from him. But a good one. After a while I decided to step out. I was absolutely soaked. Dripping with water I walked over to Kevins car, opened the boot, and took out the extra two rugs.

Maz:Guys, I bought a couple more rugs we could use to help dry us up.
Joe: Awesome, we're coming out now.

The boys stepped out of the water. OH MY GOD. They looked so hot. I swear if it was in slow motion it would have been the sexiest thing in the world. MAZ! Snap out of it. I walked over to them and handed Kevin a Rug and Joe one. I packed all the stuff into the boot so Nick could use the last one. I handed the last one to Nick. Nick looked at me. I was shaking and my lips were blue. I walked over to where the sun was. It was warming me up. Nick walked over to me, while Joe and Kevin were finishing off their sandwiches.

Nick:Hey, you look like a snow man.
Maz: So I'm round and white, with a pointy carrot nose? *laughs*
Nick: *laughs* No, coz your blue and shaking.
Maz:I'll be ok.

He came closer and wrapped his arms while still holding the rug around me. My heart started beating faster. I was getting warmer already. My lips went from blue to a light shade of red. I closed my eyes and smiled. Was this a message or was he just being nice? I don't know. I eventually broke off before Joe or Kevin could see us.

I walked back over to the guys and packed everything that was left over into the car. I opened the door and sat and closed my eyes. Joe opened the door and sat next to me.

Joe:Hey, What's up?
Maz: Nothing just relaxing.
Joe: I want to talk to you when we get home.
Maz: Is everything ok?
Joe:Yeah everything is fine.
I looked at my watch it was 3pm already. I got back out of the car and walked over to Kevin.

Maz:We should get going soon.
Kevin: Yeah, good idea. Guys, lets go!
Nick:Alright, I'm on my way.
Maz:Joe's already in the car. He said he wanted to talk to me when we got home.
Maz: Do you know anything about this?
Kevin:No. If I did I would have warned you.
Maz:Ok, I just hope everything is ok.
Kevin: Yeah, same here.

We all got into the car, and drove back home. In the end we didn't spend the whole day out of the house. We got home after a while. We walked in still dripping with water. We all went into our bedrooms which each had their own bathrooms. I could hear the showers going off. I jumped in my one aswell and had one. As i came out I made sure that this time the door was securely locked. I heard a knock on my door.

Joe:Can I come in?
Maz: i'm kinda fully undressed so I'll put some clothes on and meet you in the music room.
Joe: Awesome, meet you there.