Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chapter 31

Emily's POV

Emily: Wow.
Jake: Glad you like it. Now we better go before Maz starts getting annoyed.
Emily: Yeah, good idea.

We got into his car and made our way to the house.

Nick's POV
It was my birthday. Joe decided it would be fun to take me to a football stadium and play a bit of sport. Joe booked out the whole stadium for an hour. That must have cost him a heap. So for an hour we just played sport.

Joe's POV
I didn't know how long I could keep Nick away from the house for. I felt my phone buzz. I looked at my phone.

[1 New message from Maz]
Hey, Were ready. you can bring him now.

Finally. We thanked everyone for letting us use the stadium and drove home.

Maz's POV
Emily and Jake finally came and we had set up everything. The house looked amazing. The boys parents called him earlier today to say happy birthday. Tonight was going to be great. We closed all the lights and waited all together with balloons and party poppers. We stood there in the darkness waiting to surprise Nick. Suddenly we heard the door creak open.

Nick: Seriously, Joe, what's going on.

The lights flicked on.

Everyone: Surprise!!
Nick: Oh my god.
Everyone: Happy Birthday!
Nick: Wow, guys, thanks so much.

We all went up to him into a big group hug. We all went into the main dining room, where they usually only used for special occasions. We had done it up so nicely. Balloons, streamers, the whole sha-bang. It looked awesome. We sat down and started eating.

Nick: You really didn't have to do all this.
Kevin: We were only going to do something small, but Maz wanted to do something bigger.
Nick: Awww thanks.
Maz: No problem. Is the food alright?
Joe: Are you kidding? It's amazing!
Maz: Awesome.

We sat there eating for about an hour, and when everyone was finished we cleaned up and got ready to go to laser force and go karting.

Maz:Go put something more casual on.
Nick: Why?
Maz: We're taking you some where.
Nick: Where?
Maz: You'll see when we get there.

We walked down the hall into our rooms and quickly changed. Everyone else was ready. As we we're about to walk out of the house, we heard a car beep from outside. We opened the door and saw a massive Hummer Limo waiting for us outside.

Nick: Wow, Maz, a limo?
Maz: Hey, don't look at me, I didn't know anything about this.

We looked at each other in confussion. then we turned around to see Joe with a big smile spread across his face.

Maz: No way! You didn't!
Joe: Oh, yes I did.
Nick: Wow, Joe, you di--
Joe: Hey, Maz did something so I wanted to aswell.
Nick: Well, we better get in then.
Sarah: It's amazing.

We all walked out of the house and into the Hummer. It was the biggest Limo I had ever been in, and the most gorgeous one.

Emily: This, is, gorgeous!
Jake: Yeah. It must have cost a fortune.
Joe: Not really, and plus we have it booked for the whole day.
Kevin: So we can go anywhere with it for today?
Joe: Yep.
Maz: We should do something after the "place" we go to since we have it for the day.
Kevin: Yeah, good idea.
Nick: Seriously guys, where are you taking me?
Sarah: Places.
Nick: That's helpful.
Sarah: I thought it would be. *laughs*

We drove down to laser force. During the trip we had a few drinks from the mini fridge in the limo and some chips and chocolate that they supplied for us. I could have stayed in the limo the whole time and be happy. But it's Nick's day today, so I'm going to focus on him. We got to Laser force and got out of the car.

Nick: Oh my god, I haven't been here in ages!
Kevin: We know, so I booked out the whole place for us for 3 hours.
Nick: You three have done way too much. You didn't have to.
Kevin: It's your birthday, we wanted to make it awesome this year.
Nick: Thankyou so much. Let's go in. The force awaits.
*Everyone Laughs*
Maz: You're such a nerd. *smiles*
Nick: Totally. *smiles back*

We walked in and started with the go-karts. We all raced 3 times. The first time Sarah won, second time, Nick won and the third Joe won. We got out of the karts and put on our vests for laser force. We all ran around in the dark laughing and shooting at each other. After 3 hours of running around and racing we left and jummped back into the Hummer.

Nick: Wow, I'm tired.
Maz: Good, because, Emily, Jake and Sarah booked out 3 rooms for all of us.
Nick: You're kidding me right?
Maz: Nup, we're going to the most amazing 5 star hotel.
Nick: *walks up to Emily, Jake and Sarah* Thanks you so much. *pulls them into a hug*
Emily: No problem. We have 3 rooms. One room fits four people, one fits one person and the other fits two people.
Maz: Well, You, Jake, Sarah and Kevin could share the biggest one. Then I could have the one on its own and Joe and Nick could share a room.
Joe: Is it okay if I have the single room. I want to go to bed ealier, I'm really tired.
Maz: If you want.
Joe: Thanks.

We got to the hotel.


  1. YAY i won the first race, :) ooohhh, u nd Nick sharinr a room... remember that he has a purity ring Mazzie :) tehe <3

  2. im sharing a room with jake :) hehe

    Maz: your such a nerd *smiles*
    Nick: totaly *smiles back*

    so cute :)

  3. awwwww maz and nick sharing a room :D