Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chapter 27

Maz’s POV

My phone was buzzing. Someone was calling. I took my phone out of my pocket and picked up.

Maz: Hello
????: Hi
Maz: Who is this
????: Sorry, I’m Janice from the airline you’re flying with.
Maz: Ok. May I ask why you’re calling?
Janice: Well we have found out that the plane you are flying with in a couple of months has been found to have technical problems which may take a very long time to fix.
Maz: That’s not good. So are my flights cancelled?
Janice: We are sorry to say that they are, but we are refunding all your money back to your account and if you would like us to, we can organise a flight back home or to the other places you’re going to at a time of your choice.
Maz: Oh ok. God, that’s terrible. Can I please have your number and when I feel I can call youback to organise my flights?
Janice: Sure. My number is, 9876 4532.
Maz: Awesome. Thank you. Can I call at any time?
Janice: Whenever you need to book. So yes, any time.
Maz: Thanks for the help. Bye.
Janice: Bye.
Nick: Who was that?
Maz: Some lady from the airline I’m flying with. The aeroplane I’ve been booked to fly on has stuffed up and she said it’ll take ages for them to fix it.
Nick: So they refunded all the money and you’re stuck here till when ever you want to leave?
Maz: Yep. And now it’s going to take me forever to ring up all the hotels I’ve booked and tell them I can’t go.
Nick: That sucks. If you need anything, Joe, Kevin and I are always here for you.
Maz: Thanks. *Smiles and hugs Nick*
Nick: No problem.
Maz: Well I’m going to start calling up all my hotels. I’ll talk to you later.
Nick: Ok.

I walk out of his room. Frustrated as hell. Stupid aeroplane. I sit down and start calling my hotels one by one. I’ve probably got a shit load of money in my account now. I call mum who’s back in Australia. I tell her what happens. I ask her if I can stay in America for a couple months longer. She says yes. Hooray! More time with the guys.

After finally settling everything I walk back into the lounge. The guys are watching a movie. We’ve watched way too many movies. I sit next to Joe. They’re quiet. Why? No idea. Oh wait, it’s their favourite scene. After the scene is finished they finally realise I’m there. It was 8pm.

We are so bored. I go to the kitchen and got out a tub of cookies and cream ice cream. I sit there on the couch eating from the tub with a spoon. The guys looked at me and did the same, except with different flavours. Who would have thought that major music stars sit on the couch at home eating a tub of ice cream. Wait a minute. Something just clicked. The guys’ parents hadn’t called yet. Wait, no, they did, 2 nights ago. The guys found out that their granpa was fine. Just a minor heart attack that was all cleared up now. Their parents decided to go on a vacation to the Bahamas. They thought we were old enough to take care for ourselves. And the guys have a heap of money so it doesn’t phase them. This is all ok by me.

Maz: What are we going to do tomorrow?
Joe: Go Karting.
Maz: Really?
Joe: Yeah, it’ll be fun.
Nick: Yeah, sounds like fun.
Kevin: We’ve got this private one, which is really awesome and where no fans can attack us or anything.
Maz: That’s awesome. I can’t wait.


  1. haha... english is boring so i decided to read this :) bummer about the plane ae... na jk. the more time with Jonas the better... stupid space bar is pissing me of... :P

  2. at least you wernt in the plane wen it was broken :)

    haha cookies n cream

    maz-do you want more?
    emmy-only if you do
    maz-well im not
    emmy-then i wont
    emmy-OK OK!

    :P good times :P