Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chapter 24

Nick's POV

I guess I should tell the guys what happend last night.

I walk into the lounge room where Joe and Kevin are sitting. I jump on the couch and sit with the guys.

Joe: Hey, what’s up?
Nick: I just wanted to talk to you guys about last night
Joe: About how you left unexpectedly and Maz followed you?
Nick: Yeah.
Kevin: Oh yeah, you said you were going to explain what happened.
Joe: Oooooh, why what happened?
Nick: Well, uh, I’ll just tell you from the start.
Kevin: Everything’s ok right?
Nick: Yeah, everything is fine.
Kevin: Oh, ok that’s good.
Nick: Yeah, anyway, well, yeah, you guys know how I left yesterday?
Kevin: Yeah and Maz followed right?
Nick: Yeah, and well we went for a drive and we didn’t speak after an hour, and she asked me if I was ok, and I yes yeah I’m fine, and then I stoped on the side of the road and explained to her how I was annoyed she was going to go out with Joe and stuff and she kissed me.
Joe: She kissed you?!
Nick: Yeah, and I kissed her back, and we opened the sun roof and looked at the stars and she kissed me again and then we came home. And we both realised how much we actually liked each other.
Kevin: HAH! We knew you like her!
Nick: Yeah, I do. But I don’t know, now if I ask her out or just wait?
Joe: Do whatever you feel is right.
Nick: I just think it’s a little early. She’s been here two weeks, and if I ask her out the whole world will find out.
Kevin: Well, just explain that to her, I’m sure she’ll understand.
Nick: Yeah, good idea. I’ll just let a couple more weeks pass, I just want to get to know her better just to be exactly sure.
Joe: That sounds good.
Kevin: She might feel the same way.
Nick: Yeah, I hope.
Joe: You guys kissed, you guys kissed!
Nick: Joe, Shut-up.

I walked out of the lounge and into my room. I changed and walked back into the lounge. The guys had left as well. I turned on the TV and watched a movie.

Sarah's POV

Maz and I are on our way to Em's hotel. We've got our Jonas songs playing and belting out their songs. It's been ages since we've done this. She like my little sister. But in a more mature way now. I've missed being with her and Em on the weekends back in Autralia, trying to find some decent whipped cream that wasn't out of date. Good times. Oh my god. I just remebered. I have Kevin's phone number. A big smile just spread across my face. Maz looked at me and knew something was up.

Maz: What happend?
Sarah: Oh, nothing.
Maz: I've known you for years. I know when something is happening. Especially something good when you're smiling like that.
Sarah: Smiling like what?
Maz: You know. That big smile.
Sarah: Riiiight.
Maz: So what's going on?
Sarah: Kevin. Gave me his phone number.
Maz: *squeals* OH MY GOD. THAT'S ADORABLE.
Sarah: I was afraid you were going to be like that.
Maz: Ahaha sorry. but seriously, awwww. you should totally call him when you get home, and organise something.
Sarah: Yeah, I was going to do that later.
Maz: Aww, you guys would be so cute together.
Sarah: thanks *smiles*

We continue driving and finally reach Emily's hotel.

Maz's POV
We got to Emily's hotel after a while of belting out Jonas songs and talking about a possible date between Kevin and Sarah. We asked for her door number and went up the elevator to floor 8 to find it. Room 21E. We walked down the hall and found it. We knocked and walked in.

Maz: Eeemmmy?

We couldn't see her anywhere. We walked to her room and heard something. We slowly walked over and creaked open the door.
And there was Emily, pashing, Jake.T.Austin, on her bed.
Sarah and Me looked at each other. We slowly crept away, and into the kitchen. We sat on the couch in the lounge after grabbing some chips and started eating the chips as if nothing was happening.


  1. Gues what.... ILY ILY ILY ILY ILY ILY... tehe. and the whipped cream part cracked me up =] Emmy and Jakey, sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. im so immature. tehe. iLoveMaz and Kevin... tehe

  2. shut up sarah!!!

    hehe me and Jake :) *sigh*

    i love this part

    Joe- you guys kissed, you guys kissed!
    Nick- shut up Joe!!

    :P haha

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  4. POST!!!! im craving more of your storyyyyyy :)