Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chapter 25

Maz's POV

We sat on the couch in the lounge after grabbing some chips and started eating the chips as if nothing was happening. After atleadt 10 minutes Sarah and i were whisper arguing if we leave Emily and her lover boy or stay and wait for her to finish. After a while we decided to leave her a note saying "Dear Emily, sorry we came at the wrong time. Please remember that your friends were here waiting for you as you were pashing Jake. You go girl. And don't get preggers or anything. Just not today. We dont need two shockers in the on day. See ya. We love you. Maz and Sez xx" Well sorta like that without the preggers bit. We left her and Jake to continue pashing or whatever it was they were doing and left to a gorgeous cafe that Sarah usually went to with Taylor. We walked out of the hotel and into the car and drove off to the cafe.

Emily's POV

Jake had come over atleast and hour ago. I had met him a few times before, secretly without Maz or anyone knowing. That's how we wanted it to be just so we didn't have paparazzi following us around everywhere if anyone had found out. But right now, after coming up to my room asking me to come to a premier with him, we found ourselves pashing on my bed. Best moment ever. After ten minutes we were kissing, much passionately than before. He had pulled me in closer. He slowly un-buttoned his shirt and took it off. My heart went racing. He started un-doing my shirt and took it off me. We continued kissing. He slowly took off his shorts in between our kissing and threw them to the side. He looked so hot. He slowly took of my denim shorts aswell. He lay me back on my bed and crawled on top of me and continued kissing. My arms wrapped around his neck and I pulled him closer. He reached around my beck and started un-doing my bra strap. I suddenly shot up and pulled out. I knew I wasn't ready for any of this. I liked him and all but we were'nt even in a proper relationship and I wasn't ready.

Jake:I'm so sorry.
Emily: It's ok. It's just we're not even in a relationship and I'm not ready for this either.
Jake: I'm sorry, i guess it was just spur of the moment.
Emily: Don't worry.

We get off the bed and Jake walks over and gives me a hug. I hug him back.

Jake:*says softly* Please be mine?
Emily: *Looks up* Forever and Always.

We kissed each other on the lips and put our clothes back on. We walked out of my room and sat on the couch and watched a movie. As weird as it was I loved being with him.

Jake's POV

After a while of kissing with an amazing girl. Emily, to be exact. We were sitting on her couch watching a movie. I felt so stupid and bad for startling her by almost un-doing her bra strap. Never in my life will I do anything so stupid again. I like her too mnuch to let her go right now, and especially that I've made it official with her I don't wanna stuff up. I think I'll take her out. Paintballing. If she wants she can even bring Maz and Sarah. I think she'll like that.

Jake: Hey, I've got an idea.
Emily: Go ahead.
Jake: I was thinking, to make up for what I did, you, me, Maz, Sarah, and the Jonas' go out paintballing.
Emily: Jake, you don't have to make up for anything. But I think that would be pretty cool. SHIT! OH MY GOD.
Jake: What's wrong?
Emily: I was meant to go out for coffee with Maz and Sarah about and hour ago.

She looked really annoyed. She walked around the room. Reflex action I guess, for annoyance. She quickly turned her head and found a note. Most likely left by the girls. She opened it and read it. She seemed really angry at herself. I walked over to her and hugged her. As I turned my head to tell her something, I saw someone staring at us throuh the window...


  1. oh. wow. things were getting a bit heated. ;) i Love the note we almost left... the forever and always bit was adorable.
    iLoveyou :)

  2. oooh who it was.

    and WHOA intimate much!!!

    not that i mind at all though :) hehe

    sorry for forgetting you guys :(

  3. Jake:*says softly* Please be mine?
    Emily: *Looks up* Forever and Always.

    ooh i liked that part too.

    2 songs i like :) but more of wat Jake said :)

  4. not to sound pervy but i have read this chapter like....5 times now :) hehe

  5. and im back reading this once again....haha.