Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chapter 28

Narrator's POV

Maz had gone Go karting with the guys on the Monday. She stayed there for another week figuring out what she was going to do about the rest of the trip around the world. She decided to stay in America for an extra 4 months. Emily had apologized for accidentally ditching the girls and made up for it by taking them out to dinner (without Jake) and announcing that Jake and herself were now official. Jake also said sorry for making Emily ditch the girls by taking them all out (including the Jonas') for a paintballing session which they all came out looking like a packet of skittles. Everyone had grown closer. Especially Kevin and Sarah, who on their first date, came back drenched. Why? No one knows but them.

Maz's POV

Maz: Thanks for the dinner guys. I'll see you later.

I waved goodbye to Emily, Sarah, Kevin and Jake who were all going out on a double date. They had taken me out to dinner just to make sure I was ok with them leaving me. Joe was at some place doing autograph signing and Nick stayed home because he wasn't feeling to well. As I walked to the front door I noticed a random car parked outside the house. Strange. I opened the door (with the keys the guys cut for me) and announced, "I'm Back!" No reply. It was awfully quiet. I walked into the kitchen and got myself a can of Fanta. I walked into my room and dumped my stuff on the floor. I sat there, and heard some weird ruffling noises. I looked outside but there was no wind to make the trees move or any bird making sound. I walked out of my room into the middle of the hallway. I walked over to Nick's room, quickly knocked and walked in.

Maz: Hey Nick, can...NICK?!
Nick: Maz!

I ran out of his room and grabbed my keys and his keys to his car and my bag with all my stuff in it. I ran outside to his car and drove off in it. I had never driven before. Well I did. I only had my learners. So I knew the basic stuff. I drove off. Down the street as far away from him and the house as possible.

Nick's POV

Maz: Hey Nick, can...NICK?!
Nick: Maz!

She ran out. I heard her grabbing keys and running out of the house. Then I heard a car driving off. Shit. She had taken my car.

Nick: Miley! Get off me!
Miley: What?
Nick: Write a song for your album. Is that all you really wanted to do?
Miley: Who was she anyway?
Nick: A close friend of mine.
Miley: Who has keys to your house?
Nick: Yes.
Miley: Right. And why did she storm out of the house?
Nick: Because she's not like you! Seriously, get out and leave me alone.
Miley: Fine, fine. Geez I'm leaving.

Miley left. Song writing pfft. I knew I should have never trusted her. Where is Maz? Can she even drive? I call a cab and drive around the neighbourhood to find her. I can't find her anywhere.

Maz's POV

Just keep driving. Keep driving. Don't worry about Nick. Everything suddenly went black.

Nick:No, it's my fault. I was the one that said we should be just friends.
Maz:*Hugs Nick* I know I've only been here for about a week and a half but I seriously feel so connected to you in an unbelievably magical way. I just hoped you felt the same.
Nick:And I do. I really do.
Maz:I know.

I qiuckly woke up from the flashback.

Maz: SHIT!

I swevered off the footpath that I was drving on and avoided the light pole that I almost hit. I stopped, in the middle of no where. I got out of the car and looked around. It was the exact same place where Nick and I had our 2nd kiss a couple of weeks ago. Perfect place to be huh Maz? *note the sarcasm*

I sat in the car opened the sunroof and didn't do anything. What can I do right now? Turn back and risk having my life put on the line? No. I was going to call Joe.


  1. That sounds very suspicious. Kevin and I came home wet.... and nobody knows why but us... WOW :) aww, stupid Miley... :P

  2. awww poor mazzie. haha mileys always the bad person in stories with Nick :P