Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chapter 32

Maz's POV

We got to the hotel. It was amazing. We had people from the hotel come outside and bring our suitcases in. We have the highest floor where all the best rooms are and the best views. Everyone went into their rooms, I went in with Nick. We put our bags down and walked around. There was a massive bedroom. With one king size bed. Oh god. I walked around the room frantically, without trying to make Nick notice me, for another bed. No matter where I looked there was only that one bed. We would have to sleep in the same bed tonight. Weird and awkward much? I decided not to worry about that till the time came. I walked over to the window, we had the most gorgeous view of the beach. I looked at my mobile, it was 5 pm. I walked back to my suitcase and put it in one of the walk in wardrobes. I turned around to see Nick puttin his in the wardrobe opposite to mine. We smiled at each other, both knowing we would have to sleep in the same bed for two nights.

Nick's POV

Maz and I had to share a room...and a bed. One of us could always have slept on the amazingly comfortable red and black sofa but we knew we would roll of the end of it. After putting our suitcases in our wardrobes we walked into the most amazing looking lounge I had ever seen in a hotel. There was a bookshelf filled with dvd's. We scanned over the titles. These people had really good taste in movies.

Maz: We should watch one tonight.
Nick: Yeah, that would be nice.

We walked out of our room to see how the others were going. Joe was really happy with his room. Poor guy was so tired. No idea why. And Kevin and everyone else in that room were settled in well.

Emily: I say we go out for dinner.
Maz: That, is a great idea!
Kevin: Where should we go?
Nick: You guys can pick, I'm not fussed.
Joe: What do you guys feel like eating?
Maz: Either chicken or pasta.
Jake: Yeah same here.
Sarah: There's a nice Italian restaurant about a 10 minute walk from here by the beach.
Joe: How do you know?
Sarah: I lived her for 3 months, until I moved closer to Taylor for business reasons.
Jake: Fair enough.
Maz: Well, we better get going, it's 6pm already.
Emily: Yeah, lets go.

We all hopped into the elevator and walked out of the hotel. We walked across the road, walked for about 5 minutes, got to the beach, walked for another 5 minutes and arrived to the Italian restaurant by the beach.

Maz's POV

After settling in we decided to go to a restaurant by the beach. It was the most gorgeous restaurant I had seen in a long time. We sat outside. It was amazing, we ate great food and heard the crashing of the waves against the seashore which was so relaxing. It got to 8pm. The sun was starting to set. Everyone could easily tell Joe was really tired.

Joe: I think I'll start heading back to the hotel. Anyone coming.
Maz & Nick: I will.

We looked at each other.
Maz: I guess we're going. You guys staying?
Kevin: Yeah, I think we'll watch it set here.
Nick: Well we'll leave you four love birds alone.
Jake: Ahaha ok then, goodnight.
Maz, Joe & Nick: Goodnight.

We raced each other back to the hotel. I obviously came last.

Maz: You guys cheated!!
Joe: No we didn't.
Elevator: Going up.
Nick: How did we cheat?
Maz: *magical creepy voice* You used the force.
Joe: Nick I think we should tell her now.
Nick:Are you sure?
Joe: Yes. Maz, we are from outer space, sent here to take over the world, or atleast an ice cream stand!
*loud laughing*
Elevator: You have reached your floor.

We walked out of the elevator and stopped infront of our room doors.

Maz: Joe, you going to sleep now?
Joe: Yeah, I'm really tired.
Maz: Okey doke, goodnight. *Hug's Joe*
Nick: 'Nite bro
Joe: 'Nite

Nick and I walked into our room and sat on the couch. I then got up and walked outside onto our balcony. The sun was setting. It was gorgeous. Nick joined me about 3 seconds after.

Maz: That's the first time I've ever seen the sunset.
Nick: Really? This is the most amazing one I've ever seen.
Maz: *looks Nick in the eyes* And why is that so?
Nick: Because I'm watching it with you.

We remained silent for an extra 10 seconds, looked each other straight in the eyes, and kissed, on the balcony, in front of the sunset. Most, romantic, moment I'm having.


  1. *Ding!*
    Elevator: Going up.
    Joe: Yes. Maz, we are from outer space, sent here to take over the world, or atleast an ice cream stand!
    Aww, thats sooo cute :)

  2. awhhhh sunset kiss :)
    just as cute as a kiss in the rain..

  3. hahaha or at least..and icecream stand xD haha joe

    and naww Narianna :)