Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chapter 36

Maz's POV
Emily came into our room.

Maz: Hey, where's everyone else?
Emily: Well, Kevin and Sarah are packing.
Maz: Why?
Emily: Because Sarah & Kevin just remembered that they we're meant to go have dinner with Sarah's parents and stay there for the night because they live on the other side of America, and they don't want to dissapoint them.
Nick: Oh, that sucks. Wait, Kevin did mention Sarah and her parents and some dinner.
Maz: Oh yeah, like a week ago.
Emily: Yeah, well that means Jake and I have a massive room for ourselves. Which will be much quieter.
Maz: Uh, I would thnk so, considering 2 out of the 4 people who are in there are leaving.
Emily: Shut up. *laughs*
Maz: Where's Joe?
Emily: I have no idea.
Nick: I'll go check his room.
Maz: Okay.
Emily: He's been very quiet lately
Maz: I know right. And his eyes are always red. He musn't be getting enough sleep.
Emily: Yeah maybe.

Just then Nick came in.

Nick:Joe's not in his room.
Emily: He's probably gone for a walk.
Nick: Yeah, I'll call him just to make sure he's okay.
Maz: Awwww you're such a caring brother.
Nick: Haha, shut up. I'm going to call him now so shhhhh!
Maz: Haha, okay.

Em and I talked quietly as Nick talked on the phone.

Nick:Hey Joe, Where are you?
Joe: Hey, just uh, walking towards the hotel. I had just walked down to the beach for some fress air.
Nick: Okay, just making sure you we're fine. Will you be long?
Joe: Nope, just 2 minute walk and I'll be there.
Nick: Okay, I'll see you soon then.
Joe: Bye
Nick: See ya.
Maz: Is he okay?
Nick: Yeah, as Emily said, he's gone for a walk.
Maz: He won't be long?
Nick: Nah, just a two minute walk from here.
Maz: Awesome.
Emily: Well I'm going to see what Jake's up to. See you two soon.
Maz: Okay love, bye.

Emily Walked out which left me and Nick. I walked over to the balcony.

Maz: Hey, there's Joe.

I pointed to him just as he walked into the entrance.

Maz: Oh, you missed him.
Nick: He'll be coming up so I don't think I have to see him walking in aswell.

Nick walked towards me, and hugged me around the waist.

Maz: I love it when you do that.
Nick: I know you do.

Just as I was abut to give him a kiss on the cheek we heard a knock on our door. Nick and I didn't want to let get go, but eventually after 5000000 knocks we decided it was best to. I walked over to the door as Nick walked into the kitchen.

Maz:Who is it?
??: It's Joe.
I open the door.
Maz: Hey, come in.
Joe: Thanks.
Maz: You don't seem yourself lately. Have you been going to bed really late?
Joe: Uh, yeah.
Maz: Yeah, coz you're eyes seem to be really red as if you havent slept for a while.
Joe: Yeah, Just noises and a really uncomfortable bed.
Maz: Aw, that sucks. You should maybe try Jake's room. Kev and Sarah are leaving to go to sarah's parents' house so there would be a spare bed.
Joe: Nah, I'll be alright. Best to leave Jake and Emily alone.
Maz: Yeah, I guess so. You want to stay for dinner?
Joe: Yeah, sure.
Maz: Awesome, you want me to tell Nick you're here?
Joe: Nah, it's okay. I better change out of these clothes. I've been sweating heaps.
Maz: Haha, well you better have a shower too.
Joe: Haha yeah.
Maz: And have a nap while you're at it.
Joe: Will do.

I hug Joe just before he leaves.

Maz: We'll see you at dinner.
Joe: Awesome.

Joe walked out.

Nick: Joe?
Maz:Yep. I invited him for dinner. Is that okay?
Nick: Yeah. *he smiled sweetly at me, and my heart just melted then and there*
Maz: Why do you do this to me?
Nick: Do what?
Maz: Make me love you so much.
Nick: Because that's my job.
Maz: Haha, true that.
Nick: Well I shall have a shower now and then we can figure out what we're having for dinner.
Maz: Loverrrrly.

He kissed my forehead and walked off into the bathroom. Gosh I love him.

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  1. Haha. leaving emily and jake alone... good idea :P haha.. aww, nd me and kevin :P haha :)