Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chapter Two

Maz's POV

I came face to face with the man and woman.
Paul: Hi, I'm Paul, and this is my wife Denise. You must be Marianna.
Maz: Uh, yes. Nice to meet you.
Denise: It's nice to meet you too. It's so nice that we have a female exchange student coming into our home.
(Paul and Denise laugh)
Maz: Oh,Why?
Paul: Well we have four boys. you'll meet them once we take you home.
Maz: Awesome

They seemed to have a suprised look on their face, as if they were expecting me to scream and squeal or do something crazy. Or maybe they thought I looked a bit sick because of the flight.

We loaded my things into Paul's car, got in and drove to my new home of two months.
America was amazing. I read almost all the signs as we drove past. It was usually signs telling us when to turn if we wanted to go to Los Angeles or Florida. I was day dreaming when suddenly Denise's voiced pierced through into my imagination.

Denise: So, Marianna, tell us a bit about yourself.
Maz: Well, I'm from Australia. I live in Melbourne. I absolutely LOVE music. I'm part Greek. And yeah.
Paul: Do you like any particular bands or artists?
Maz: Yeah. I love the Jonas Brothers,Michael Jackson, Michael Buble...

Just as I was about to say another band I went silent and it clicked. Denise and Paul are the names of the Jonas Brothers parents. They also said they were glad to have a female in the house because they have four boys. The Jonas Brothers have 3 guys and one little brother.
OH MY GOD! My exchange parents were the parents of Nick,Kevin, Joe and Frankie Jonas.

Denise: Marianna,are you ok?
Maz: Can I please ask you a question?
Denise: Sure, go ahead.
Maz: Your last name wouldn't happen to be Jonas?
Paul: It is.
Maz: Are you the parents of the very famous Jonas Brothers???
Paul: *giggles* Yes we are.
Maz: Can I please roll down my window?
Paul: Go ahead

I roll down my window, and stick my head out. I was going to scream, but didnt want them to think I was just another phsyco maniac fan.
I need some air. I couldn't believe it. I could have sworn I was dreaming. The Jonas Brothers. I'm going to be living with my celebrity crushes. My inspiration. My music. My sanctuary. This can't be real.


  1. ahaha :)

    you needed some air. i would have stuck my head out the window and screamed :P

  2. bahaha i was actually going to write that then realised i dont want to scare them, and make them think gahhh another xo

  3. Im following ur blog... tehe =] i Loved the bit... "may i please roll my window down" tehe =]