Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chapter 3

Maz's POV

After a 45 minute drive we finally arrived at the Jonas house. On the outside it looked beautiful. Colourful flowers, a picket fence and a rose garden. I couldn't wait to see the inside.

I unloaded everything from the car,and moved it all on the sidewalk.

Denise: Relax with the yelling. Sorry about that Marianna. We're just getting some extra help with your bags.
Maz: Oh it's ok, I can carry it all in myself.
Denise: Don't be silly, the more help, the quicker we'll get you settled in.

As I was getting my stuff, I heard a door open and turned around. Kevin and Frankie walked outside towards me and the Jonas parents.

Paul: Kevin, Frankie, this is Marianna. She's the exchange student your mom and I've been talking about.
Kevin: Hi,pleasure to meet you.
Frankie: Hey!
Maz: Hey guys. How are you?
Kevin: I'm good thanks, yourself?
Maz: Very tired. *giggles*

I struggle to carry my bags inside, and its very obvious. Why did I have to pack so much??!?

Kevin: Let me take some of those for you.
Maz: Thankyou soo much.

We finally get inside the house. Thank god.

Paul: Kevin, we're going to the grocery store. Help Marianna settle in. We'll be back in 15 minutes.
Kevin: Alright dad, bye.
Maz: Bye.
The Jonas parents leave.
Maz: So where's my room?
Kevin: I can see you're a major fan, I'm surprised you haven't squealed or torn off my sleeves.

*We laugh* I knew I shouldn't have put a fricken picture shrine of the Jonas Brothers on my suitcases. I guess it would have been easier to recognise my bags.

Maz: Yeah I'm a major fan.I just don't want you guys to think I'm just another crazy obsessive fan.
Kevin: It's ok, anyway your room is down that hall and the second on your left.
Maz: Thanks a bunch.
Kevin: Do you want me to help you take your things to your room?
Maz: No thanks, I'll be fine.
Kevin: Ok, well call me if you need anything at all.
Maz: Awesome,will do.

I get all me luggage and start walking down the hall. One, two rooms to the right? Or was it left? I think it was right. After all, it had a single bed,a few guitars and some recording equipment. It must have been a spare room they had.

I put all my things in the room, and lied on the bed. Being tired after all the travelling and all, I fell asleep...


  1. ahaha u fell asleep on the wrong bed :P

    and very smooth with the picket fence and rose garden
    lyrics to Just Friends i see :)

    "we've been making lots of plans, like a picket fence, and a rose garden" :)

  2. Picket fence and a rose garden... good job =] and i wonder whose bedroom you went into =]