Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chapter 17

Maz's POV

We walked into the house, there was a note on the table. Nick picked it up and read it out loud.

Dear Boys and Marianna,
Myself, your father and Frankie have left on an urgent trip to see your grandfather as we have been told is very ill. We have left you some money which will cater you for atleast 2 weeks. Please take care of each other, we'll notify you as soon as we get some news.
Love Mom and Dad.

I looked at the guys. Their eyes started filling with a few tears. I went up to them and pulled them into a group hug.

Maz:Hey, hey, don't worry. It'll be ok.
Nick: I hope.
Joe: We just haven't seen him in a while.
Kevin: Yeah.

We got out of the hug.

Emily: I'm so sorry, I have to go now.
Joe: It's ok. We'll see you later. Bye.

She walked out the door and caught a cab back to her hotel.

Maz: Hey, do you want me to make you guys something to eat?
Kevin: It's ok, you don't have to.
Maz: no seriously, you guys are wrecked. I'll make yu guys something to eat and then we'll sit down and watch some movies or do whatever you guys want to.
Kevin: Sounds like a good idea.
Nick: You know, you really don't have to do all this.
Maz: I know, but I'm your friend, I do things to make people feel the slightest bit better.
Nick: Thanks.
Maz: It's ok.

The guys walked into the dining room and set up and when they finsihed they sat in the living room. I cooked some spaghetti bolognaise and made a quick salad.

Maz: Hey guys, the food is ready!
Joe: Awesome.

We all sat down and ate, talking in between, and drinking. It was peaceful. When we all finished I brought out the muffins I had made earlier. They actually tasted really good. After everything was eaten, we all packed up and went into our rooms for a bit. I sat on my bed, looking through a book. I suddenly heard a knock on my door. It was Nick.

Maz: Hey, come in.
Nick: Thanks. Can I talk to you?
Maz: Yeah sure. Whats happenin'?
Nick: I just wanted to thank you, for everything, the dinner, the dessert.
Maz:Hey, it's fine. Anytime.
Nick: About the time at the restaurant, outside, I'm really sorry.
Maz: It's ok. It didn't mean anything. You know that.
Nick: Wanna know a secret?
Maz: Yeah?
Nick: It kinda did. I felt something. Like a spark.
Maz: I, uhh, did too.

We looked at each other, the same way we did when he first heard me playing. That was my perfect moment. I didn't ever want it to stop. I got up and close my door. And then sat back down.

Maz:Hey Nick.
Maz:Can I ask you something?


  1. naww, cute.... and for some reason... i don't think this question is gunna be do you like waffles or turkey or n e thing... =]

    Post, like, NOW!
    Pretty pleaaaseee.. with a Jonas on top ;D

  3. nawww :) at you and Nick

    but awww :( at their grandpa :(