Monday, October 12, 2009

Chapter 9

Maz's POV

Just lying on my bed and thinking about the afternoon at the park makes me smile. I think this will be my favourite place to stay.
I look at my watch, it's 6pm. Dinner in an hour. Better get ready.

I walk to Denise's room. I knock on the door.
Denise:Come in.
Maz:Hi, Umm, just wondering where we're going for dinner.
Denise: It's a gorgeous Italian restaurant we love.
Maz: Would it be ok if I wore...
Denise: Wear whatever you feel like wearing. We want to give you freedom, not enclose and make your choices.
Maz: Thankyou.

I look over to her vanity. She has a gorgeous silver and diamond necklace.

Maz: That's an amazing necklace. Who got it for you?
Denise: Oh, this was a gift from Nick. We went out to the mall, he was 13, and we walked past the jewlers and he saw the necklace. He went into the store and actually bought it. I thought he was pranking me but he actually bought it. He said, a gift for being an awesome mom. I started getting teary and yeah. But I don't have anything that goes with it.
Maz: Well its really nice. I, uh better get going to get ready.
Denise: Sure darling.

I walked out of the room. Nick has really good taste in jewelry. Anyways, what should I wear? Summer, errr, dress? nahh.

Maz:Hey Joe. What do yuo think I should wear?
Joe: Uhhh, what do you want to wear?
Maz: Do you think jeans would be ok? Or is it too hot?
Joe:Jeans are good. I dont know why, but it gets cold in there.
Maz:Awesome, thanks.
I gave Joe a thankyou hug. gahh I love living with these guys.

Ok. I've made up my mind. It's going to be, jeans and my favourite black blouse/shirt/top/whatever you wanna call it. but its reaaaalllly nice. And my red sequined converses that my aunty got for me before I left. And im gunna wear my crimson red drop earrings and matching necklace. Awesome. I'm dressed and now for hair and make-up. meh, just eyeliner and mascara. and hair, as usual, curly, tied up high with a red and gold head band. Awesome. I'm ready.

I'm just about to turn to my mirror in my room, when I see him. Shirt. Less. I can't not look. His room's across from mine. I. Love. My. Room.
Ok. look in the other direction and just make sure you look ok. Now grab your bag, put your phone and wallet and iPod in and don't look in his room's direction.
Ok. Maybe juuust a peek. No. Maz, respect them. Gosh, he won't know.
I take a quick peek at him. Wow. He's so good looking. SHIT HE SAW ME. I quickly turn around.

Nick's POV
Nick: Do you want me to close my door?
Maz: uuuhhh, err, yeah, i don't know. Your house. *stuttering*
Nick: I'm sorry.
I knew she was looking at me. But I knew she didn't want to disrespect me.

Nick: Are you finished?
Maz: Yeah, why?
Nick: Come over here and help me.
She walks over to my room. She looks really good. It's her eyes that always seem to stand out. She's got amazing eyes.
Nick: So, um, which shirt should I wear?
Maz: The Blue and grey one. It suits you really well.
Nick: Awesome, thanks.

She passes me the shirt. Crap the golfball is right infront of her foot. she steps on it and falls forward. I catch her yet i lose my balance and fall with my back onto my bed and her on top of me.

Joe's POV
Joe: Well, well, well, what's going on here?...


  1. Haha... Love it... ur right, how could you NOT look at that... =P