Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chapter 13

Maz's POV

We all sat there, bored as hell, watching some random tv show.

Joe: You guys wanna do something, we have like 2 hours before our parens get back.
Maz: Yes, if we can. PLEASE!

Joe: *laughs* ok, what do you want to do?
Maz: You guys pick.
Kevin: Alright, uhh, you wanna go shopping?
Maz: Yeah sure.
Kevin: Awesome, Nick we're taking your car.
Nick: We always take my car.

Nick groaned and chucked his keys at Kevin. We all got our money and everything and jumped into the car. I find it so weird some random chicks haven't attacked them yet. I guess they're just known around here.

We drove to what these americans call "The Mall" and started walking around and looking through windows and going into shops. After about a half hour each of the guys had bought themselves a pair of shoes. me...nothing. That was until I saw this gorgeous crimson red and gold dress. I instantly fell in love with it.

Maz:I have to try on that dress.
Joe: Go ahead. We'll just have a look around.

I ran into the store and grabbed the dress. I got into one of the change rooms, took of the shorts and top I was wearing and put on the dress. I turned around and looked in the mirror. I loved it. I swear just to make it fair for everone else they didnt put a sign above it saying, MAZ BUY THIS DRESS.

Maz: Hey guys, you out there?
Kevin: Yeah, are you ok?
Maz: I just want you guys to tell me what you think of the dress.
Kevin: Alright, we're waiting.

I opened the door and slowly walked out. Nick looked as if I were the best guitar and record deal ever. His eyes widened. Joe smiled, widely, and Kevin walked towards me and gave me a hug.

Kevin:It looks great on you
Maz: Serious? Yay!
Joe: You should totally buy it. Who knows you might need it.
Nick: Uh, yeah, uh, its, good.
Maz: *giggles* thanks guys.

I change back into my normal clothes and take the dress and pay for it. Ok, so now, I have a really nice dress. Crimson red, with a golden bow around the middle. Perfect for my style.

After a while we saw the time and decided to drive back. We got back, and I looked at the wall clock. Half an hour left. I could hear the guys whispering in the background. Meh anyways, I can call Emily.

Maz: Hey gorgeous. Hooooow, are your holidays?
Emily:Really good. Mum and Dad have already gone back, I'm going back in about a month and a bit.
Maz: They finally let you? That's awesome.
Emily: Yeah, well, I'm not actually in London anymore.
Maz: Oh, where are you?
Emily: Turn around.
Maz: Huh?

I turned around.

Emily: Ahahaha. Hey.
Maz: *Talking into phone* Oh My God, You're here!
Emily: You know you can close your phone.
Maz: Oh, yeah, hehe *closes phone*, how did you get here?
Emily: Ther's something called a plane.
Maz: Nuh duh. But-how?
Nick: We saw your youtube videos of your songs.
Emily: And they got my number off your phone, and flew me over here.
Maz: Are you serious? You guys are the best!
I walked to emily and gave her the biggest hug ever. I missed her so much.

Wow, so much has happened in just two days.


  1. hahaha "hoooooow were ur holidays" good times.

    and i'm laughing so hard right now at this part...

    Maz: *Talking into phone* Oh My God, You're here!
    Emily: You know you can close your phone.

    hehe :)

    love you xx

  2. haha.. naww, =] us Kiwi's call it "the Mall" too =]