Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chapter 15

Maz's POV

I was just about to walk back into my room when I felt someone grab my hand, and yank me backwards. It was Nick. He pulled me into his room, sat me on his bed and locked the door shut. Ok then. Just a little scared right now.

Maz:Uhhh are you ok?
Nick: Yeah, I'm sorry. I just need to talk to you.
Maz: Abbooooout?
Nick: Stuff.
Maz:Ok. Go ahead.
Nick: Well, uhhh, about today.
Maz:Uhhh yeah?
Nick: Did you like your surprise?
Maz: Who, Emily? Yeah, it was like the best thing, but I've only been here for two days and you guys have done so much for me
Nick: Yeah, we figured you'd like it.
Maz: Is that all you wanted to say?
Nick:Uh, yeah.
Maz: *giggles* I thought you were going to talk about something more serious.
Nick: Ahaha yeah, sorry. I was a bit frantic I guess.
Maz: Well, I'm going to take a nap, wake me when your parents come.
Nick: Sure. I'll wake you later.

I walk out of his room and into mine. I fall back on the comfiest bed in the world and doze off. I had a strong feeling that's not what he wanted to talk about.

Nick's POV
Gosh, I can get so nervous around girls at times. I should've just told her what I really wanted. That I had actually felt sparks. But she'll think I'm to quick. I still think that I'm going too quick. I'll just wait a while to see what happens.

Narrators POV
A week had past. Marianna and Emily spent half of it together catching up on everything that had happend and the other half with the Jonas family but maily with the 3 eldest boys. Kevin had become a brother figure for her, Joe was her now, new close friend, and Nick, well he was definately getting to know her better, and she was getting to know him. Emily met the guy of her dreams Jake.T.Austin and the girls were surprised to find one of their old friends Sarah recording a new song with Taylor Swift for her new album. In just a week so much had happend, yet there was so much time to go.

Maz's POV
Maz:Ok, today can we please go to WalMart?
Joe: Please don't tell me you flew half was around the world here just to go to WalMart?
Emily: C'mon it's only about a five minute drive.
Nick: Hey, well I kinda need to go. I need to buy more food.
Maz: Plleeeeeeeaaaassseee.
Joe: I'll go if Kevin's going as well.
Kevin: I'll take you guys if you want.
Maz: Joe, if you come I'll buy you some OPB and apples.
Joe: Deal. But don't go crazy.
Maz & Emily: *hi-5* Yes!

We all grab our stuff and walk out the door.

Denise: Ok. Get me some pasta.
Joe: Ok. See ya!
Denise: Bye!

We all jump in the car and drive off. Me and Emily sat in the back with Joe listening to her iPod, which came fully equiped with all the JoBro songs. And Nick and Kevin were in the front seats. I quickly turned to Em and whispered into her ear. We nodded at each other and looked at the boys.

Emily: *using cute voice* Sooo, guys, can you do us a favour?
Kevin: Yeah sure.
Maz:*also using cute voice* Could you pretty please with a cherry on top sing us some songs?
Joe: Liiike?
Maz:Liiikke, S.O.S?
Nick: Sure. When we get home.
Emily & Maz: Awwwwwww
Nick:We promise you when we get back home.
Maz: Fine.

We got to WalMart and walked inside. WOW, this was like supermarket, sanity and everything in the one store. Awesome. We split up, Me and Em turned right and the guys turned left. We were walking down to find...


  1. haha... you turned right... =] pasta?? really?? and oh yea, i'm awesome recording a song with T Swift =]

  2. haha turned right :)