Friday, October 23, 2009

Chapter 14

Emmy's POV

Well, mum and dad actually agreed to let me stay in America. Yay! Maz was very very excited to see me. I missed her hugs so much. I remember when we were at school, every morning she would run up to me and give me the first hug. Good times.

Maz: So where are you staying?
Emily: There's an awesome hotel just about a block away.
Maz: That's awesome.
Emily: Yeah I know right.
Maz: Uh, guys, me and Em are just going to go into my room.
Joe: Awesome.

She lead me to her room. Wow. It had everything we could ever want in a bedroom.

Maz: I knew you'd like it.
Emily: Oh My God.
I ran for this electic guitar that looked amazing.

Emily: Maz, you have the best room ever!
Maz: You can have that guitar.
Emily: Are you serious?
Maz: Yeah, the guys are giving a couple away and thats on of them.
Emily: Why?
Maz: I dunno.
Emily: Ok then...
Maz: Watch this.

She pressed some random control button and some cupboard doors opened to a fridge.
My mouth dropped open.
Maz: I know right, I had the same expression.
Emily: Does it have Fanta in there?
Maz: Yeeeeees.

She opened the fridge and chucked me one. I put the guitar down and we sat on her bed.

Maz: Best holiday ever. I can't believe I'm living with our dream guys.
Emily: I know, right. So anything new?
Maz: Well, not really. I've only been here two days but uhh.
Emily: Tell meeeee...
Maz: Promise you won't tell anyone?

I gave her the "I'm-your-best-friend-thats-known-you-for-years-and-wouldnt-tell-anyone-and-i-never-have look. Yes, it's a very long look but hey it's worth it.

Maz: Well, last night me and the family of "Jonai" went out for dinner at their favourite restaurant.
Emily: That erminds me, where's Frankie?
Maz: Some friends house for a project.
Emily: He's so cute. Anyways back to your story.
Maz: Yeah and we ate and everything and I saw this swing outside so I went to it. And Nick came aswell. And Kevin was like, I'll come out later, and all and Yeah and I sat on the swing and Nick pushed me, and then I got off, and being the hugable person that I am.
Emily: Maz, you have Fanta in your hair.
Maz:Ahahhaha. *licks it off*
Emily: Maaaaaaz, eeeewww.
Maz: Meh anyways, let me finish the story. And I asked him for a hug, and he hugged me, and it was like full moon and stars and yeah and i was explaining how i was sorry about something that happened at the park and then, he kissed me.
Emily: Oh my god, thats so cute.
Maz: But this morning he was like oh, it was nothing, just in the moment. I was like, that sucks. Not directly to him but yeah.
Emily: Nawwww, don't worry.
Maz:I'm not, he's a superstar and I'm just average. I understand.
Emily: Yeah I guess. Shit, I have to go, or else they're going to shut my room with the keys in there.
Maz: awwww do you have to?
Emily: Yes, yes I do.
Maz: Well ok. I'll talk to you tonight.
Emily: Yeah, Love you.
We kiss each other on the cheek, and I leave.
Emily: Seeya Guys.

Maz's POV
I was just about to walk back into my room when I felt someone grab my hand.


  1. aww, that convo reminds me of the one at my house before we watched JB3D... with the interrupting sentances, and stuff in your hair... =]

  2. ahaha yeh i based it partially on that

  3. awhhhhhh[:
    i hope its nick and that he heard the whole convo and will be like I LOVE YOU and then theyll kiss again xD
    hehehe. :P
    ily xoxo

  4. hahahaha i laughed so hard at this part

    Emily: Maz, you have Fanta in your hair.
    Maz:Ahahhaha. *licks it off*
    Emily: Maaaaaaz, eeeewww.

    hahahahaah :P