Friday, October 2, 2009

Chapter 6

Maz's POV

We finally reached the dining room.

It had a big table and a chandellier.
A table set for 6.
Nothing exciting.
But I did like the plates.
Weird, I know.

We all sat down, the order went
Nick,Joe, Frankie, Me,Kevin,Denise and Paul.
My first "lunch" with the Jonas'.

Paul: Marianna, how do you like your room?
Maz: It's awesome. thankyou so much for having me.
Densie: It's a pleasure to have you.

Denise walks in with spaghetti bolognaise. YUM! Finally normal food. I can't stand that mush that they gave me on the aeroplane. bleh. Anyway, it looks and smells amazing.

Denise sits down and serves everyone.

Maz:Can you please pass me the parmesan Joe?
Joe: Yeah sure. WAIT A MINUTE! Who are you?
Paul: Joe, relax, this is Marianna. She's an exchange student from Australia.
Joe: Oh, hi.
*We all laugh*

We all begin to eat. This pasta is amazing! Yes,I find it weird too that I'm thinking of the pasta rather than screaming that I'm eating with the Jonas Brothers and their family.

Maz: Denise,this pasta is amaing.
Denise: Thankyou. I'm glad you like it.

Paul: So Marianna, what are we going to do today?
Maz: Oh, anything, anything is fine by me.
Paul: There must be something you must want to do.
Maz: Oh ok. Ummm just showing me around the place would be fine for today, and maybe tonight we could go to wherever you guys want to show me.
Denise: That sounds good. Once we finish, we'll pack up and go for a walk and drive.
Maz: Awesome.

I kinda felt bad. The others didn't say anything and continued eating, and I didn't even introduce myself properly to Joe.


  1. Maz: can you please pass me the parmesan Joe?
    Joe: yeah sure, WAIT A MINUTE!, who are you?

    ahaha love it :P