Friday, October 9, 2009

Chapter 7

Maz's POV

Well we finally finished lunch. Hooray.

Nick:Hey, are you ready?
Maz: Yeah
Nick: Awesome, Me and the guys are waiting outside for you
Maz: Ok, I'll be quick

I quickly put on some eyeliner and mascara only onto my bottom lashes. Weird, i know but, hey thats me. I grab by bag that mum had bought me before I left for my trip and walked outside.

Maz: Aren't your parents coming?
Kevin: Nah, they have to take Frankie to his friends house for some project.
Maz: Oh ok. So it's just the four of us?
Kevin: Yep
Maz: ok
Kevin: Are you ok? You look like as if we're kidnappers.
Maz: Oh Sorry, it's just...well...its kinda amazing that I get to spend 2 months with my favourite band.
Kevin: Yeah,I get what you mean
*We laugh*

Kevin: Ok, everyone in the car!
Joe: Whose car are we taking?
Kevin: Nicks
Nick: Why mine?
Kevin: Because it's a nice car. ok?
Nick: Ok, ok we'll take mine.

We all got into Nicks car, Kevin was in the drivers seat, Nick was in the front, next to him, and Joe and I sat in the back together, which was good, because now we could talk and introduce ourselves properly.
Kevin starts driving out of the drive way and onto the road.

Joe: So Marianna, where you from?
Maz: I'm from Australia
I was so tempted to sing that
Joe: Awesome. And how old are you?
Maz:I'm 15.
Joe: Cool
Maz: So where are we going?
Nick: Our favourite park.
Maz: That sounds good.

The sun was shining. It was Summer.Best.Summer.Ever.

After driving for about 15 minutes we got to the park. It was gorgeous, full of flowers and there was a play ground. That brings back memories from home.
We got out of the car and ran into the park. It was empty. Just the four of us.

Maz: Where is everyone?
Nick: It's Summer, everyones away on holidays. We stay home, because its the only place we're always missing.
Maz: Awww. But don't you have a tour?
Nick: Not this Summer.
Maz: Oh ok.

We all chased after each other around the whole park, it was so fun. I hopped onto the swing and Nick decided to push me. My heart just melted then and there. Suddenly Kevins voice rung in my ears.

Kevin: Joe and I are going to get something to eat, you guys want anything?
Nick: Yeah, just a hotdog
Maz: Get me anything. Surprise me.
Kevin:Ok, We'll be back soon.

Joe and Kevin got in the car and drove off.

Maz: Now it's just me and you.
Nick: Yep.
Maz: First one to the slide wins. GO!

We sped past the swings, the sea-saw and ran straight to the slide. Nick had only bet me by a smidge.

Nick: I win!
Maz:*laughs* Yes,yes you did. *silence* That's coz you cheated! ha!
Nick: *laughing* How did I cheat?
Maz: You held me back!
Nick: Yeah right.
Maz:*laughs* Yeahhh, you di--

I was just about to finish, but we suddenly locked eyes. Like the exact same way we did this morning. Wow. He has the most amazing eyes. It's one to see them on a poster and another in real life. I could have just died.

Nick:You have really pretty eyes.


  1. I would die then too.... actually i would like to faint then so he could lean over me and make sure im ok... then again... i could die and then he could give me mouth to mouth... haha =] im smart =P

  2. ahahah i was thinking the same thing. xo

  3. WOW, Nick Jonas said you have pretty eyes...

    that reminds me when i was in health and Saskia just looked at me and said

    saskia: "your eyes are really green"
    me: "thankyou....i think"
    saskia: "no its good. they're very pretty"

    it was so totally random, but hilariously funny :P