Monday, October 26, 2009

Chapter 16

Maz's POV
As we walked down we saw a magazine with me, Emily and the guys all on the front cover. The caption read "JB's NEW GIRLFRIENDS?!". Me and Em looked at each other and hid all the magazines with other ones, but we took one copy and ran back the other way to where the guys were. They were signing autographs for like 50 people.

Maz: Pssssst! Guys, come here for a sec.
Joe: Wait a sec!
Emily: Guys, please it's important!
Joe: Ok, we're coming.

They broke out of the crowd. That's when we saw Big Rob.

Joe:What's up?
Maz: *Shows them front cover* This.
Joe: Ohhh. Yeah. We forgot to mention that might happen a little bit.
Emily: What? The paparazzi shots?
Nick:Yeah. Don't worry about it. No one is going to attack you.
Maz: Let's just hope that no one does.

Me and Em walked back to where the cd's were. Amazingly enough there were the 3 main JB Cd's. We picked up a couple of them and looked at them. They were different to the ones that we had back in Oz. I put them back and suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around. It was Sarah.

Maz:*high pitched* Heeeeyyyyy!
Sarah: Hiiiiiiii, how are you?
Maz: I'm good you?
Sarah: Yeah I'm good too. Hey Em how are you?
Emily: I'm good. We haven't had a good conversation in ages.
Sarah: I know its been like 2 years. What are you guys up to?
Maz: We're just here with the boys. You?
Sarah: Just shopping for a couple of things.
Maz: Hey, do you want to go out for a coffee?
Sarah: Yeah sure. What time?
Maz: *looks at Em* Uhh how about this Saturday at 2pm?
Emily: Yeah that sounds good.
Sarah: Yeah that would be awesome. Well I have to go now. See ya's on Saturday.
Maz: I'll text you the details tomorrow morning.
Sarah: Awesome. See ya!
Maz and Emily: Bye!
Sarah walked off deeper into the shop. We had missed her so much.

Maz: Ok, I'm suddenly really bored. Lets go get the guys and leave.
Emily: Sounds like a good idea.

We ran down looking for the guys, that was until we heard Burnin' Up playing in the store.

Maz:*Stops* Emily, EM! *grabs Emily's arm*
Emily: What?
Maz: Listen!

We froze, looking like complete idiots, and then started dancing while belting out Burnin' Up.
We got the weirdest looks from people. but we didn't care. Then after a while of dancing we found the guys.

Maz: You ready to go? We're bored.
Joe: Yeah sure. *turn to Kevin and Nick* Hey guys! Let's go!

We walked out and jumped into the car. That was fun. We drove back home and walked into the house. There was a note on the table...


  1. haha... i'm in it =] i missed you too... i guess... tehe =]

  2. Maz:*Stops* Emily, EM! *grabs Emily's arm*
    Emily: What?
    Maz: Listen!

    ahaha good times at k-mart :)