Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chapter 11

Nick's POV

We're on the way to my favourite restaurant. We have it booked out for ourselves. Marianna looks good. But it's still her eyes that are standing out the most. I'm just going to say it, yes I have actually started developing feelings for her. I keep thinking about the time at the park earlier today. I keep wondering what would've happend if her friend hadn't called. But anyway, this day seems like its taking forever to end.

After 15 minutes of driving we finally reach the restaurant. It looks amazing. Lit candles, the red curtains covering the windows, white and red roses covering the tables.

We all sit down at the table, and a waitor comes and gives us our menus. I'm sitting next to Marianna and Joe.

Maz's POV

We arrived at the restaurant. I'm sitting next to Nick and Kevin. I seriously want to kick Nick. For fun. But I'm not going to. Coz that's mean. And stupid. Anyways, what to eat?
Hooray, they have fetuccini!

Waitor: Are you ready to order?
Denise: Yes, umm, can I please get the lasagne with a side of the salad.
Paul: Uhh, the T-Bone steak and vegetables.
Kevin: Can I please get the spaghetti bolognese.
Joe: Make that two.
Nick: I'll have the fetuccini.
Maz: Make that two aswell.
Waitor: Any drinks with that?
Denise: We'll get two glasses of the house wine.
Kevin: I'll just have a coke.
Joe: Lemonade.
Nick: Coke.
Maz: Lemon Lime Bitter please.
Joe: Yeah I'll have one of those instead.
Waitor: Awesome is that all?
Paul: Yes, Thankyou.

Joe: So Marianna...
Maz: You guys can call me Maz if you want.
Joe:Ahaha ok, Maz, how do you like the house?
Maz: It's amazing. I love my bedroom, so much.
Joe: Glad you like it. Oh, Nick make sure you don't have anymore golf balls lying around in your room. We don't want any accidents again. *Winks at Nick*
Nick kicks Joe under the table.
Joe: OW!
Denise: Guys stop.

I could tell Nick looked at me after he kicked Joe and remembered what happened earlier today.
I did too.

The waitor came out with our drinks and gave them to us.
Soon after so did the meals.
We sat there eating. Quietly.
I looked outside the window and there was a swing attached to a tree.
After I finished eating I asked if I could go outside and get some air.
Denise: Sure.
Nick: I'll go too.
Kevin: I'll come out later.
Nick and Maz: Awesome.

We walked out the back door and went to where the swings were.
I sat at the swing, and Nick started pushing me.

Maz: Wanna know a secret?
Nick: Yeah.
Maz: I like waffles.

We laugh.
Nick: You wanna know a secret?
Maz: Yeees.
Nick: I like waffles too.

We laugh, again.
Maz: The stars are gorgeous tonight. And the moon is full.
We both just gazed at the sky.
I got off the swing. And turned to Nick.
Maz: Can I have a hug?
Nick: Sure.
I walked closer to Nick and hugged him.
I can ask the weirdest things.

Nick's POV
We went outside, she got on the swing, I pushed her, and then after that we gazed at the sky and know we're hugging. She let go.

Maz: I'm sorry if that was awkward, if that seemed to fan like.
Nick: It's ok. I guess it's good to have a hug every once in a while.
Maz: Yeah. Uhhh about what happened at the park today, I'm sorry. I hope it wasn't weird or anything. I mean, you know, the whole leaning in thing and the.

I don't know why but I just grabbed her and kissed her. Right then, and there. As she was explaining. What was I thinking, I hardly know her, but it feels like forever, in just a day, I know everything about her.
We just stood there, kissing.
I could see the fireworks. I felt that spark.

Kevin's POV

I just finished my meal, and walked outside to where Maz and Nick were.
As I turned around, I saw them kissing.
I quickly hid behind a tree and watched them.
Oh my god.
They just kissed.
I knew it. I knew they liked each other. But Nick isn't that type to kiss on the first day of meeting a girl. He usually developes feelings and then does something.
They stopped kissing, and I could just make out what they were saying.

Maz: Uhh, umm, I better get inside, i-i-it's uhh g-getting cold.
Nick: Uh yeah.

She ran inside.
I came out from behind the tree and walked towards Nick.

Kevin: That was quite a kiss.
Nick: You saw that?
Kevin: Sure did. What were you thinking?
Nick: I don't know it was in the moment. I know I usually don't do it but I don't know I felt something.
Kevin: It's going to make it so awkward for her now.
Nick: I know. Please, don't tell anyone. Especially not Joe. Please.
Kevin: I won't, lets just go inside.
Nick: Thankyou.

We walked back in.

Paul: I think it's time to leave, it's nearly 11:30.
Denise: Yeah.
We all got up and walked out side to the car. Dad paid, and we left.
We got home.

Maz: I'm uhh really tired. I might go to bed now. Thankyou so much for today.
Denise: No problem darling. It's our pleasure. Goodnight.
Maz: Goodnight everyone.
Paul, Joe, Kevin: Goodnight.

Wow. What a night.


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