Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chapter 12

Maz's POV

I woke up to the sound of a siren. Great.
I sit up and look outside my window, and think about last's night's kiss.
It was amazing. I saw the fireworks, I felt the spark that everyone says you see and get when you have that first magical kiss. When you have that moment.

But I just can't believe he did or in other words, we, kissed.
It was amazing.
But on the first day? How is it going to be for the other two months that I'm here? Won't it be awkward?
Eh, stuff that, I just had the perfect first kiss.

I fall back onto my bed. I look at my watch, it's 9 am. Everyone else is still sleeping. That was until I heard footsteps. I shot back up and saw Kevin walking down the hallway.

Maz: *Whisper yelling* Keeevin.
Kevin: *Also whisper yelling* Hey Maz, have a good sleep?
Maz: Yeah. Come into my room.
Kevin: Ok.

Kevin walks into my room. I pat an area next to me for him to sit on my bed. He walked over and sat.

Kevin:So did you enjoy last night?
Maz: Yeah it was great.
Kevin: I just want you to know that I saw what happend last night. You know with Nick, outside.
Maz: Oh my god, you saw that?
Kevin: Don't worry I won't tell anyone. Nick knows that I know.
Maz: Oh good. I just, i don't know, wanted it to happen, but I didn't oh god. Kevin, promise me one thing?
Kevin: Sure.
Maz: I know we hardly know each other, but I seriously feel like your a brother figure to me. Please be the older brother I never had.
*I just hugged him*
Kevin: Uh, sure. Hey look at me. Don't worry, it won't be awkward. But I can see the connection you two have.
Maz: Thankyou. Hey, how bout we go eat some breakfast?
Kevin: Good idea.

We crept out of my room into my kitchen. I opened up the fridge, took out 3 eggs,the milk and bacon. I put them on the bench and walked over to the cupboard and opened it. Then I took out the salt, pepper, cinamon,oil and the maple syrup.

I put some oil into a pan and after a while of cooking, frying, stirring and setting out, I made breakfast for the household. When I finished, I just saw Kevin, standing there, staring at me.

Kevin:Wow. You really like to cook breakfast.
Maz: *laughs* Yeah i hope you guys like French toast topped with maple syrup and 3 rashed of crispy bacon.
Nick: Wow, what's that smell?
Denise & Paul: It smells like bacon.
Joe: Mmmmm, Bacon.
Maz: Breakfast is served.
Denise: Oh goodness, Marianna you made all this?
Maz: Yeah, i guess I just really like making breakfast.
Denise: Oh, but that's our job. You really didn't have to do all this.
Maz: Hey, just a thankyou treat for a great night last night.
Denise: It's a pleasure. Well we might aswell sit down and eat before it gets cold.

We all sat down and had what was the best breakfast I've had since getting off that plane.
After a while of eating, we had finished our food and each gone to our own little areas.

Denise: We're just going out to get a couple of things and to pick up Frankie we'll be back in a few hours.
Paul: Make that 3 hours.
Joe: Ok, see ya soon.

I look at the wall clock. It's 12pm, in 3 hours so I have till 3pm to do whatever. I walk down the hallway to Nick's room. He's sitting there playing his acoustic guitar. Man, I wish I could play like him. I'm just about to turn into his room when I hear my phone buzzing. I pick up.

Emily: Hey, how are you gorgeous?
Maz: Oh my god, hi, i'm great you?
I heard the phone cutting out. Gah NO!
Then the phone cut out.
GAAAAAAARRRRAHHHHHHH at the reception here. I'll call her later.

I turn to Nick's room, and knock.

Nick:Come in.
Maz: Hey, can we talk?
Nick: Uh yeah sure. Sit down. If this is about last night I'm so sorry, I don't knowwhat came over me.
Maz: It's ok. It's fine. I thought you might feel awkward, and I don't want the rest of my stay here to be, you know with the whole, yeah, that uh happend.
Nick: Uh, I'm not that awkward. It wasn't really anything right?
Maz: Oh, uh no, uh I guess it was just the right moment.
Nick: Uh yeah, umm. So yeah.
Maz: Well I uh better go call my friend Emily who uh anyways I'll talk to you some other time.
Nick: Uh, yeah sure.

I walk out of his room. Kinda dissapointed. I should have never thought it was something. That he had a teensy bit of feelings for me. He even said, it was nothing, just in the moment. Oh Maz, you stupid girl. Thinking you had a chance with a major superstar.


  1. noooo :(
    nick better tell her the truth soon!

  2. awww :(

    and yay ur gonna call me :)

    i'm waiting for Party In The USA to start playing :)