Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chapter 10

Joe's POV
Joe:Well, well, well, what's going on here?
Marianna imediantly gets off Nick.
Maz: Nothing, I, uh slipped...
Nick:ahh, uuhhhm, on the golfball, and I tried to catch her
Maz:And he lost his balance and fell backwards and I tried to help him up
Nick:But i uhh accidentally pulled her back with me.
Joe: Sureee.
Maz: We're not lying.
Joe: I know, I can see the golf ball.
Nick: Oh good.
Joe:Well are you two ready?
Maz:I'm done, I was just helping Nick pick out a shirt. You look good Joe.
Joe: Thanks, so do you.

I can see Nick is building feelings for her. slowly. She is building the same feelings for him. You can tell. Well I can. They would look good together. She seems like a nice girl.

I walk off into the lounge singing Australia.

Joe:Where's Frankie?
Kevin:He's staying at his friends house for the night.
Joe: Awesome, he won't annoy us. Remember last time...Pasta, pasta, pasta get me the pasta!
Kevin:Ahaha yeah.
Joe: Between you and me I think Marianna and Nick are starting to like each other.
Kevin: Yeah, I think so too. He goes a bit soft around her. It's very funny to watch.

I can hear mum yelling some thing.
Denise:Okay guys time to go!
Paul:We'll be in the car. Kevin lock up.
Kevin: Ok we're coming.

We all walk out, Marianna came out with Nick. There is definately some thing thats going to go on between them I can feel it.
We all get in the car, Kevin locks up and gets in aswell.
Me and Kev are in the middle and Marianna and Nick are in the back.
We have the whole restaurant booked out. Awesome.


  1. i Love how Joe goes off singing Australia... i can sooo picture that happening... thats really cute =]

  2. LOVE IT.
    hehe i want marianna and nick to get together, like NOW :P

  3. hehe Frankie wants his pasta :P