Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chapter 19 Part 1

Nick's POV

I had the sunlight hitting my face. I slowly opened my eyes to find all four of us sleeping on the couch with the Rush Hour theme music going on. I looked down onto my chest to see Maz's head on there. She looks adorable. I could see her big brown eyes slowly opening and looking up at me.

Nick:*Whsipering*Good morning.
Maz:*Jumps off quickly and also whispering* I'm so sorry. And good morning.
Nick:*Laughs quietly* You wanna eat breakfast with me?
Maz: Yeah that would be awesome.

We slowly crept off the couch trying not to nudge or touch my brothers. We tip toed to the kitchen. I got out two bowls, the milk and some cheerios. I put some of each in the bowls and handed one to Maz with a spoon. We sat at the bench and started eating.

Maz:So what are we going to do today?
Nick: Your turn to pick.
Maz: Well Emily's going to spend the day with Sarah. So I was thinking maybe I could just spend the day with you guys.
Nick: Sounds good.
Maz: Yeah.

We continued chewing and swallowing. Fun. I looked at my blackberry, no interviews or gigs scheduled. Awesome. We'll go for a drive. A long one. For the whole day. and come back at night.

Nick:We should go for an all day drive. We'll leave at about 12pm and come back at 10pm. Hows that sound?
Maz:I like it. I'll make us sandwiches and take some drinks in a picnic basket and we can just stop at places and look and just relax. It'll be awesome.
Nick:Yeah. *Smiles*
Nick:Your always so enthusiastic.
Maz:Thats Maz for ya.
Nick:I think the other 2 have woken up.

I stood up from my chair and looked through the door. Yep, they were up and walking our way. I sat back down and finished my last couple spoonfuls of cheerios. So did Maz.

Maz:Hey, good morning.
Joe & Kevin: Morning.
Maz: Have a good sleep?
Joe:Yeah. I think.
Kevin:I did. I never knew the couch was so comfortable.
Maz:I know. Its fantastic.

The guys made their own cheerios and sat at the table with us.

Joe:Figured out what we're doing today?
Maz:Well, Nick and I thought that maybe we could go for an all day drive and like stop at parks and other places and I could make sandwiches and snacks and put them in a picnic basket and yeah.
Kevin: Sounds awesome.
Nick:Yeah. So you guys in?
Joe & Kevin: Yeah.
Nick: Awesome, we'll leave at 12, so we all have 3 hours to get ready. And we can take your car Kevin coz its big.
Kevin: Cool.
Maz:Uhh ok. I'm going to start getting ready.
Nick:Same here.

Maz and I walked out of the kitchen, down the hallway and into our rooms. She walked into her room and closed the door. I left mine open to get some air in. If I open my window all the bugs will get in and I don't want that to happen again. I open my draws and look for something to wear. Casual. not fancy. We're going to a park. How about, Jeans, T-shirt, Sneakers/Converse. Perfect. I take out a blue t-shirt that I haven't worn in ages. It still looks good on me. I quickly take off my pants and slip on my jeans. I sit down and put on my shoes. Ok, I'm ready.


  1. tehe.. "I quickly take of my pants" haha... and you made cheerios.. how do you make them?? tehe, i know what u mean =]

  2. im guessing that he sees you are you see him. getting or the other