Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chapter 18

Maz's POV

Maz:Hey Nick, can I ask you something?
Nick: Sure, go ahead.
Maz: If I asked you, right now, would you date me?
Nick: Uh, I don't know. I guess we need to give it a bit of time, let the month finish, we've only known each other for two weeks.

My heart started beating faster. I would wait a million years if I had to, to date him. I knew I liked him. Not like a fan, like more than a friend. I guess I'll just have to wait. I can't rush anything. I leaned in and gave him a hug. We pulled out and looked at each other.
Nick: For what?
Maz: Being a great guy.
Nick: It's ok.
Maz: There's not many guys like you and your brothers out there anymore. There's only a couple I know.
Nick: Really? Well I'll never change. Especially for you, I won't.
I gave him another hug and I got up and sat at my window sill with the window open. I could feel the warm summer breeze brush past me. Nick walked over to the keyboard, turned it on, and started playing. I could hear him singing.

Nick: Dear god, I hate to be a bother but I gotta say,
This world is getting crazier with every day,
I hope you hear me out now as I stop and pray,
Dear god people take your words and try to twist them round,
I know you can't be happy with what's going down,
I'm searching for some answers but they can't be found, Can you help me out, Dear god.

He just stopped. I turned and looked at him.

Maz: That was amazing.
Nick: I haven't played that in ages.
Maz: It still sounds good.
Nick: Thanks. So you wanna go watcha movie inside?
Maz: Yeah, sure.

I hopped off the window sill and walked out the door with Nick into the living room. Kevin and Joe were sitting there thumb wrestling. They looked a bit better now. I jumped onto the couch next to them and so did Nick.

Joe:I WIN!
Joe: No i'm not!
Maz: Guys, Guys! *laughs* Do you want to watch a movie?
Kevin: Yeah sure. We have our whole collection in that cupboard. *points to a massive cupboard*

I walked over and opened the two doors. HOLY MOLLY! No joke, there were atleast 1000 dvd's.

Maz:Uhhh, so what genre?
Joe:Horror or Comedy? or Hormedy?
Maz: Uhh I don't know, what do you guys want?
Joe: Comedy.
Maz:Comedy it is.

I pulled out a movie, Rush Hour 4. Now thats a good action comedy. I walked over to the dvd player and put it in. We pressed play and started watching the movie. I brought out some popcorn during the openig credits and we all huddled together and watched the movie. Half way through the movie i looked at the clock. It was already 11pm. Time sure does fly when your having fun. In this case our fun was laughing hysterically at Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. After about half an hour I started dozing off. I was sleeping on the comfiest pillow. The only problem was that Joe, who was asleep, had somehow thought my foot was his teddy bear. I didn't mind. But gosh I have to admit I was sleeping on The comfiest pillow. I couldn't be bothered getting up and going into my room. Either did any of the other guys. So we just slept there.


  1. haha... the comfy pillow being Nick?? =]

  2. bahaah thats what i thought at first ^^^
    yay you posted xD
    omgggggg i dont want maz to go back to australia! i want her to live with the jonas' forever so her and nick can be togetherrr! xD
    hehe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ily.

  3. WOW sitting on the window sill and dear god was SO TOTALLY RANDOM :P

    hehe thumb wrestling :P

    Mazzie by any chance is that pillow your sleeping on Nick? :P

    oh and ur lucky. i only have like 3 readers of my story :( you have like 4 to 5 hehe